Traveling To Pokhara In A Cheap Way Possible

Traveling To Pokhara In A Cheap Way Possible

The city’s proximity to the Annapurna Range, with its three of the world’s top 10 mountains (Dhaulagiri, Annapurna I and Manaslu), and Pokhara is regarded as the gateway to the Himalayas.

Sink the splendor of the second largest lake of Nepal, Phewa lake. You can experience a stunning view of the Annapurna Massif from the village of Sarangkot. Thousands of tourists visit Pokhara every year which makes it one of the famous tourist destinations of Nepal.

If you ask with any tourist then, probably they will say that, to behold the beauty of Pokhara you need to lose much of your money. However, today we will share with you some of the major tips which will make your Pokhara trip much cheaper. There are several things which you need to know so that you could avoid wasting money while touring Pokhara.

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Cheapest Bus Fair From Kathmandu To Pokhara

Most tourist busses depart from Katmandu’s Kantipath Road or from Kalanki. The average commute fair si US$ 6.50 (Rs. 700). The bus stop is situated near Thamel. Ticket pre-purchase from your company or from a nearby travel agent is not necessarily mandatory.

While a range of businesses provides the same facility, none provide the same standard of amenities: free water, air conditioning, on-board WiFi, and fair rests and meals.

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Alternative of Cheap Transportation

At about US$ 4 (Rs. 450), public busses are the cheapest alternative. The bus or a smaller microbus can be picked up. They leave the Gongabu Bus Park all day and approximately every half an hour. City buses aren’t inherently slowed down relative to tourist buses — personally, they ‘re always a little quicker as drivers don’t look at any speed limitations so have few convenient stops.

They do not have air conditioning, old chairs, loud music, and passengers, as well as bags overflowing the aisles. But they are far less spacious. Only if you have a really tight budget is it truly worth getting a commuter bus over a tourist one.

Finding Affordable Hotels

Hotels in Pokhara observe the weather conditions in depths so that according to season the prices of Pokhara’s hotel vary. The high seasons is regarded as April and May whereas October and November are much greater season. Besides these months you will get hotels in half or less prices.

If you book a hotel with a good view of lakeside then obviously, the cost for that specific room will be high. But there are hotels around Halanchowk which are 5 min walks from the lakeside, provides you rooms with affordable prices. The rooms start from $5 dollars (Rs 500), however, you have to compromise for several things.

Healthy and Less Expensive Foods

While traveling you have to make sure you eat good and nutritive food. However, in Pokhara usually, food are expensive for tourists. The main food in all over Nepal is Daal, Bhat and Trakari. And the price of this dish varies according to place.

In Pokhara, things are much expensive around the lakeside because lakeside is the ultimate destination of tourists. But, besides lakeside, there are places you will find food at a reasonable price. like, for example, is Bus station of Pokhara, it considerably less expensive.

Around the bus station of Pokhara you will find many small hotels where you can get typical Nepal Daal, Bhat, and trakari around $1 – $1.5 USD(100-150 NRP). Remember this is the rate of veg food. Meanwhile, for day snacks, you can have local Chowmine in a small cafe which costs starts around NRP Rs 50.

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