6 Best Gift Ideas for the Groom in a Nepali Wedding

6 Best Gift Ideas for the Groom in a Nepali Wedding

The hard part is not to attend the wedding – but selecting the gift for the groom/bride

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And this makes sense for the hardest part is indeed choosing the perfect gift for the bride and groom.  

A weird thing about Nepali weddings is there is an unwritten rule that says “Every attendee must bring a gift! We don’t care what it is – but there must be one”. And this is why a lot of Nepali get scared of attending weddings.

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But the question of gift is indeed a serious one – what is a good gift idea for the groom and bride?

Well for the sake of convenience, let’s go through them one at a time. Here we will cover the gift ideas for the groom and if you want to check out gift ideas for the bride, be sure to check the link at the end of this article. 

For now, let’s take a look at 6 gift ideas for the groom.

1) Traditional Clothes

6 Best Gift Ideas for the Groom in a Nepali Wedding

This is one of those gifts that are good for both the bride and groom. Nepal is a country filled with traditions and regardless of which tradition you follow, you are bound to need a traditional one at some point. 

This is one of the perfect gift ideas for the groom as not only is it unique but functional as well. And besides, traditional dresses are not really associated with gifts so you will be among those few who have this concept in mind so your gift won’t crash with anyone else.

2) Diamond Jewelry

6 Best Gift Ideas for the Groom in a Nepali Wedding

Diamonds are forever – and this is true, especially when it comes to their hardness. Because it is hard to break the diamond using normal methods, diamond jewelry has been used to represent the bond between a married couple for quite a few years now. 

Just like a diamond, unless the circumstances are dire, a married couple won’t break apart. This is a gift filled with sentiments and is one of those perfect gift ideas for the groom. Just be careful to not empty your pocket while selecting this gift as they are quite expensive.

3) Classy Accessories

6 Best Gift Ideas for the Groom in a Nepali Wedding

While men do wear jewelry, they have limited options, and besides,  we don’t really associate men with jewelry. What we do associate men with are accessories. Just think about the classic-looking watch or a sleek wallet

These things are primarily related to men and this is why they make some of the perfect gift ideas for the groom. After all who doesn’t want to look classy and stylish? And besides classy accessories for men are not limited to wallets and watches. You have things like business bags, belts, and goggles on this list as well. 

4) Personalized Gifts

6 Best Gift Ideas for the Groom in a Nepali Wedding

Now, this gifting idea is primarily meant for the close friends of the groom. But if you know the main man well enough you can use these gift ideas for the groom as well. What we mean by personalized gifts are gifts that are made personally by taking the groom’s taste into consideration.

If you are close enough, you should know what he likes and dislikes. So it shouldn’t be too hard for you to prepare something of his liking. Maybe he is a fan of a rock band or maybe he is in love with cute hamsters. Why not print them into a T-shirt or a mug and gift them to him. This doesn’t just have to be mugs and T-shirts. If the groom is a fan of traveling, you can even gift him travel packages as well. 

5) Groom Wedding Survival Kit

6 Best Gift Ideas for the Groom in a Nepali Wedding

This is gifting idea is only valid if you are close enough to play pranks with the groom. This is basically a humorous gift package that contains things that will help him survive the marriage. You can include things like a mini shield to shield himself from the attacks of his wife, mouth freshener and lip balm to always be kiss ready, deodorant to smell good, and lint roller to troll off the wife’s hair after the marriage.

Overall the concept of this gift idea for the groom is to poke fun at his marriage while supporting him with functional items in the gift box.

Be sure that you are close enough with the groom to use this gift idea for the groom or he might just get pissed at you. 

6) A Cute Furry Friend

6 Best Gift Ideas for the Groom in a Nepali Wedding

People cute furry friends- especially if they can get the opportunity to raise the pet since childhood. Now men are supposed to be tough creatures that don’t feel any pain but at the end of the day, they are still human and they still love pets

Pet is a great gift idea for the groom, heck giving a pet is a great gift idea for anybody – as long as that person is a responsible one. Now we can’t emphasize this enough – pets are not just animals, they are family members. While they are great gifts, make sure that the groom wants a pet and is responsible enough to raise the pet as his own child.

On the lighter side, giving the groom a pet as a gift will also train him for his future kid as well. After all, a pet is a furry child that never grows up


6 Best Gift Ideas for the Groom in a Nepali Wedding

Before we go, we have to remind you that these are just a few gift ideas for the groom – not all. If you are close enough with the groom, you can gift him anything as long as it is not something nonsense. Even then, it can be considered as a gift as long as the groom gets the humor behind it.

If you think about it in this context, gifting a groom is really an easy thing to do. As long as your gifting ideas for the groom have sentimental or financial value, they are good enough.

Hope you found this interesting. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know them down in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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