Vaidya Organization : A Dynamic Business House

Vaidya Organization : A Dynamic Business House

Vaidya Organization was started with $700!!! A Truly Remarkable Journey

Vaidya organization was established in 1960’s by a former USAID worker Vijay Gajananda Vaidya who had returned Nepal with just $700 in his pockets to start a journey that would make him a legendary business man in his own right without any family legacy and prop up.

The story of Vaidya Organization is too good to be missed so let’s start:

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Vaidya Organization was founded by Vijay Gajananda Vaidya who was born on December 7, 1931 in Kathmandu, Nepal. Son of Satya Man and Masinu (Shrestha) Vaidya.

After completing his master’s degree in economics from Calcutta University in India, Vijaya Gajananda Vaidya returned to Nepal where he worked as a gazetted officer for the then Ministry of Foreign Affairs for two years and then switched to United States Agency for International Development (USAID) where he worked for around five years. He worked another year for a Washington-based research institute and that was the end of his career as an employee. 

Vaidya Organization : A Dynamic Business House
Founder Vijay Gajananda Vaidya (Image Source: Toyota Nepal)


At the age of 29 with USD 700 in his pocket in 1960’s he started Vaidya Organization. Talk about the daring of the man who left the luxury of Washington based office and coming back to the backward Nepal which had less than 500 km of of black top road and other infrastructure facility. It truly is a Rags to Riches Story.

Vaidya Organization : A Dynamic Business House

Introduction of Toyota:

Vaidya started United Traders Syndicate (UTS) that became the sole distributor of Toyota Motors in Nepal. Back then, UTS introduced the Toyota Corona Saloon in 1969 and Corolla in 1973. In the early 2000s, UTS introduced the Hiace brand of passenger vehicles in Nepal. With five decades in Nepal, the Toyota brand has won the hearts of Nepalis for its quality and durability and has solidified organization’s reputation in the automobile industry.

Vaidya Organization : A Dynamic Business House
Toyota Office Nepal

Agro Business:

Nepal is an agricultural country. Back then more than 80% of general population were engaged in agriculture. To make it more commercial Vaidya Organization invested in agriculture as well.  Vaidya Organization has invested into agro processing, tea, construction, feed production, insurance andanimal husbandry. It has had a robust presence in the tea industry since 1999 with subsidiary companies such as Guranse Tea Estate, Mai-Ilam Guranse Tea Industries and Nirvana Tea Processing and Packaging producing, storing, processing and exporting high quality Nepali orthodox tea.

Vaidya Organization : A Dynamic Business House
Guranse Tea Estate

Insurance Sector:

 Vaidya Organization has also invested in insurance sector as one of the promoters of Lumbini General Insurance Company. It is one of the best insurance companies of Nepal.

Vaidya Organization : A Dynamic Business House

Construction and Education:

It is needless to describe the importance of development work for the overall prosperity and development of a nation. Construction plays a vital and most important role on overall development of a nation. Vaidya Organization has done its part through Nepal Singha Construction.

Vaidya Organization : A Dynamic Business House

Through Vijaya Academy of Health and Science (in affiliation with universities from Australia and Philippines), it provides four year Bachelor level courses in Nursing at Biratnagar in eastern Nepal where about three hundred nurses graduate from the college each year. With the intention of keeping up with the technological growth around the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Vaidya Organization has built a number of schools in close vicinity to its tea gardens and agro-based industries, where the employee’s children received an education at highly subsidised fees. Likewise, orphans as well as handicapped and poor children habe been provided scholarships to study in different schools across Nepal. It has also been sponsoring the education of 17 Nepalese students in the Philippines where they are pursuing degrees in medicine, engineering and agriculture. Good Job!!!

Vaidya Organization : A Dynamic Business House
Giving Back to the Community

Legacy: Challenges and Opportunity for Vaidya Organization

Situated at Sinamangal, Vaidya Organization of Industries and Trading Houses is one of the most potential and successful business houses in Nepal with its involvement not only limited to one but various fields. So naturally opportunities and challenges come in hand to hand for organizations like this. Its upto current Chairman to guide this Nepalese Business Giant through it.

Vaidya Organization : A Dynamic Business House
Mr. Suraj Vaidya

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