10 Useful Tips to Improve Body Language | Public Speaking Tips

10 Useful Tips to Improve Body Language | Public Speaking Tips
 Tips to Improve Body Language!!

How often do you communicate non-verbally?

Actions speak louder than words, in the same way, sometimes our non-verbal body moments and gestures convey the message more powerfully than verbally.

An influential person/public speaker owns the place wherever they go. Their body language, how they walk, and their swift-flowing confident move catch the attention of the people. Understanding the importance and power of nonverbals, they practice the art of body language.

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Mae West, one of the popular and celebrated Hollywood and stage actress once said, “I Speak two languages, Body and English”

10 Tips to Improve Body Language | Public Speaking Tips

So, today in this article we will give you 10 effective tips that will help you maintain good body language and stand out as an influential personality anywhere, everywhere!!

So, let’s get going!!

1. Posture

10 Useful Tips to Improve Body Language | Public Speaking Tips

Imagine you are standing in front of your audience but you playing with your hair. Or you are adjusting your tie or button all the time or you tucking your hand inside your pocket all of the time.

All these things reflect a lack of confidence in your attire or your body. So it is very necessary to maintain the right body posture. Stand comfortably or slightly tucked your hands at your waist. Your hands must rest comfortably at your side.

Walk with confident steps. Maintain attractive body posture to transfer good energy to your audience. Okay?

2. Gesture

Pay attention to the movement of your hand, head or your facial expression.

Using hand gestures time and again while talking is more interactive and engaging than standing still and talking. So use your hand and head movements while you are speaking.

But keep in mind that your facial expressions and hand movements must align with your content.

3. Eye Contact

Eye contacts are like the flag bearer of your first impression.

So, always try to make 2-3 seconds of eye contact with your audience. Making random eye contact makes your audience more attentive. Eye contact is one of the best ways for audience interaction.

Therefore, maintain ideal eye contact.

4. Tone of Voice

The tone of voice plays a significant role when it comes to public speaking.

Avoid talking in a dull, flat or monotonous tone. Why? It can bore the listener to hell. A social teacher teaches in a dull tone for an hour with no facial expression at all. Imagine? Every student certainly can’t help themselves from dozing off, right?

So, don’t be another version of your social teacher. Put energy and life in your voice. If only your voice sounds energetic and cheerful, your listener/audience will enjoy listening to you.

Animate your voice tone and pace. Talk how you talk normally. Give pause when necessary and raise your voice to point out the important things according to your topic.

5. Randon Shoulder Shrugging

One of the things you must avoid if you want don’t want to look underconfident or uncomfortable is Randon Shoulder Shrugging.

Janine Driver, One of the former FBI Agents reveals that they have fought criminals by judging body their language and shoulder shrugging.

Randon’s shoulder shrugging reflects uncertainly on what that person is saying. It can also bore your audience. Shoulder Shrugging is a sign of a weak personality. So, control your bouncy shoulder to make you look bolder.

6. Volume

Make sure your voice is audible to your audience.

Avoid talking too loud or too low. Maintain the volume of your speech in a way that it can be audible to everyone.

If you are not sure, if it is audible or not then ask your audience if your voice is audible. A way to engage your audience with you.

7. Smile

10 Useful Tips to Improve Body Language | Public Speaking Tips

If you are a man with a Solemn face, then it’s time to practice facial muscle exercises through smiling.

Smile is the Universal language. It connects people of all cultures and civilizations. It is one of the best ways to engage with your audience. So, drop the genuine smile looking at your audience time and again.

Sime, be cheerful and transfer the same vibe to your audience. But make sure never fave a smile because your audience can notice you. Always give a calm and pleasant expression to your audience.

8. Keep Your Chin Up

Never look at your shoe while speaking to your audience. Also, avoid looking over the ceiling either. Looking down at your show or over the ceiling will show your nervousness.

Look straight into your audience. It will present your confidence and make a good impression. Also, it will help you to maintain good eye contact with your audience.

9. Slow Your Movements

While you are covering the stage or going near the audience, slower your movement and take long large and steady steps. Avoid taking shorter steps.

10. Never Cross Your Arms

Have you ever seen a public speaker or interviewer crossing the arm and talking or taking an interview?

No, right? So, you must not do either. Crossing the arm will make you look less interested and rude. And anyone who does not listen to us, we don’t like to listen to them either. Human Nature!!

So, Never cross your arm if you want to maintain good body language.


10 Useful Tips to Improve Body Language | Public Speaking Tips

An influential person not only shows powerful and confident body language but also is sensitive enough to catch others’ non-verbal clues to create meaningful conversation.

Try empathising with the listener to establish a comfort zone between you and your audience.

Maintaining good body language is very important when it comes to public speaking. Not only in public speaking, but the right body language is also important in our daily life. So, we must maintain positive body language.

Let us all try to cultivate the art of body language from today, Will YAA?

Thank You!! for reading our article on the topic 10 Tips to Improve Body Language | Public Speaking Tips.

We hope you enjoyed reading our article till the end.

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