6 Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride in Nepali Wedding

6 Wedding Gift Ideas for Bride in Nepali Wedding

“The greatest gift you can ever give another person is your own happiness”

Esther Hicks

But when it comes to marriage you don’t need to – this is the responsibility of the bride and groom. You just need to gift them something sensible.

As you may have known, you are expected to bring gifts for the married couple at Nepali weddings. You don’t need to but you still should – this is one of those unwritten rules of Nepali weddings. Besides, it would be an awkward situation if you are the only one who hasn’t gifted the married couple.

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But how do you even think of gift ideas for brides at a Nepali wedding?

If you are wondering why we say “gift idea for the bride” and not the groom, it’s because we have divided this topic into two parts -wedding gift ideas for the bride, and wedding gift ideas for the groom to avoid confusion. The link to the second article will be attached at the end. 

For now, let’s get started with wedding gift ideas for the bride.

1) Traditional Clothes

Nepali Wedding Gift ideas

Nepal is filled with tons of traditions and cultures. What’s more, we have a ton of different cultures each with a wide range of clothes for a wide range of traditions. Let’s admit it, wearing traditional clothes during a cultural event is special. 

With this in context, traditional clothes are really one of the best gift ideas for the bride. It is unique, memorable, and functional all at the same time. But you have to remember that the price of such clothes can be a bit expensive and they may be a bit hard to find. 

2) Makeup Sets

6 Wedding gift ideas for Bride in Nepali Wedding

Who doesn’t love to make themself look better? Besides taking care of your skin, you don’t really have many options to beautify the face- unless you use makeup. While this method of looking beautiful is frowned upon by many men, it is looked up to by a majority of women.

And besides, most of the makeup sets are designed for women with consideration to their skin. So why not use this as a wedding gift for the bride? While we cannot say for sure that every bride will love this wedding gift, it is one of the valid gift ideas for brides in Nepal. 

3) Diamond Jewelry

6 Wedding gift ideas for Bride in Nepali Wedding

Jewelry is always a good gift for brides regardless of the material which is made from. But when it comes to diamond jewelers, the significance becomes more than just a pretty piece of accessories. Diamonds have been related to the bond between couples for a long time due to their chemical bond that makes it hard to break – just like a lot of marriages.

Due to this reason, couples have been exchanging diamond-laced jewelry to signify their neverending bond. So why not give them as a gift to the bride for her to express her love through your gift? There is no better way to honor and respect a couple than this.

Just be careful not to outstretch your budget while giving Dimond jewelry as it can be expensive.

4) Gold Jewelry

Nepali Wedding Jewelry Gift Ideas

Can’t afford diamond jewelry? Why not give them gold jewelry then? While gold jewelry is nowhere near cheap- especially in this economy, they are still cheaper than diamonds. At the same time, gold is more common as well and can be easily stored for years without any worries.

On top of that, gold can easily be pawned and exchanged for money at times of need as well. This means that on top of being beautiful and affordable (at least when compared to diamonds), they are more functional as well. 

5) Love Scrapbooks

6 Wedding gift ideas for Bride in Nepali Wedding

Getting away from expensive gifting ideas for a while, let’s take a look at a simple one. While this may seem like a bit of a cringy gift, to a bride who is marrying the man of her dreams, this small scrapbook might just become her love diary and record her romantic journey after marriage.

Is it a bit cliche? Yes, it is! But then again, people fall in love all the time – some after they get married. And besides, having something to record her journey of love is something that she might want to do. Hence we say that it is one of the best gift ideas for brides in Nepal. It’s all about heart!

6) Personalized Gifts

6 Wedding gift ideas for Bride in Nepali Wedding

If you are someone who is close to the bride and know what she likes, then you can give her a personalized gift. Grab a mug, go to the printing station and print the images of her favorite band. Or why not print the image of the couple before they got married in a T-shirt and gift it to her?

If this is a bit too cringy for you, then just give her a box filled with her favorite treats or if you have enough budget, set a gift pack filled with her favorite accessories. If both of you are close enough to play pranks on each other, you can even gift her a jack-in-a-box toy for her wedding gift – just be sure to give her a real gift once the prank is over. 


6 Wedding gift ideas for Bride in Nepali Wedding

The gist of this entire list of gift ideas for brides in Nepal is, to give her something that has either sentimental, artistic or financial value. While she will appreciate any form of gift, it is best to keep the gift within these three criteria. 

But at the same time if you are close with the bride you can gift just about anything – as long as you have a good intention and the gift is sensible. 

Hope you found this interesting. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know down in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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