5 Best Must-Visit Art Gallery in Nepal

5 Best Must-Visit Art Gallery in Nepal

Nepal is rich in its art. So to showcase exhibit the arts of Nepal there are lots of art gallery in Nepal. These art gallery have exquisite works of art by the people of Nepal. Art gallery help to showcase the cultures, traditions of Nepal to all the people who come to visit Nepal through its artwork. Nepalese art is known for its quaint, religious aesthetic, representative of the country’s rich cultural heritage, and fusion of Buddhist ideology with Hindu representation. Now let’s go through the art gallery of Nepal.

List of art gallery in Nepal

1. Nepal art council

5 Best Must-Visit Art Gallery in Nepal

Nepal art council is one of the popular art gallery in Nepal. It was established in 1962 as a national institution to promote the arts and artists of Nepal. It is a non-profit gallery with a large space and has been running for a long time. It displays both local and international work artworks which are both traditional and contemporary. It is open from 10 AM to 5 PM.

Location: Babar Mahal, opposite to road development office.

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2. Siddhartha art gallery

5 Best Must-Visit Art Gallery in Nepal

The art gallery was established on 27th September 1987. This gallery has participated in several community arts projects as it aims to exhibit art that addresses socio-cultural and political issues. It has played an important role in bringing overseas artistic ideas and helped to promote contemporary Nepalese art in Nepal. It has organized exhibitions in London, India, and Pakistan for Nepali artists. It opens from 11 AM to 5 PM Sunday to Friday. As for Saturday, it is open from 12 PM to 5 PM.

Location: Babar mahal

3.  Artudio Centre for Visual Art

5 Best Must-Visit Art Gallery in Nepal

Artificial center for visual art provides a great platform for artists. It is an open gallery as the arts in this place is not confined to a small place instead it uses the streets as its canvas and inspiration to create innovative arts. It was founded in 2010 to provide the arts from various genres to all art lovers. It holds various workshops on drawings, photography, printmaking, painting, and other forms of multimedia.

Here people consider art as dharma and believe in coexistence. Several mural arts are created across the street of Kathmandu about the anti-violence against women, global handwashing day on walls by this gallery. It opens all days of the week from 7 AM to 7 PM on all days of the week.

Location: Swoyambhu

4. Sarwanam Art Gallery

5 Best Must-Visit Art Gallery in Nepal

Sarwanam Art gallery was established in 1982 by a renowned playwright Ashesh Malla and pioneered political street theatre in Nepal. In this gallery, you can see the artworks of Nepalese artists Bidhata kc and Saran Tandukar. It provides an interactive experience for visitors of meeting artists. The gallery collaborated with sarwanam theatre on a project to merge art and drama.

One of the acclaimed artists Mukesh Mulla created a painting on stage as the play mrityutsav was unfolding expressing the themes of the drama. This gallery also holds film screenings. It is open from 7 AM to 7 PM on all days of the week.

Location: kalikasthan Bashgyang, Kalika Marg

 5. Nepal Academy of Fine Arts

5 Best Must-Visit Art Gallery in Nepal

This gallery was established on 13th April 2010. It is an umbrella organization of artists, art researchers, and art critics in Nepal. This gallery promotes arts of multiple genres. These consist of paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, folk art, architecture, traditional art, alternative art, contemporary art, video art, installation art, and performance. the academy provides fellowships and scholarships to encourage qualitative research in the history of Nepali art.

It voices the opinions of various artists on social issues. It recently hosted an art workshop exploring anti-corruption. It also holds the annual National Fine Art exhibition which awards artists for their contributions to the Nepali arts. It opens from 10 AM to 5 PM on all days. It remains closed on Saturdays.

Location: Sita Bhagwan, Naxal


5 Best Must-Visit Art Gallery in Nepal

This article is for all the art lover in Nepal who wants to visit the art gallery  to enjoy the arts by all the talented arts. Art is a form of healing, so enjoy it by visiting these art gallery in Nepal. Thank you for reading till the end. Have a good day!


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