GCE A level is a very good alternative for students graduating from secondary school in Nepal who don’t want to do +2. It gives you an opportunity to get an internationally accredited degree here in Nepal. Due to the rise of the popularity of A level, the number of schools offering the degree has also significantly increased. There are now over 36 schools offering the program. To make choosing easier for you we have compiled a list of Top 10 a level schools in Nepal. Be warned that CIE A levels is an expensive course so most of these schools are very expensive compared to general Nepali standards.


10. Trinity International College

Trinity College

          Trinity International College (TIC) is located in DilliBazar, Kathmandu. It is a higher secondary school and college offering courses only from Grade 11 and up. Trinity offers a range of A level subjects. For a full list, refer to this page. It doesn’t have a very good general US college placement. However, there have been students who have gone to top colleges like MIT and Harvard from Trinity.

          Compared to other A level schools, Trinity falls on the cheaper side. You will have to contact the school for exact fees, but you can expect to pay a total of 4-5 lakhs in two years including exam fees. Trinity also provides scholarships to deserving students, you can find the requirements here .

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Location: Dillibazar, Kathmandu
Price: Relatively cheap

9. Gandaki Boarding H.S school

Gandaki Boarding School

GBS is the only school on this list outside Kathmandu valley. It provides a very good A level curriculum. The subject choices are low and management-related courses are not offered but the teaching method is still very good. Find the list of subjects here.

          The school is cheapest on the list of A level schools here and it provides scholarships to around 20-25% students every year. Please contact the school for fee details.

Location: Lamachaur, Pokhara
Price: Relatively Cheap

8. Malpi Institute

Malpi College

Malpi is among the oldest international schools in Nepal. Established in 1998, this school has aimed at providing quality education to the people of Nepal. It has a very wide variety of subject choices for A levels and a very able faculty to deliver courses. For a list of subjects visit the link here

          Malpi also provides merit-based scholarships to deserving applicants every year. Price is moderate with a total fee of about 6-7 lakhs for two years. Please contact the school for the exact fee details.

Location: Baluwatar, Kathmandu
Price: Moderate

7. Chelsea International Academy

Chelseainternational College

Chelsea is another international-grade school in Nepal. It is widely known even for its lower secondary education. Every year Chelsea consistently has around 1-2 subject toppers in A levels, Nepal. It has a decent variety of subject choices and able faculty to deliver courses. Extracurricular life is also decent with over 15 clubs to choose from.

 Chelsea offers both need and merit based scholarships. The requirements can be found here . Students receiving scholarships will have to maintain a top 20 status through A levels. The school is moderately expensive with total fee estimate of about 6-7 lakh for two years.

Location: New Baneshwor, Kathmandu

Price: Moderate


6. GEMS Institute of Higher Education


GIHE or GEMS is best known for its very high SEE performance throughout Nepal. The school offers a very robust A level program too. Consisting of faculties comparable to elite schools like Rato Bangala, GIHE boasts various world and Nepal toppers in A levels. It is also a verified Cambridge school and not just an affiliate British Council school.

          GIHE does provide scholarships. But it is quite rare and dependent upon your performance in the entrance exams and A levels. The school is moderately expensive too with a total fee estimate of about 6-8 lakhs depending on the stream you choose. Contact the school for exact details.

Location: Dhapakhel, Lalitpur

Price: Moderate

5. St Xaviers College, Maitighar


SXC is the king of +2 colleges. As such, it has a very good A level program too. SXC graduates A level toppers every year and it is also a verified Cambridge school.

          SXC is relatively cheap especially for the quality of education it provides. It does not provide scholarships to students, but the price is around 5 lakh for two years. It is the cheapest verified Cambridge school in Nepal.

Location: Maitighar, Kathmandu

Price: Relatively cheap

4. The British School, Sanepa

the british school nepal

The British School is an elite, international school providing A levels from both CIE and Edexel board of the UK. It has the widest variety of subject choices ranging from music to law. Consisting of the mostly foreign population, the British school excels in Extracurriculars more than it does on academics. You will get to study in a truly international school in Nepal.

          TBS is very expensive. You will have to contact the school for fee details but expect to pay around 20-25 lakhs total over two years. TBS hardly provides scholarships. Getting into the A level stream from some other school is quite hard too as TBS doesn’t conduct public entrance examinations for A levels.

Location: Sanepa, Kathmandu

Price: Very expensive

3. Kathmandu International Study Center


KISC is another elite, foreign-based school in Nepal providing A levels. IT is similar to TBS in that the population mostly consists of foreign citizens. The quality of academics is decent. But it makes this list because of the environment and Extracurricular opportunities you will get.

          KISC is very expensive too. Expect to pay a total of around 30 lakhs over two years. KISC doesn’t conduct public entrance examinations for A levels too.

Location: Thecho, Lalitpur

Price: Very expensive

2. Budhanilkantha School

Budhanilakantha School

Budhanilkantha is a fully residential and also the oldest school in this list. Made for the kin of Kings and Queens, this school boasts a very hospitable ambiance and extracurricular opportunities. The academics is also robust and Budanilkantha boasts a good amount of A level Nepal toppers every year.

          Budhanilkantha is this high in the list specifically because of its price. At a price of around 7 lakhs, the school’s education provides the best value for A levels students. The 7 lakhs include housing, boarding, tuition, and exam fees. Thus Budanilkantha is relatively cheap if you considering the boarding and housing fees and quality of education comparable to elite schools.

Location: Budhanilkantha, Kathmandu

Price: Relatively cheap

1. Rato Bangaala School

Rato BAngala School

Rato Bangala is among the oldest international-standard elite schools in Nepal. It has been providing the best international education to Nepali students since 1992. IT has the highest college placement of any schools in Nepal. Every year Rato Bangala sends at least 2 people to the ivy league universities of the US. The general college placement of RBS students is also higher than any other school of Nepal, including very expensive schools like Lincoln, TBS and Ullens.

         1 or 2 RBS students top the world in A level subjects every year and around 5-10 people top Nepal in A level subjects every year. It has a very good extracurricular opportunities as well as the best college counselors anywhere in Nepal.

          RBS conducts public entrance examinations, unlike other elite schools Even so, it is very competitive and hard to be selected. The total fee is around 11-12 lakhs over two years which, albeit pretty expensive, is still cheap compared to its elite counterparts like Lincoln, TBS and KISC. RBS provides a truly international education for a fraction of the price of other similar elite schools. It does provide need-based schoalrships to around 30 people every year.

Location: Patandhoka, Kathmandu

Price: Relatively expensive

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