6 Best Wall Paint Manufacturers of Nepal

6 Best Wall Paint Manufacturers of Nepal

Have you ever wondered which wall paint would be ideal for your house in Nepal? 

After all, the ambiance of your home is determined by the paint colors you use.

When you build or refurbish a home, one of the most important decisions – and commitments – you make is the wall paint. Choosing the right wall paint is the primary step to get the look and feel you desire in a house or room. There is a paint for every need, whether you want to go with the latest trends that everyone does or create a room that is uniquely yours & you feel yourself by the wall paint. The appropriate preparation, finish, vibrant colors, and, most importantly, quality are what distinguishes an interior design success from a failure.

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That’s where our guide to the finest paint brands in Nepal comes in.

Here are the top best wall paint manufacturers of Nepal

1. Mahalaxmi Paint Udyog

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Mahalaxmi Paint is the most popular paint brand in Nepal. The company’s headquarters is in Bhaktapur, and its outlets are located throughout Nepal.

Mahalaxmi Paints is one of Nepal’s top paint manufacturers in 2022. It is also the most trusted name in the industry because it is one of the major brands. Impression Ultra HD, Impression Ultra Fresh, Impression 24 Carat, Impression Metallic Finish, and many other goods are among the brand’s offerings. They preserve and maintain the appearance of your furniture and walls.

2. Reliance Paints

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Reliance Paints was established as a paint production company in 2058 B.S. Its manufacturing is in Katmandu, Nepal. It is an India-based top paint company in the world. Reliance Paint places a premium on product quality, as evidenced by its NS (Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology) certification.

Emulsion for interior/exterior wall finishing, enamel for metal and conventional wood surfaces, as well as primer and Putty for wood coating are all produced in this company.

3. Nepal Paint Industries Pvt. Ltd.

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Nepal Paint is a Nepalese company with a long history in the paint industry. The number one paint manufacturer in Nepal and one of Nepal’s top paint producers.
Saakha Group established Nepal Paint in 1983. Nepal Paint, based in Kathmandu, is the sole paint solutions provider for all types of surfaces (Auto, Marine, Protective, Decorative and Industrial Paints). In several aspects, Nepal Paint is the top paint brand in Nepal.

4. Pashupati Paints

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Pashupati Paints was Nepal’s first paint producing enterprise.  Its high-quality paint has become a benchmark in Nepal’s paint industry. Pashupati Paints is an ISO 9001-2000 and NEPAL STANDARD certified firm. On Android smartphones, it has released a new application called SMART PAINT.

It manufacture a varieties of Decorative and Industrial Paints such as Exterior and Interior Emulsion Paints, Enamel Paints, Acrylic Distempers, Texture Paints (Exterior and Interior), Epoxy Paints, Road Marking Paints, Varnish, and many other paint products.

5. Tirupati Paints

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Tirupati Paints had a humble beginning when it was founded in the year 2069/10/14 B.S. It began by producing low-cost Cement paints and eventually expanded its product line to include most types of water-based paints, such as Exterior Emulsions, Interior Emulsions, Distempers, Primers, and so on.

With the quick development of its reach across Nepal, the Company has expanded its footprints across the country since its foundation. Today, the company is regarded as one of the most competitive competitors in the Nepalese paint market, with a reputation for being a creative paint maker that continues to provide new product not before accessible in the country.

6. Jasmine Paints


Jasmine Paints Pvt. Ltd was the group’s first firm, producing a wide range of house paints. Jasmine Paints Pvt. Ltd. was founded in the year 1994. It has held the top five wall paint manufacturing firms in Nepal for more than two decades. It is operated by Manakamana Group of companies.

It manufactures both exterior and interior ornamental paints for the home. Jasmine Paints is an ISO-certified firm that has also been awarded the Nepal standard mark.


6 Best Wall Paint Manufacturers of Nepal

All of these wall paint we have mentioned are eco-friendly, dustproof, weatherproof, and sunproof with a grantee of 5 to 10 years. The main categories of their products are decorative, industrial, and ancillary.

Hope you could choose the best wall paint in Nepal from the article. Cheers!!!!


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