6 Best MBA Colleges In Nepal!

6 Best MBA Colleges In Nepal!

I want to be a Businessman!

A lot of us probably have answered this when we were asked “What is your aim?” when we were kid. But as we grew up, we later realized how hard it is to be one. There are tons of courses that you can take and each of them lead to different careers.

Due to the multitude of choices that we get as we grow up, a lot of tend to pick different paths as we grow up. But if you still want to do business? Well you join a Managemnt sector – or better yet, you join MBA!

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What is an MBA? Well MBA is an advanced course that is all about doing business. After all the full form of MBA is Masters in of Business Administration and Nepal has a lot of colleges that offers this course.

If you are among those stuck thinking of where to join for an MBA or someone who just wants to join an MBA to expand your knowledge, then this might be the article you are looking for. Here we will talk about the 6 Best MBA colleges in Nepal and why they are the best among the bunch.

Best MBA colleges in Nepal

Many Colleges in Nepal offer MBA courses. But among all of those, there are only a few that deserve to be called the best. They are better in one or more aspects than the rest of the colleges that offer this program. Some have great education principles while some have excellent facilities. The following are the 6 of the best MBA colleges in Nepal and the reasons behind them.

Do note that the listing is not done in the order of what is best.

1) KUSOM (Kathmandu Universities School Of Management)

6 Best MBA Colleges In Nepal and The Reason

Affiliation: Kathmandu University

KUSOM is one of the most popular colleges when it comes to studying MBA or Management in general. Being a college dedicated to one field of study, you can expect there to be experts who have great theoretical and practical experiences. They teach through their experience not sticking to the traditional way and opting for a more student-friendly and applicable way. Besides these, there are a few more reasons why KUSOM is one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal. They are:

  • First to initiate MBA in Nepal
  • Internationally based education curriculum, modified for Nepali needs
  • Effective job placement cells
  • Job and Internship fair to groom their students for the corporate world.

Address: Pinchhe Tole, Sasatanchha, Balkumari, Lalitpur, Nepal
Contact: 977-1-5186091, 5186029, 5186249

2) Ace Institute of Private Management

6 Best MBA Colleges In Nepal and The Reason

Affiliation: Pokhara University

One of the well-known colleges in Nepal, Ace Institute of Private Management, also specializes in teaching Management, similar to KUSOM. Since it specializes in a single sector of education, the resources are well distributed and are constantly used for the upgrade of its facilities along with the skills of its experts.

Location: Ace Institute of Management, Baneshwor Campus
Ace International Business School, Sinamangal Campus
Contact: 4469019, Baneshwor

3) Apex international College

6 Best MBA Colleges In Nepal and The Reason

Affiliated to: Pokhara University

While the previous two were specialists among the best MBA colleges in Nepal, Apex is not. But one doesn’t need to specialize in something to become one of the best. As long as one does their job well and does it better than the rest, they will become one of the best. Apex is one of these examples as although it offers a wide range of programs, due to its facilities and its mode of teaching that focuses on learning through experience. Besides its learning technique, the Apex college has two main “why’s” to be called one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal. They are:

  • Global connections: Apex has partnered with universities in the USA, Australia, and Europe. Through this connection, it has assimilated the values, skills, and ideals of these developed countries. Along with this, due to this connection, it allows all students to further develop through scholarships and exchange programs.
  • Career Counselling: Apex Career Services will help you to gain adequate experiences for your career through internship programs and job placement programs per your skill and helps in building your career while you are still a student there. 

Address: Devkota Sadak Mid Baneshor, Kathmandu 
Contact: 4478841,4467922

4) Global College of Management

6 Best MBA Colleges In Nepal and The Reason

Affiliated to: Mid-Western University (MWU)

Knowledge is important but it is not the only factor that affects a student’s mind. Along with education, entertainment is also an important factor as it helps one’s mind to relax. Global Colleges proves just that. While the education program of Global is similar to other best MBA colleges in Nepal like KUSOM and Ace, it also excels at providing adequate entertainment and facilities for its students so that they can rest their minds every now and then and focus better. There are a few more reasons why Global is one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal. 

  • Adequate resources
  • Well Equipped Library
  • Scholarship Programmes
  • Digital Resource Print
  • Research Center 
  • Reading Lounge

All of this additional feature of this colleges gives students adequate facilities to do their own research, hold group discussions and digest the knowledge better and helps Global to be one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal. 

Location: Devkota Sadak, Mid Baneshwar, Kathmandu, Nepal

5) Uniglobe

6 Best MBA Colleges In Nepal and The Reason

Affiliated to: Pokhara University

To become a good learner, Solo learning is not enough, you need to share your learnings, find flaws within them and then correct them. Uniglobe College follows this theme as it not only gives their student a really good education but encourages them to share and criticize the ideas to find flaws and suggest improvements. This is what Uniglobe which aims to do i.e prepare their students to be good personnels in finance based careers. Besides this, there are a few other reasons why Uniglobe is one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal.

  • Good Human resources
  • Good internet and adequate computer labs for individual researches
  • Peaceful classrooms and Surroundings 
  • Reading lounge 

Location: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu, Nepal
Tel: 977-1-4115690, 4115569, 4115508

6) British College

6 Best MBA Colleges In Nepal and The Reason

Affiliated to: Leeds Beckett University

This college has managed to become one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal due to three primary reasons – Good education, Good College Culture, and Good facilities. British college has a wide range of resources and experts at their disposal who are ready to provide quality education to their students. They also have a team of well-reputed professionals who know how to give the best education to their students and provide the best guidance possible. Besides there some more reasons why British College is one of the best MBA colleges in Nepal are:

  • Computer labs for individual research
  • Adequate IT facilities to fit the modern need
  • Career Counselling and Business Services
  • Reputed UK degrees

Before we go,

6 Best MBA Colleges In Nepal and The Reason

It is important to note that by the time you study MBA, there is a good chance of you being involved in some form of income-generating service. So while picking up the Best MBA colleges in Nepal is important, it is all the more important to be determined and have a clear goal in your mind. In the end, Colleges can only provide you with guidance and career counseling – they cannot tell you what to do. So if you have not decided on what path to follow, even if you chose the Best MBA colleges in Nepal, it won’t do much.

That being said, joining any one of these Best MBA colleges in Nepal will give you a head start if you have decided on your path. 

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know them down in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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