Tips on building your Strong Network

Tips on building your Strong Network

“Your Network is Equal to Your Net Worth”- Porter Gale 

You can have quality skills, you can have advanced education qualifications but, if you don’t have valuable networks and communications that you are actively engaged in then, all that you have is a waste. 

Think about it. How important is it to build your network? If you are someone who wants to excel in whatever field they are in, this should and might be the one top listed thing that’s grabbing your attention. 

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Here you are going to get introduced to tips on how to construct strong networks that will work for you. Know the power of connections and make a bridge to connect. 

1. Consider Networking as a learning 

Be present and open to learning and sharing rather than offering and showing off what you have. Generally, people with zero knowledge of networking go into networking opportunities to show what they have.

Tips on building your Strong Network

What we have to do instead is to be out there with the intention of learning and listening. Try making good and genuine connections first. Don’t initially focus on making business connections. Make sure you ask people names and approach them with the name they have. This gives them a sense of appreciation from you, hence establishing a sound relationship. 

2. Maintain positive Attitude 

Being out there maintaining a positive attitude is as necessary as wearing proper attire anywhere you go. Relating to this context, your attire is your positive attitude. This is what helps you appear good in front of others and makes them willing to uplift the relationship furthermore. 

Tips on building your Strong Network

Also, try to surround yourself with positive people. You may question how to know if the person is positive or negative by now. It’s simple! Analyze their attitude, experience and think about how they make you feel when you are with them. You will know the difference in thought. In bullet points, you can see more ways on how to be positive. 

  • Challenge yourself to be positive 
  • Try to develop positivity in you yourself 
  • Think about the bright side more 
  • Turn your negative thoughts into positive ones

3. Humbleness is the Key 

A humble person is at peace with themselves and others, is a growing person, invites feedback, asks good questions, and is open to learning and listening. If you can develop these characters in you, networking would be fun instead of thinking of it as a huge obstacle. 

Tips on building your Strong Network

The next most important thing to keep in mind is that you are not always right. People often relate being right with being confident. But they are two different things. You can be wrong, accept that you are wrong, learn what is right and that is okay. It is perfectly fine to be in such situations. Ultimately, this will help you to establish and sustain a successful business. 

4. Focus on relationships rather than networking 

When we have to honestly talk about networking, we solely do it for business purposes. Our one and only target and goal are to benefit our business through the process of networking. 

Tips on building your Strong Network

But what if we focus on building good relationships with them, it will add more value, right! As we all know people will forget what you take or what you give, but people will never forget how you made them feel. 

So, from now on, don’t just hand over business cards and assume that you have built connections. At least, try to do something nice. Doesn’t have to be big at what you do. Push yourself to touch people’s hearts and without even realizing you will create an everlasting partnership. 

5. Give before you receive 

Do you know how much satisfaction you can get from giving? Have you experienced it? If not, have you tried to do that? 

Tips on building your Strong Network

The joy of receiving is one part but that pleasure of giving and seeing the other one happy outweighs happiness the previous one. So, rather than expecting, focus more on giving and what you can offer and can add value to other one’s life. This will make a difference and will do good for you. 

6. Collaboration over competition 

Teamwork and collaboration are similar terms. Helping each other succeed rather than competing will create a positive and progressive ripple effect in each other’s life. We are in this generation where we individually want to move forward defeating others. We only think of our self-progress and self-improvement.

Tips on building your Strong Network

But this is not the way, we can’t do things alone. We can’t be king and queen alone. We need helping hands. Regardless of what we have or do not have we always have to remember that we need collaboration and teamwork. 

7. Don’t forget to reconnect 

We must consider reconnecting with whoever we made friends with earlier. Be it the friends we made inside of a college or be it outside, we have to manage time and energy to associate with them. 

Tips on building your Strong Network
Illustration of social media concept

For instance, college alumni clubs or reunion of anything you were involved in the past days helps a lot in building your professional network. You won’t know the power of it until you do it. 

Try joining or organizing those types of social events and invite colleagues, professors, and friends. That will be a great platform for an opportunity to share knowledge, stories, and know about your preferred field of interest. 

8. Have a strong online presence 

In order to have a strong online presence, the first thing you need to do is to have a good professional photo. This reflects that you are serious about doing business and would have a positive impact upon whoever sees it. Same as, work on your biography, 2 or 3 sentences, the shorter the better. 

Tips on building your Strong Network
Woman using a smartphone social media conecpt

These are just the examples and the basics of working on your online presence. For more, you need to research and have a look at your own profile and add and eliminate things that represent you and what you want to do. 

Also creating a website in today’s digital world should be a priority. There you have to update your business, your services, and the value you offer. For example, if you want to set up a basic website, tools like,, WordPress, Shopify, etc will help you do it. If you want to start right away for building your kind of online presence here are some instant tips:

  • Set your goal 
  • Choose the right social media channel for your business
  • Analyze your competitors 
  • Interact with your audience 

Final Thoughts

So, this is it, guys. Hope you have a good understanding of how to build a strong network. If you find this helpful comment below which one you like and will apply in your personal life. 

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