5 Types of Gift That You Can Give at a Nepali Wedding

5 Types of Gift That You Can Give at a Nepali Wedding

We love weddings!

It’s free food and you get to meet some old relatives that you dearly miss, so why would we?

There were, is, and always will be a ton of weddings in Nepal. With so many weddings going on it is inevitable that you would need to attend a few of them. Now while weddings are an important part of our lives, it seems that sometimes people get scared of going to these weddings – and we are not just talking about those who have social anxiety

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One of the main reasons for this is the gifts. While giving a gift is a practice that we can find all over the world, we seem to focus on gifts a bit more than the rest.

Talking about gifts, giving gifts at the wedding is confusing whether you admit it or not. If you are someone who has a lot of experience with weddings you may find this easy but for the rest, it’s not easy. 

What if they don’t like the gift?

What if they already have received the same gift that you are about to give?

These are the questions that crack at our nerves when choosing the perfect wedding gift. So taking this into consideration, let’s talk about the types of gifts that you can give. Yes, we said types as talking about each gift is somewhat impractical since there are a lot of gift items and it would take a lifetime to list them all. 

Valuable Jewellery 

5 Types of Gift That You Can Give at a Nepali Wedding

When it comes to weddings gifts this is probably the first thing that comes into our mind. The bride is covered in Jewelleries and adding one more is never a bad thing. In Nepal, the Jewelleries are valued high and are seen as a physical asset that can be stored and then sold at a later time so this will also act as emergency cash for the bride and groom during lean time as well.

While this is being said we do admit that valuable Jewellery is well expensive and not anyone can afford it. Regardless, if you can afford it, jewelry is among the best gifts that you can give at a wedding. As for the groom, they won’t necessarily wear jewelry but is nothing wrong in giving this to the groom either. After all, as an asset, they have their value whether be it for the bride or groom.

Household Items (Utensils)

5 Types of Gift That You Can Give at a Nepali Wedding

Why is this a good gift choice?

The reason for this is rather simple, they last long, they are functional and they look good. And having good-looking utensils is an effective way to impress at a budget price.

Knowing Nepal and the many festivals in Nepal, there will be plenty of occasions to show off these utensils. That being said, good utensils are somewhat expensive and not something that people normally buy unless they run out of them. Along with that the good-looking cups and bowls can additionally serve as decorations in any room as well with the bonus of being functional. With the price range as low as a few hundred rupees this really is a good gift choice to give during weddings. 


5 Types of Gift That You Can Give at a Nepali Wedding

While we are on the topic of good-looking utensils that serve as decorative pieces, why not gift the wedding couple an actual decoration piece itself? Regardless of whom you give this type of gift, it will be appreciated. One of the main reasons is that decorative items are not really functional so an average Nepali family doesn’t spend too much on them.

That is not to say that we do not spend money on decorations. As a matter of fact, we really want to but it’s not our top priority. Receiving these things as a gift is one of the best things that can happen especially considering that some decorative pieces like artworks or sculptures really cost a fortune.

This is a place where artists and painters can save some money by investing some time and effort put into their gifts. And if you don’t have enough money, just like decorative cups, you can find good decorative pieces at a cheap price of a few hundred rupees. Considering all of these, this type is a cheap but good gift choice to give at a wedding.


5 Types of Gift That You Can Give at a Nepali Wedding

Going away from cheap gifts for this one, we go back to the large and expensive one. Do you know what a newly married couple needs? A bunch of furniture. Think of it like this, a groom’s room is not really suited for a couple to live together since his room would be customized for him – alone. But now that he is married, the room with the furniture meat for one person would lose most of their purpose. So they either need to modify their furniture or they need new ones fit meant for the lifestyle of two people. This includes but is not limited to cupboards, tables, chairs, and most of all – Bed. 

Now if you know the price of making furniture, you will know that it is expensive, and buying all of these will bring down the economy of not only the bride and groom but the family as a whole. If you have the ability, why not give them a small piece of furniture or a big one if you can for their wedding. 

Along with that furniture is among the few things that can be gifted from a group rather than just a single person without the whole group being judged as a whole because of how important and expensive it can be. 

Type 5: Money

5 Types of Gift That You Can Give at a Nepali Wedding

We know that a lot of you have already rolled your eyes when you saw money on the list of wedding gifts. We know it is a bit cringy, but this is one of the most used gifts at a wedding. Think about it, the first thing that a lot of us give to at a wedding is an envelope with some money in it.

Is it unoriginal and cringy to talk about? Definitely yes but is it a good gift to give? A bit embarrassing but definitely yes. Regardless of what you may think about giving money as a gift, it really does count. Along with this, money is among those few gifts which can be instantly used while they adjust to their new lifestyle.

Some families are really under the pressure of society to put up a good wedding and it is not uncommon for a family to struggle financially for a while after a wedding. This is the best means to help them without owning them. Just give them a bunch of money in an envelope without any name or signature.

Before we Go,

5 Types of Gift That You Can Give at a Nepali Wedding

In the end, we have a bit more cringe for you. The best gift you can give to a couple at a wedding is your blessing for a happily married life. If you are old enough to give a gift at a wedding you are old enough to know that life will never be the same for any one of them after this and that married life is hard. That is the reason why there is so much dark humor and comedy about marriage.

So bless them that they will face fewer hardships in their married life. The best thing about this is that you don’t even have to be cringe while blessing them as you can do this in a satirical way or by just making fun of them. 

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