Best Guide To Buy 4 Wheelers in Nepal

Best Guide To Buy 4 Wheelers in Nepal

While Nepali people have traditionally relied more on two-wheelers due to their accessibility and cheaper rates, 4 wheelers are rapidly gaining ground in the Nepali market. As such, even youths are starting to consider buying automobiles beyond the usual bikes and scooters. However, the investment in a car is considerably higher than in a two-wheeler, hence a higher degree of care is expected while buying them.

To help you navigate the automobile industry in Nepal, we have created this guide with all the relevant basics. By the end of this article, you will hopefully be able to select and buy the car that is right for you.

Are 4 wheelers the better choice?

Right off the bat, is buying a car really what you want to do, as opposed to simply using public transport or a 2-wheeler? If you are set on your decision, you can very well skip this part. But we suggest you stay regardless; we will discuss some of the major benefits and downsides of 4 wheelers in Nepal.

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Best Guide To Buy 4 Wheelers in Nepal
  1. It’s all about comfort. 4 wheelers obviously have a higher degree of luxury compared to public transport or even two-wheelers.
  2. If you have a family, a 4 wheeler is more of a need than a choice since you can’t fit everyone in a bike/ scooter.
  3. They are more long-route friendly and can accommodate longer road trips.
  4. Currently, 4 wheelers are starting to become an essential good (like having shelter), and societal pressure to own one is increasing rapidly.

Downsides and risks

Best Guide To Buy 4 Wheelers in Nepal
  1. You will have to deal with an extra layer of tariffs related to driving and owning your own car.
  2. Accidents are more likely, compared to public transport in short-range drives.
  3. There are costs beyond just buying a car. You will have to pay for fuel (traditional) or battery replacements (electric) in the long run too.
  4. Even now, road access is limited in some places of Nepal and even if it is present, road conditions make it very hard to drive properly.

Why are 4 wheelers so expensive in Nepal?

You might have noticed that cars are quite expensive in Nepal, much more than they would be anywhere else in the world. If you compare prices with the international market, you will find that car prices double or even triple in Nepal.

This is because of the customs duty imposed on cars because of their branding as “luxury goods”. Tariffs of up to 200% (could be even more) are imposed on 4 wheelers in Nepal, making them unbelievably expensive. Custom duty is tariffs imposed on imported goods, and they are so apparent on 4 wheelers because pretty much all 4 wheelers present in Nepal are imported.

List Of Car Prices In Nepal

Best Guide To Buy 4 Wheelers in Nepal

For someone with lots to spend, car choices can come down to personal preferences. But if we are talking reality, most decisions will come down to pricing, simply because of how expensive all of them are compared to the average Nepali’s income. Remember that in choosing the cheaper alternative, you should not be losing out more than you have to on the benefits of a more expensive option.

Ford Figo3,099,000/ 3,449,000
Ford Aspire3,199000/ 3,349,000
Ford Freestyle3,490,000/ 3,650,000/ 3,749,000
Ford EcoSport3,690,000 to 4,940,000
Hyundai Santro2,396,000 to 3,156,000
Hyundai Grand i103,056,000/ 3,296,000
Hyundai Elite i203,356,000 to 3,896,000
Hyundai Creta4,656,000 to 6,596,000
Hyundai KONA (Electric)7,696,000 to 9,496,000
Volkswagon Polo2,895,000 to 3,845,000
Mahindra Scorpio4,885,000 to 7,125,000
Mahindra Bolero3,650,000 to 4,315,000

Electric Cars Vs Fuel Based Cars

Currently, there is an added layer of discussion when it comes to buying cars. Electric vehicles are rapidly overtaking the automobile industry, and the numerous environmental benefits it offers are being promoted worldwide.

4 wheelers

So should you buy an electric car in Nepal instead of a fuel-based one? Well, the answer is tricky. Long-distance transport in an electric car is very difficult because of the lack of charging stations, not to mention electric cars usually have less power compared to their fuel-based counterparts. It will also cost you much more than a fuel-based alternative. So unless you can really afford it, and want it for short-route transport only, then the electric car could be your priority. Otherwise, at this stage, recommending an electric car in Nepal is quite hard, even if we consider its environmental benefits.

Final Thoughts

Best Guide To Buy 4 Wheelers in Nepal

We have laid out car prices for you to compare, and included factors that may potentially influence your decision on whether to buy a car and if yes: which one. In doing so, we hope that you are able to make a much more informed decision. In the end, all good choices come from dedication to making it, and we hope that you will be satisfied with the 4-wheeler that you eventually choose to buy.

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