World Youth Skills Day 2021: Amid Unemployment Impacts of COVID

World Youth Skills Day 2021: Amid Unemployment Impacts of COVID

The Youths are here and are almost there in the Future.

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World Youth Skills Day shares the insight to remind the world about the importance that the youth pose to our world. It was initiated with the very motive of tackling the unemployment rate that ever so increases, one way or another.

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Every year on 15th July, the day has been organized by the United Nations since 2015, to highlight the limelight on the context of Youths entrepreneurship and employment opportunities. With every aspect of new developments sprouting like wildfire, the problem should have somewhat managed itself by now. But, that is not the case. So, every year the Youth Skills day draws attention to face the problems and find the solutions for them.

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Why World Youth Skills Day is Important?

Fresh Undergraduates, in search of employment opportunities, have faced empty walls and have turned back from their initial vision. The case scenario: 46.3 % of Youth unemployment rate in the year 2021. Giving up on what they could succeed with, due to lack of opportunities and the skills required for the real-time work field, is the main reason why the rate is climbing.

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To avoid the scenario that the youths have been facing in a dire state, World Youth Skills Day keeps the Youths from leaving what they have achieved in form of knowledge or their skills. And motivates in the context of looking for options in the field with their skills. Learning is a process that lasts forever. Giving up due to lack of employment is not a thing to be promoted. And that’s what the day signifies for the Youth. Just if they don’t back out from what they want to do, then their opportunity might come forward.

On this day, the issue of unemployment in youths is highlighted to the extent of making it noticed. The Youths need the willpower to achieve their opportunity. Though the situation might be unhelpful, they have to stay focused on their dream.

The Year 2021 and World Youth Skills Day

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Facing the world of opportunities has been a challenge in itself since the outbreak of the Corona Virus. The chances and the way of doing things for the skills and opportunities have drastically changed. Half the world is still under the situation of lockdown. The employment options have been minimized due to the situation. The way of working has been altered and taken on a digital or online basis.

World Youth Skills Day this year is a fight against the hazard that has gripped the world with its hold. With the case of depression at the state of degrading hope and dreams, the rate of active youths has also been affected. People are in a state of constant fear that the disease might just collapse the state of their affairs. In this state, motivation is the most needed element for the Youths. To understand that they have the strength and can do the thing in returning to the normal factors.

The situation cannot be termed as Post-era, since a lot of the nations are still fighting the situation with maximum risk effects taking place at an increasing amount. But for the Post-Covid Pandemic hope the Vaccination campaigns have played a huge role in seeing hopeful days ahead. The way Pandemic changed the way of working and how daily life was altered to adapt to the situation since the beginning of the Pandemic, has created a new perception of growing with the technology.

Classes, conferences, and meetings all standing on the virtual ground. The Pandemic-ridden world went on with the alternative distance methods to hone the skills and growth. Though it was only a choice for those who could get to it. Other populations with limited resources didn’t have the choice but to survive with what they could. In this situation, World Youth Skills Day worked the deed in creating a pursuing opportunity for the Post-Pandemic situation.

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In the light of the situation of nearly 93 million population shifting to the line of poverty with loss 8.8 percent of work time on the year 2020. The world economy has contracted by 3.3 percent in 2020 and its increment is still a question mark for the year 2021.

Youth adopt the skills and work for the Post-Covid future. Youth Skills Day will be celebrated uniting these factors to create employment opportunities for a better tomorrow. The loss faced during these hard times can only be conquered by the efforts of hope and resilience.

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