Why Bhatbhateni is the Biggest Supermarket in Nepal? Case Study

Why Bhatbhateni is the Biggest Supermarket in Nepal? Case Study

Who has not heard of the Bhatbhateni? It is the supermarket that almost all the kids and teens starting from the millennial generation have been to. What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think of Bhatbhateni? I bet that you think of a big building with blue-tinted glass with a large parking spot and surrounded by food stalls. That has been the branding image of this chain of supermarkets. But why is building big and located far from the main street? We are here to see just that. The strategy behind the size and location of the Bhatbhateni Supermarket

Building Size and layout of Bhat Bhateni

Case_study_of_Bhat_Bhateni_Why_make it_Big?

Okay so let’s talk about why Bhatbhateni is as big as it is. There are other supermarkets as well like Big Mart and sales ways as well but none of them have the appeal that this one chain has. One of the reasons has to do with the size and the way the building looks. Regardless of where this chain supermarket is, we all can agree that it is multistoried and has a distinctive look. Along with that we also cannot deny that due to there being separate floors for separate types of goods, it is convenient as well.

The ground floor

Case_study_of_Bhat_Bhateni_Why_make it_Big?

The ground floor is for food. It is simple and this is effective as well. The reason why the food section of Bhatbhateni is on the ground floor is that people who come to buy food don’t spend much time on the market as a whole and they enter and leave quickly. By keeping the food section on the ground floor not only will people leave and enter quickly, but it also creates room for other customers to walk and see. Along with that Bhatbhateni also has food stalls outside the building as well. This is not only a service to the people but also a way of earning profit.

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People who come to buy food at Bhatbhateni usually have some extra to eat some ready-made food as well. They do not buy expensive stuff and what they buy is meant for the home. As a result, most eat along the way.

First floor and above

Case_study_of_Bhat_Bhateni_Why_make it_Big?

Now after knowing the ground floor the products starting from the first floor are nonperishable goods. Usually, this floor is for clothing and other branded accessories that most people do not buy. Although most people do not buy they are attracted to them and this keeps the customer engaged for a while.

The third Second floor is meant for easy to break products and for gifts. People need gifts and having this section above the floor with clothes will make people think about the floor below as well as a backup plan. Unlike the first floor, this is one of the most used sections. Along with this, if people fail to find gifts here, they can always go to the floor below and buy clothes as gifts. 

Above this section in Bhatbhateni is the crockery and electronics which is reserved for only adults. Since teens don’t care for plates or TV’s you can say these floors are meant for people who can spend a lot in bulk. 

The floor planning is great for creating and attracting the customers. Having this huge amount of floors also means that the customer can get pretty much everything they want here and the more things people get under the same place, the more convenient for them

Location of Bhat Bhateni

Case_study_of_Bhat_Bhateni_Why_make it_Big?

Ever wondered why almost all the buildings of Bhatbhateni are located away from the main streets? This is a clever strategy that allows Bhatbhateni to avoid competitors. In urban areas (which is where Bhatbhateni are located), the main road has complexes and malls. Not only do these complexes have all the facilities of a supermarket but also have more. Keeping this in mind, opening a Bhatbhateni supermarket next to a mall is nothing but stupid. 

Instead of those, Bhat Bhateni has chosen its locations in places that are near the main roads but also far enough for local people to access and the noise of the main street to die. This not only makes these supermarkets stand out but also increases the flow of customers. There are many people who don’t like the noise of the streets. There are many people who forget to buy things while they are in malls. Being near to the major streets but also far enough attracts these types of customers. Along with that, the customers don’t really have to wear clothes that show their wealth as well for the prices here are affordable by any casual person. 

Due to these reasons, the location of the Bhatbhateni Stores can be seen as a strategic decision and an example of how small decisions like moving a bit away from the main street can contribute to the booming of business.

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