Best Upcoming Electric Vehicles In Nepal In 2022

Best Upcoming Electric Vehicles In Nepal In 2022

Electric vehicles are thriving in Nepal due to their sustainability. Due to the increasing prices of fuel to operate the vehicles people are turning to electric vehicles. Electric vehicles have a lot of advantages over other vehicles that run on fuel like- the environment doesn’t get polluted, you can save your money spent on fuels, you just have to charge your vehicle and you are ready to go. And what’s more? These vehicles are good for the long run.

Many vehicles companies have started to manufacture electric vehicles. And in 2022 different brands of vehicles are coming out with electric vehicles. So this year is going to be an important year for electric car lovers as they are about to witness new EV launches. This list covers all the electric vehicles that are going to be launched in 2022:

Electric vehicles that will be launched in 2022.

Here is the list of electric vehicles that includes electric cars, electric motorbikes, an electric scooter that will be launched in 2022

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Electric car

electric vehicle charging itself

List of upcoming electric cars in Nepal in 2022

ModelExpected PriceExpected launch
BMW i3NRs. 4,998,000December 2022
GMW ORA iQNRs. 2,000,000May 2022
GMW ORA R1NRs. 2,000,000November 2022
GMW ORA R2NRs. 2,000,000September 2022
Haima Bird Electric EV1NRs. 1,600,000August 2022
Mahindra eKUV100NRs. 2,400,000January 2022
Mahindra XUV300 Electric ( or XUV400)NRs. 3,975,000March 2022
Maruti WagonR ElectricNRs. 2,599,000February 2022
Maruti-Suzuki Futuro-eNRs. 230,840April 2022
Mercedes-Benz EQAN/AOctober 2022
Nissan LeafNRs. 5,999,999April 2022
Renault K-ZENRs. 1,531,548,July 2022
Renault ZoeNRs. 3,994,800June 2022
Tata Altroz EVNRs. 3,855,000March 2022
Tata SierraNRs. 2,000,000 January 2022
Tata Tiago EVNRs. 2,800,000 April 2022
Volvo XC40 RechargeNRs. 6,978,000December 2022

These were some of the upcoming cars in Nepal. Now let’s talk about the best upcoming car among them. So that it will be easy for you to know which one to buy.

Best upcoming Electric car of 2022

1. Mahindra eKUV100

2. Mahindra XUV300 Electric ( or XUV400)

3. Tata Sierra

4. Renault K-ZE


6. Volvo XC40 Recharge

7. Renault Zoe

8. MG ZS EV 2022

9. Tata nexon ev

10. Tata tiago

11. Hyundai Kona

12. Nissan Leaf

13. BYD yuan Plus

14. Ora cat

Electric scooters

Best Upcoming Electric Vehicles In Nepal In 2022

List of upcoming electric scooters in Nepal in 2022

ModelExpected PriceExpected launch
Bajaj ChetakNRs. 3,50,000December 2022
Bird ES1+NRs. 3,00,000May 2022
CFMoto Electric ScooterNRs. 6,00,000December 2022
Evtric Motors ConnectN/AJuly 2022
Hero Electric A2BNRs. 3,25,000February 2022
Hero Electric AE-29NRs. 3,00,000August 2022
Hero Electric AE-3NRs. 5,00,000October 2022
Hero Electric AE-75NRs. 3,50,000July 2022
Hero Electric AE-8NRs. 3,00,000January 2022
Hero Electric Axlhe 20NRs. 3,20,000January 2022
Hero Electric Duet ENRs. 2,50,000September 2022
Hero Electric eMaestroNRs. 2,80,000June 2022
Hero Leap Hybrid SesNRs. 3,50,000September 2022
Honda PCX NRs. 3,50,000April 2022
Husqvarna VektorrN/ADecember 2022
KTM Electric ScooterNRs. 4,50,000May 2022
Lambretta G-SpecialNRs. 4,50,000April 2022
Okinawa Electric CruiserNRs. 4,00,000March 2022
Okinawa Oki100NRs. 3,00,000November 2022
Ola S1NRs. 3,50,000February 2022
Ola S1 ProNRs. 3,75,000March 2022
Simple OneNRs. 3,50,000February 2022
Suzuki Burgman ElectricNRs. 3,00,000June 2022
TVS CreonNRs. 3,00,000November 2022
Vespa ElettricaNRs. 3,75,000October 2022
Yamaha NMax 155NRs. 5,00,000August 2022

Best upcoming Electric scooter of 2022

1. Vespa elettrica

2. Hero Electric AE-3

3. Bird ES1+

4. Okinawa Electric Cruiser

5. Hero Electric eMaestro

6. Lambretta G-Special

7. Husqvarna Vektorr

8. Hero Electric AE-29

Electric motor bike

Best Upcoming Electric Vehicles In Nepal In 2022

List of upcoming electric bikes in Nepal in 2022

ModelExpected PriceExpected launch
Cf moto electric bikeNRs. 3,176,776December 2021
Emflux twoNRs. 628,720March 2022
Honda PCX ElectricNRs. 227,708Feb 2022
Okinawa oki 100NRs. 157,064Feb 2022
Revolt RV cafe racerNRs. 228,404June 2022
Super Soco TC WandererNRs. 220,052April 2022
Super Soco TS Street Hunter NRs. 235,712April 2022
Triumph electric bikeNRs. 435,0002023
X-Pro Zephyr 40cc Mini Dirt Bike 2023NRs. 40,6002022
Yamaha 2021 mt-09NRs. 1,090,2842022
Yamaha mt-03NRs. 533,484July 2022
Yamaha Wr 155r 2022NRs. 261,696Feb 2022

Best upcoming Electric bike in 2022

1. Super Soco TS Street Hunter 

2. Super Soco TC Wanderer

3. Honda PCX Electric

4. Yatri motorcycles


Electric vehicles are going to cover the Nepalese market in the coming future. Even the government is encouraging its citizen to use electric vehicles due to their sustainability. So, these are some of the lists of electric vehicles that will be launched in 2022 in Nepal in case you may want to purchase. Hope this blog was helpful to you. Have a good day!

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