7 Popular Beer Brands In Nepal

7 Popular Beer Brands In Nepal

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Are you sad? Drink Beer! Are you happy? Drink beer! Had a breakup? Drink Beer! Cause Cold beer is way better than your ex’s cold heart. And Don’t forget that it actually gives you happiness and also the fact that it is healthier than your relationship. By the way, the legal age for drinking in Nepal is 18 so If you are above 18, you can keep reading. Otherwise, you can read our other article about different flavors of Bubble Tea on our website.

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Nepali people love beer. Whatever the occasion is It is a must among Nepali people for the celebration. There is a lot of different brand that are loved by Nepali people. So here we have brought you the list of some of the most popular brands in Nepal. This list includes both the international and local brands in Nepal.

1. Gorkha

7 Popular Beer Brands In Nepal
Credit: Kathmandu post

Gorkha is one of the most popular local brand of Nepal. It was first introduced in the year 2006. Gorkha contains 5% of alcohol. It is one of Nepal’s premium quality beers. Its name was derived after the braved soldiers of Nepal called ‘Gurkha’. This is suitable for people who prefer subtle ones.

2. Tuborg

7 Popular Beer Brands In Nepal
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Among the international brand of beer in Nepal, it comes at the top. It is best for people who can’t handle a strong one as it has only 4.8% of alcohol. It is also best recommended to eat light meals such as salads and spicy Nepalese dishes. You can drink it on any occasion with friends and family.

3. KingFisher

7 Popular Beer Brands In Nepal
Credit: Business Today

KingFisher is a widely popular Indian beer that was able to make its way to Nepalese people’s hearts. It is yet another beer for people who prefers lighter one. It has 4.8% of alcohol. Initially, it might have a bitter taste but as you get used to it you will love it. It is best preferred to eat with salted peanuts.

4. Nepal ice

7 Popular Beer Brands In Nepal
Credit: on DopoCena

Yet another Nepali beer that is specially made for people who prefer a strong one with 7% alcohol content. Nepal ice comes in a variety as there is also a light one for people who Don’t like the strong beer and it has 5% alcohol content.

5. Carlsberg

7 Popular Beer Brands In Nepal
Credit: usatales

Carlsberg is probably the best drink in the world and is another light-tasting brand with a 5% alcohol content. Carlsberg has a unique taste due to the superior quality of European Barley and is mostly loved by the people who appreciate the unique flavor and variety of premium beers.

6. Everest

7 Popular Beer Brands In Nepal
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Everest was launched in the year 2003. It was made to mark the golden jubilee of achievement of the conquest of Mt. Everest by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hilary. This one is sweeter than the others. It is most preferred by people who like a lighter one. It has a 5% of alcohol content.

7. Arna

7 Popular Beer Brands In Nepal
Credit: Arna Beer – Facrbook

Arna is another local product of Nepal and is mostly recommended to people who like strong drinks. It has 5% alcohol in it with a crisp taste.  It is made with international hops and brewed with strong malt, pure water, and barley which has a great taste.


7 Popular Beer Brands In Nepal

Did your favorite beer make it to the list? If not then do comment down below your favorite one. Others couldn’t make it to the list but some of the honorable mentions are San Miguel,  Khumbu Kolsch Sherpa Craft, Warsteiner, and many others. Hope this article was helpful to you. Have a good day!

Note: Only for 18 above.


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