10 Easy Career Options In the Handicraft Sector

10 Easy Career Options In the Handicraft Sector

To feel the artifact designed and created with one’s own hands is not just a simple achievement. It really needs a set of experience and the motive to be passionate enough to fulfill the completion of the work.

That’s what we talk about when we raise the topic of handicrafts. Artisan-made creations are dedicated solely to the creation of handmade materials whether it be decoration effects or recreational or something out of the box

What career path can you choose with Handicraft skills?

Each and every skill set have their own path that one can follow to make a living and a name from it. No work can ever be termed as a simple and low level job or a high level one.

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That being said, a skill to create something out of using an element and giving shape to it with your own hand is a feat that not everyone can do. Handicraft and it’s attraction has opened a scene for the interested ones to dirty their hands and achieve the shine out of it.

What next? We talk about some very reasonable and fairly easy career options for Handicraft skills and their career perspective.

1. Ornaments and Jwelries

A man crafting ornaments

Different ornaments of different parts of a body can be strategically designed and created with a vision of making something new. And if you have that art of making it, then you can make it a career option. The thing about having a passion for it and the fun behind it is what makes the best career path. 

If you know the basics of what suits a person and their taste and design and use simple elements to make an ornament, you will be able to bring a new ornament to the market.

2. Decoration

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The art of decoration of handicraft materials can be a huge boost for your career option if you have the skill of creating decorative design patterns with your hand.  From designing a pattern for a decorative wall to flowery embroideries, you can take it up to any level that you set your mind to. If you start and take it as a small business, then you can earn a steady income through this very talent of yours.

3. Pottery

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The classic and traditional art of making pots and pans of pottery is a handicraft art that our ancestors had built from the scratch. The mechanism behind it helps to create different shapes and designs of pots and pans that people use in daily life. 

If you can slick your hand and have the patience to mold a bulk of clay into an amazing piece of artwork then your career can be set with a pottery path.

4. Handwoven Blankets

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Sweet designs in one of your cozy blankets are usually a work of a person’s hand. A draw of embroidery or manufactured work of simple machines creates these cozy blankets to be what it is. Handmade blankets are a feeling of comfort and love. So, exploring the field of this interest you can create a design of your own and bring out a line of blankets from your production. 

It can be a small investment and production that in time you can build to be a huge brand.

5. Handmade Quilts

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Now, perfecting a perfect-sized quilt with a good quality of attractive craft is a work that requires dedication and concentration. Using the beautiful movements of fingers to stitch the cloth with designs created through the threads, the quilt’s production is the best career choice to follow. 

6. Leather

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The use of leather for the daily essentials made by hand is quite an important product that goes from small-scale production to multi-national one. With handcraft techniques, you can use leather to bring products like wallets, belts, or clothes for small-scale production.

Just a bit of a determinant can get you off from nothing to being on a way of doing something with the time and ideas that you have. Just the skill of hands is needed, your ideas start to flow once you begin with it.

7. Jute

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Jute – a soft fiber that can be turned and manufactured into a firm thread, is a basic requirement for a strong sac that you might have noticed around you. The same Jute can bring handcraft to the level of creation that you can make a career out of it. From producing household ropes to sacs and other useful items- your handmade craft can launch you into the market of Jute-produced handcrafts.

8. Metal

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Metalcraft needs a bit more expertise but once you get the hang of it, you can be easily used to crafting items from metal. You need some basic physics behind it that you need to work on as you learn to mold the metal into the shape of your desire. It is a craft that needs experience patience and knowledge. But if you try it you can be the craftsman of amazing pieces of metal artifacts. You make it and with some marketing, you can get out and be make the career earning from it.

9. Bamboo & Cane

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Our country’s background has placed us in a natural environment with a lot of flora and fauna. From that aspect, Bamboo provided by the nature can be huge assets for a small production career. Crafting wicker products from Bamboo can give a huge boost to the cultural products too. 

Handcraft is the main essential technique for this production. You can use the traditional techniques to give shape to the Bamboo and create attractive items or household items for a scale of production. 

10. Stone

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Stonecraft is a huge part of handcraft that produces an amazing field of artworks that can be given shape as the craftsman decides it to be. The skill required is just the use of a vision with a skilled and experienced hand for the creation. With the use of some tools to give shape to the natural stone, the handcraft career can make you an artist or a designer who can earn from doing a work of passion, and be respected for it.

Before You End This Article

Man Made things and hand made things, they are priceless. The skill of using hand to create some useful products might take some time. But once made, they open the horizon of opportunities from small to large scaled career aspects. It’s creativity at it’s max.

Here, the top 10 career options that both skilled and basic skilled handicraft artisan can make a living career. These are not the only ones that you have to focus on, you might have some skills up your sleeve that might be completely out of the box. Explore and go an an adventure with it. You might be the next big thing around here. Good luck to all!

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