Where are they Now- The Trio of “The Vampire Diaries”

Where are they Now- The Trio of “The Vampire Diaries”

The Vampire Diaries, it was a show that we all loved. By we, I mean the teens who were into Vampire stuffs and loved drama. Most of the teens who loved this show were the edgy teens and the edge lords. Well it has been 3 years since it ended. Don’t you guys wonder what the trio that featured in that show are doing right now? Yes, by trio I mean the lovely “Elena Gilbert”, the brooding Vampire “Stephan Salvadore” and the chaotic demon “Demon Salvadore”. Well I am here to tell you just that so buckle up and see what our favorite Vampires have been doing since past three years.

Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert/Katherine Pierce)


Lets be honest, we all loved her. She was cute and she nailed her role. While some of us were disappointed that she dropped out from the show after season 6, the show was still fine nonetheless. She left the show at the end of season 6 to explore her acting skills and find different types of roles.

After leaving “The Vampires Diaries”, she appeared in the American cop action comedy “Lets be cops” in 2014 as Josie. The movie did fairly well in the box office. After that she appeared in “XXX: Return of Xander Cage” alongside Vin Diesel in a smaller role as Becky Clearidge- a former assistant of Gibbons and weapons specialist. She also starred in the 2017 remake of “Flatliners” as well. Her most recent appearance is seen in the CBS sitcom “Fam”. That unfortunately got cancelled after the first season.

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Paul Wesley (Stefan Salvadore)


His role as a broody vampire gave us all that “Batman” vibe in the start. After a few episodes, we began to love him. I don’t know much about others but I really loved how be put up with his elder brother “Daemon” and how they had a love hate relationship. He was with the show from the start to end so fan girls fawned over him till the end.

As he had directed a few episodes of “The Vampire Diaries”, he had some directing experience. He used this experience to direct a few episodes of Rosewell, New Mexico. He also directed the spin off of the TVD “The legacies”. In 2014, he co-starred in and produced “Before I disappear” and later co-starred in “Amira and Sam” along with the comedy “the late bloomer”. Currently he is focusing in directing. Recently he was reported to have been cast as a main cast of a TV series “tell me a story”

Ian Somerholder (Daemon Salvadore)


Opposite to Stefan who was a brooding Vampire, Daemon was a chaotic one. Honestly seeing the dynamic between the both of them, it reminded me a lot of “batman” and “joker”. We all loved his sass and his darkness. By the middle of the show, he was the favorite of all, despite getting negative response around the start. So what has been doing since the end?

After the ending of “The Vampire Diaries”, it seems like our favorite Vampire boy kept his looks and starred in the Netflix show “V wars”. The show is Vampire based as well but it was reportedly canceled after the first season. The exact reason is unknown but considering that the show was canceled recently (March 2020) it is likely that this happened due to the update of the Netflix policy.

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