Solid Waste Management Rule 2022: How to Segregate Waste

Solid Waste Management Rule 2022: How to Segregate Waste
Solid Waste Management new rule is being implemented in Kathmandu valley from July17

The unsightly view and the unpleasant smell when passing through the road of Bagbazar. I hate it.

We all hate how the garbages are placed on the roadsides, unmanaged. And the first thing we do is curse the government. We blame the government for being so irresponsible and incapable.

We all want to see pollution-free and garbage-free Nepal. To make this dream of the commoner’s come true, newly elected Kathmandu Mayer Balen Shah proposed and initiated the plan of Solid Waste Segregation from July 17 (Shrawan 1). This plan includes the penalization system. The households who do not follow Solid waste segregation will be charged with 500 penalties.

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A good initiative, isn’t it? Researchers and economists say this plan will fail miserably. But how will we know unless we try? Something is better than nothing. Or at least trying is better than staying still. Agree?

As a responsible citizen, let’s join hand in hand together to make this plan a huge success. We want to see a garbage-free, healthy Nepal. Let’s be the change we want to see in our country.

What is Solid Waste and Solid Waste Management?

Solid Waste is the unwanted or useless solid material segregated through human activities.

Management of Solid waste has always been the problem and concern of many cities of Nepal including Kathmandu. It has been the major problem in Kathmandu and this problem has been a pain in the ass for responsible authorities.

Separate Waste According to its Type

Solid Waste Management Rule 2022: How to Segregate Waste

Experts suggest Solid waste can be effectively managed through Solid Waste segregation. Bangladesh managed its wastes by Solid Waste Segregation and has proven to gain the desired result. Now it’s our turn to manage the solid waste.

Solid Waste Management is the process of separating biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes with the objective of composting non-biodegradable wastes and recycling non-biodegradable wastes. To help in proper waste management, we need to separate solid wastes. When the solid waste is separated, the amount of waste produced from your house reduces significantly. You reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and helps to maintain a pollution-free environment.

To help you with the proper waste management, we present some ways effective ways you can follow to manage the solid waste in your home.

There are generally two types of solid waste i.e. biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Separate them accordingly. Place two dustbins in your kitchen and put the produced garbage from your home seeing its type.

Biodegradable Waste

Wastes like kitchen waste(Vegetable peels, fruit peels), paper waste, green waste, etc. found in municipal solid waste can be decomposed with the help of bacteria or micro-organisms and can be converted into compost manure is Biodegradable waste.

Solid Waste Management Rule 2022: How to Segregate Waste

 Biodegradable waste is also called green waste, recyclable waste, food waste, or organic waste.

So, placed all the biodegradable wastes in one separate place. You can convert such waste into compost manure and later use it as fertilizer for your vegetables and plant.

Non-biodegradable Waste

Wastes that cannot be decomposed and degraded by biological processes are called non-biodegradable wastes. Most of the non-biodegradable wastes are in-organic wastes.

Non-biodegradable Wastes which can generally be recycled and reused are called Recyclable waste and which cannot be recycled and reused are called Non-recyclable waste.

Its examples are glass, plastic, batteries, metals, fibers, E-waste, pesticides, hazardous substances, and so on.

You can sell all the recyclable wastes to Kawadi (garbage collector) and make some money.

Hence, separate biodegradable and non-biodegradable wastes for proper solid waste management.


A kawadi is a person who collects recyclable wastes such as plastic bottles, metals, batteries, glass, etc.

Set Rules and Waste Management Strategy in your Home: Tips

Through effective solid waste management, the production of waste can be reduced. You don’t have to carry a number of plastic bags from your house when the garbage collectors come to collect garbage. And for effective waste management at home, every family member should be supportive and responsible. Every member should be conscious of disposing of the waste properly.

Solid Waste Management Rule 2022: How to Segregate Waste

Follow 3R rules i.e. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse. Let every family members follow the rules. Here are some tips on how to manage waste properly at your home:

  • First and foremost, try to produce less solid waste.
  • Place two separate dustbins for organic waste and inorganic waste. Dispose the waste in a respective dustbin. Thow all the kitchen wastes like vegetable peels, fruits peels on one dustbin and wastes like plastic bags, glass, metal in another.
  • Reuse the plastic bags instead of throwing them.
  • Sell all the wastes that can be recycled to Kawadi.
  • Before throwing waste, separate waste properly and throw them only when the garbage picker is at the door. Don’t throw the garbage beforehand.
  • Encourage every family member to dispose solid waste properly.

Public Awareness

The concept of Solid Waste Management is never going to succeed unless the public is aware of its importance. Principal Investigator Mani Nepal says, “Penalizing system won’t solve the problem”. And Yes, he might be true because unless the public is self-aware about the importance of solid waste segregration, the problem will never be solved.

How the wastes are produced? And who is responsible for it? The answer is Human behavior. The problem of unmanaged waste products is human behavior and the solution lies in human behavior either. A good human act to throw dust in the dustbin, not throwing here and there on roads, proper segregation of solid waste etc. can easily solve the problem.

So, the public should be encouraged to manage solid waste properly.


Solid Waste Management Rule 2022: How to Segregate Waste
Waste being piled up on the road of Kathmandu

Solid Waste Management Rule is being implemented from Shrawan month. If you want to see garbage-free, pollution-free Kathmandu, then start from your home. Manage the waste produced at your home properly.

Follow the above-mentioned ideas for the proper management of waste.

If every people residing in Kathmandu valley follows Solid Waste Management, then in no time the roads of filth-filled Bagbazar will be clean.

We hope everyone will manage solid wastes properly from the month of Shrawan and help in the creation of garbage-free, pollution-free, and clean Kathmandu.

Thank You!!! for reading our article till the end.

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