7 Tips to Impress a Girl

7 Tips to Impress a Girl

So before we begin this classic and cheese topic of impressing girls we have to remind you that you need to have some feelings for the girl. If you do not have any feelings we recommend that you do not do this. Along with that some of these tips are near impossible to do without having feelings as well. Now let’s talk about why boys would want to impress girls. Well, that is somewhat of a dumb question, isn’t it? Boys live for girls. Regardless of how innocent a boy may seem, he has thoughts of having a romantic ship with girls. Unless he is a bonafide hardcore monk, that feeling is natural.

The thing is, boys are dumb when it comes to girls. Every girl has their own unique trick up their sleeve and unique set of insecurities. So these tips will be more or less generalized. The only specifications that will be given are that they all are meant for Nepali girls. Anyway without further ado, let’s get started. 

Tip #1: Notice her behavior pattern

This may come as a surprise but this is a general rule of a thumb. You have to notice how she reacts to things as well as how she behaves in certain situations. This is something anyone can do. Regardless if you are not those playboys, the chances are, you have already started to do this thing. While noticing her behavior patterns also notice the speed of your development and how she feels about you.

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7 Tips to Impress a Girl

Remember that not every girl will fall for you and it is okay. There will come a time when you will meet a girl who is a match for you. Also, different girls have different speeds at which they open to you so if the girl you want to get has a slower speed, be patient. Regardless of if the girl will fall for you or nor, just noticing her behavior pattern and acting according to will land you out of the red zone and they will be impressed as per their stand towards you. 

Tip #2: Notice her Minutiae 

7 Tips to Impress a Girl

Okay, first off the bat the word “Minutiae” must be making a lot of people scratch their head. This is just a word that means “small insignificant details”. Girls love when a man they have been with for sometime notices her small things. It makes them feel appreciated to some extent and impress them that you noticed them as well. For the weebs out there, this is what “Notice me Senpai” means. The small things can be anything from the way she carries her handbag to the side where she usually puts her hair on. Notice them and keep that in your mind. When you see some changes, tell her casually. It will brighten up the day if you do this and your image will improve in her mind. Just be sure to tell her at the right time or you will just sound like a creep. 

Tip #3: Have a sense of Humor

7 Tips to Impress a Girl

There are some girls who are into strict and no-humor types of guys but in general, most girls tend to lean towards guys who have a sense of humor. Now there are different types of humor but dark or morbid humor is the least preferred one. The humor which is preferred is dumb humor and intelligent humor. This is necessary as girls want to laugh and if you can make her laugh when she is getting sad or for random reasons, there is no doubt that she will get impressed. Also to do this you have to find the right type of humor for her as well. If the girl you are into likes dark humor, the chances are she will most likely like intelligent humor as well but might get put off my pervert humor. Notice her and find the right type of humor. As always timing is important to impress a girl with humor as well. 

Tip #4: Know when to approach her and when to back down

7 Tips to Impress a Girl

This is a mistake that a lot of guys make. They either give her a lot of space or cling to her a lot. Both of them are a let down for a girl. It is without a doubt that you have to approach her to impress her and get close to her. But at the same time, you should also know when to back down and give her space. People need alone time and people need someone to talk to. Giving her attention when she needs the most and letting her cool off alone is a great way to impress a girl. It will make her feel understood and make her feel valued. You can’t just always approach a girl, that will annoy her. Similarly, you can’t be too distant, it will make her feel unimportant. Notice her emotion and behavior pattern beforehand to know this better. 

Tip #5: Be honest but not a prick

7 Tips to Impress a Girl

Regardless of what type of girl you are into, they need some honest words time and again. They might be harsh but sometimes you have to tell them the truth honestly. The thing about this is that it is a double-edged sword. You can’t always be honest and disappoint her all the time. Sometimes you just have to shut up and appreciate her even when she makes mistakes. But if you are with a girl long enough there will come a time when she will need your honest opinion. It may be about her work, about her decision, or about her feelings towards her behavior.

If you won’t be honest, and she comes to know, later on, she will just get disappointed in you. That is not what you need to do to impress her. In Fact, this is the opposite of what you need to do. But while being honest, don’t be rude. Encourage her to fix the flaw that you may have found or state why you think that. She will be hurt a bit, but impressed at the same time. A girl loves a guy who can tell the truth regardless of how hard it is and find a way to comfort her after that. 

Tip #6: Respect her decisions

7 Tips to Impress a Girl

This is one of those general rules of thumb and common sense as well. If you want to impress a girl, respect her decision about things. This can be anything from the choice of food she is taking to the type of career she wants. Also if you are rejected, you should respect her decision as well. There are a lot of guys who can’t accept that they have been rejected. But the thing is, even if you are rejected now, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be rejected again in the future. Life is long and weird so if you haven’t moved on from that girl, there is a good possibility of another chance coming again. If that happens and you approach her again, she will remember how you accepted her reject and might give you a chance. Now going back to the main topic, respect her decision. That is as long as her decision is not dumb and destructive. 

Tip #7: Be there for her but don’t simp on her

7 Tips to Impress a Girl

Yes, the word simp has been highlighted a lot recently, we know. But the meaning has been dirtied. Simp means a guy who sacrifices everything just to get a girl when the girl is not even interested or sees the guy as a potential. Should you be there for her when she needs you? Definitely. Should you sacrifice your own mental and physical for her? Not every time. Girls do appreciate guys who sacrifice for her. The thing is, if you do this every time, then you will be taken for granted. Girls love a man who has his own boundary and respects his time. If you can afford to sacrifice and recuperate, then do it, but if it will hurt your mental, financial, or physical being, find some other options to help her. 

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