Tips to stay away from Nepali Kandas for better mental health:

Tips to stay away from Nepali Kandas for better mental health:

You know them because your friends shared with you or the buzz on the internet is too damn high. Intimate videos of Nepali looking couples, often homemade is known as ‘Kanda’ in the popular tongue. The magnitude of height it gets raises the question on our morality and absence of crucial cybersecurity in Nepal. Kandas may have a toll on our mental health, it may entice jealousy, hatred, misogyny or obsession. So, it’s better for us to be far from it, here are a few tips you can look to:

  1. Be Empathetic

Just try to understand that sharing Kanda is immoral and stupid. Imagine what’s going on those people’s mind when they are a subject of disgust and laughter in our society. Try to put yourself in their shoes, how hell of a life it would be, so try to avoid it by any means possible. You can also move a step forward and discourage your peers too.

2. Understand the cause.

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Not every Kanda is uploaded with the consent of the involved person(s). Some are released as an act of pure vengeance and purposefully mass shaming other person. Also, some are defrauded by a third person with means of pirating tools and hacking. So, understand that not every Kanda has an entertaining purpose, some are an act of crime. Be a wise human and keep yourself away from these sinful acts.

3. Anticipate the effect.

Kanda may be pleasant to view for your degenerate mind but the victims are on the other side of it. They are the one who faces all the disgrace and stigmas because of your one time pleasure. Those people are trolled, teased and called names. You may guess what it may lead to; self-harm and eventual suicide. This can have a long-lasting effect on their psyche and may struggle to live a normal life. Who is to be blamed? Easy, it’s them who share Kandas.

4.Cyber Law

Though, a shallow one, cyber law does exist in our country. Sharing Kanda is a breach of digital freedom and privacy. It’s a serious criminal offence that may land you in jail and make you pay a hefty sum. If a case is filed, you may be investigated and tested in the court of law. Keep this thing in mind before deliberately sharing Kandas.

Article 28 of the constitution has declared the right to privacy and protection of information as fundamental right.

Cyber Bureau

5. Better educate yourself.

Tips to stay away from Nepali Kandas for better mental health:
Try it, it does wonders.

Try being rational and informed. The concept of Kandas is a big deal in our orthodox society. Our education system is incomplete and what you learn in school is inadequate in this era of information. Apply logical reasoning, stop blatantly hating and slut-shaming other. Resist the pressure from peers, don’t go with the flow. Our educated yet ignorant youths lack critical thinking. You can always do better, evaluate yourself and strive for good.

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