Why Everyone Should Read “The Rudest Book Ever” |17 Important Lessons|

Why Everyone Should Read “The Rudest Book Ever” |17 Important Lessons|
  • Author: Shwetabh Gangwar
  • Genre: Self-Help Book
  • Originally Published: 
  • No. of Chapters: 17 chapters with 213 pages
  • Price: 480 Nepali Rupees (On 2020)

The Best Part of The Book Called “The Rudest Book Ever”

  1. Relatable contents
  2. Simple language and easy to learn
  3. Realistic and Practical ideas are given for real-life implementation
  4. Helps you to open your eyes, show you a different perspective of thinking, and teach you the most useful lesson for entire life i.e. “How to think”
  5. It is not a success recipe book, but it will help you to clear your vision for everything from love, life, career, and any other relationships.

Important Lessons from “The Rudest Book Ever” (Chapter Wise)

1. You are a Product

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

It has a powerful start that opens eye through root. According to the author, every individual is a product, either we have to brand ourselves or our parents are branding us.

I love this statement “A person is not born ready, they have to be made ready, and we need to learn how to learn, we can think but don’t know how to think, since kids learn by absorption, So the parents and surroundings are the teachers so they are not teaching how to think instead of teaching us what to think so we grow up as a very clueless and confused adult.

This chapter is all about we should learn how to think by questioning, filtering, take risks, show interest in ideas and people, find solutions on your own expand knowledge instead of following what to think i.e. following others’ ideas, ideologies blindly, asking for solutions to others.

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it talks about parenting should be and should not be.

2. You Want to be Special

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

How to fed special is taught i.e. everyone fantasizes about standing out from the crowd, having millions of dollars and everyone is appreciating you.

Specialness is not being born special, being told, treated special, or being rich. It is all about the badge of realization that we earn which sounds simple buts play a huge role to change the course of our life. Achievement can create self-belief, reward with more opportunities that can not be achieved for life from a single event. Achievement is not just winning trophies and competition but it can be anything simple from learning a new language, having a fit body.

However, you can’t become special if you look for others’ recognition, need someone else to tell you that you are special instead whatever you do, do it for yourself, to prove yourself not others, that impact the world and make you better.

Therefore, specialness is a collection of skills you acquire and the sensation felt on upgrading in life after having mastered a skill.

3. What Rejection Do To Us

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

Rejection from love, job, or any kind of competition is always heartbreaking. Its a part of life and very normal but they tend to have a brutal life effect in our initial days.

To face the rejection, you must believe in yourself at least feel that you don’t need anybody’s approval, instead have a purpose and fulfill those purposes which ultimately gives you satisfaction and meaningful life.

4. How You Should Perceive People?

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

Perceive people are weird. Weird because it is never fully positive nor fully negative. Real people are not like movies character either completely black or completely white. They are gray so be more logical than emotional.

Use data:- Don’t judge people based on rumors about them nor buy the hype around them. Get real data from what they instead of believing what says.

Don’t believe at first impression, they are mostly manipulative which comes with fewer data.

Don’t get fool by marketing, advertising and sales because anybody can sell you anything in today’s world.

5. Do Failures Mess You Up?

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

Failures are always bad it makes us afraid, finds excuses to back out, fear from change, believe ourselves as mediocre, and as a coping mechanism.

Anybody can win its just a matter of choice – it doesn’t matter what the hunger is either for money status, the power to prove yourself to provide resources for whom you love.

Real winners take failures as the lesson to win the next war. Winning is not about competition. It’s about not giving up no matter what badges and medals society is hanging out.

Real winners require your focus on neither winning nor losing, but upon learning from the point of utility, opportunity, and ability i.e. what’s the use of what you are learning. How can you use what you are learning and how well can you do what you are learning.

To win, You need to recognize the mistakes and readjust your approach and mindset fully and immediately to avoid failure in the future to the best of you control that’s why failures are important -They teach you everything -you need to win the war.

6. Finding Love Can Be a Pain In The Ass

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

The biggest mistake of our life is we are living in a fantasy world where we are dreaming to have perfect partners as we see in movies, TV shows, content creators, Instagram influencers, or any celebrities.

our reality is not what they are showing. Let’s not compare ourselves and our partners with them (the virtual world) because we don’t have real information about them. What they are. The requirements of every individual are different, So in the real world instead of dumping your partner for after getting a better fantasize partner.

you must accept the reality and choose accordingly. To choose your partner, you must be capable of choosing them so better to focus on yourself, to be the best version of yourself. The right partner comer to you easily.

7. How Your Self Dies

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

When you look for others’ approval, confirmation, and suggestion on every individual problem of yours, then you lose your individuality. So, believe in yourself, your original ideas, and work in your direction. Just stop relying on people.

8. Screw Happiness

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

Screw happiness focuses on satisfaction because “one temporary but” are permanent- something better where you are peaceful. To be satisfied you must have self-belief. Know what you want and what you don’t want and what makes you feel happy. We want happiness because it feels great. You might have seen people who are not happy despite having a great life, making others happy to make themselves happy, making themselves sad because they used to be happy.

In life, we seek happiness none because we are combined that happiness is what we want from life, and that is the ultimate answer but in reality, one self-respect, morality, common sense, self-betterment are more important we should be more satisfied in life rather than being happy.

9. Choose Satisfaction Not Happiness

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

Happiness is just a part of self_satisfaction that starts with the knowledge of the self.

Happiness is temporary that can comes from experimental joy, intellectual joy, to be liked by people to stay in a group, having stability in life, etc. These are the pleasures that might sometimes backfire you. so to be satisfied in your life you must know yourself first which takes time.

10. Screw Pleasing People

Stop pleasing others and believe in your self-worth, if you don’t then you have to depend on others. When they give you confirmation of having worth, then only you feel happy.

You seek approval in these ways:

  1. By seeking approval and acceptance of people who are capable and awesome in your eyes
  2. By assuming a sense of superiority
  3. By comparing yourself to others and winning
  4. So give a damn on what others think about you stop relying on people for motivation.

11. You Are a Nation

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

To extract self-worth approval, acceptance from self.

Think of yourself as a nation, not just a person, other people are other nations. Your parents and relatives are neighboring rations so have a good relationship with them, otherwise, both will suffer. Your ethics and moral code are your constitutions, self-control is the security forces, Self-respect is the happiness index of your nation, your ego is the opposition party, harmful desires are the terrorist and self-satisfaction is enjoying the prosperity from the results.

Thus, you should not give anymore else the authority of your nations whether that’s your desire, people, or love.

Don’t please everyone and don’t control anymore.

12. Screw Your Heroes

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

There are no heroes, only people, and only heroic action. No one is completely good or bad so stop following and trusting them blindly.

We should admire heroic actions, encourage them, and celebrate them and leave them as people, if you make them hero then they are disqualified from being human. keep your authority to your nation.

13. Admire Never Follow

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

Every hero is people no matter how glamorous, impressive, commanding, rich celebrated, famous, and respected they are, they have feelings and flaws just like us. Nobody is perfect if they are then that just your imagination or they are advertised to you as perfect being by self-promotion, what is written about them and people who follow them.

Admiring people means you can talk inspiration from that source, which means their work is a point of reference for you, not something you want to copy.

whereas if you follow people, you blindly support them and fight against who criticize them.

Learn from everybody but do not follow anybody blindly.

14. The Piece of Shit Online

We are being fulled by our fake assumptions and their advertisement that makes us become their followers be it politicians, movie stars, musicians, writers, motivational speakers, journalists, activist, models, millionaires billionaires all are selling you what you want to see and fantasize about so that you can become their followers.

15. Don’t Stuck Up In a Relationship

the rudest book ever

This is the most common way in which people give their authority to another person in love because for a lot of people, love is the idea that someone else will make us happier than our self. If both belief in this, then it leads to co-dependence, lead to one becoming the other’s servant.

It has taught about why we are trapped in a garbage relationship and how to set ourselves free from a bad relationship and how to never get trapped in a shitty relationship.

16. Learning How to Think

Why Everyone Should Read "The Rudest Book Ever" |17 Important Lessons|

This is the most important chapter of this book because we are only taught about what to think in life instead of how to think.

We live in a world that celebrates knowledge, not intelligence. We should think in a way that we don’t know shit because whatever we have been taught until now came from somebody telling us what to feel and what to think.

17. A Few Simple Things to Never Forget

Learn to spot bullshit from a mile away. Solve your fucking problems. It’s all right to feed pain. Never compare yourself to others. what does smart clever, intelligent, wise, and stupid mean?

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