Stop Snoring – 7 Easy Tips on How to do that!

Stop Snoring – 7 Easy Tips on How to do that!

Nobody likes a loud snorer! 

Believe us when we say that sleeping with them is just a nightmare- you can’t sleep because of their snoring, nor can you wake them up because they are snoring and having such a peaceful sleep– it almost feels like a crime to wake them up. 


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Maybe you are the one who is snoring and killing everyone’s sleep.

Maybe you want to stop this issue or at the very least control it. But how do you even stop snoring?

Well, we are here to provide tips for just this issue. Here we have 7 tips that can help you to stop snoring. It doesn’t matter if you apply these tips yourself or provide them to someone else. After all, nothing is better than a peaceful night’s sleep, without having to deal with loud snoring.

1) Sleep on the Side

Stop Snoring - 7 Easy Tips!

Now, while people have a wide range of postures that take when they sleep, lying on the back is undoubtedly one of the common ones. But when you sleep while lying on your back, there is a chance for your tongue to fall backward into your throat and block the airflow – not enough to suffocate you but just enough to produce a snore.

So if the one you sleep with snores a lot when s/he is asleep, why not ask them to sleep on their side. This might just grant you the good night’s sleep that you desperately need. Or if you are the culprit, why not try this method. 

2) Raise the Head of Your Bed

Stop Snoring - 7 Easy Tips!

This tip to stop snoring follows the same logic as the previous one. If the pillow of your bed is too flat, there is a chance of your tongue falling back and blocking the airflow. As you may have guessed, this inevitably leads to some pretty loud snores.

So to solve this issue, raising the head of your bed for about 4 inches may help you eliminate this issue of snoring. Just be careful not to increase the height too much or you may block the airflow due to your neck bending forward instead and increase the frequency and volume of snoring more.

3) Clear your nose

Stop Snoring - 7 Easy Tips!

A blocked nose is undoubtedly one of the most common reasons for people snoring. This may even cause snoring in people who otherwise don’t snore. The reason behind why people snore when their nasal passage is blocked is rather simple – the air passing gets blocked by the goop in the nose, the air tries to force its way out and the nasal debris vibrates causing the snoring sound.

So if you or someone you know has a blocked nasal passage, it is a good idea to clear it out before sleeping to breathe easily and stop snoring.

4) Reduce Alcohol or Sedatives

Stop Snoring - 7 Easy Tips!

Here is the thing, taking alcohol or sedatives does indeed help us to sleep but they can also relax our muscle’s central nervous centers as well. While this is not much of an issue when we are awake as we have some control, when we sleep, these excessively relaxed muscles can become a headache as they can cause some quite loud snoring for the muscles in the back of the throat closes faster for an intoxicated person.

Naturally, if you are the one who is doing the snoring, you won’t have much of an issue. But if you are the one facing this, then you can guess how the night will go. Try to limit the alcohol or any other form of sedative for them. 

That being said, since a lot of people suffer from Insomnia in Nepal, some of them may not be able to sleep without some form of sedative be it alcohol or pills. So in this case, do let them allow to take these sedatives but don’t let them go over the board. 

5) Lower Smoking

Stop Snoring - 7 Easy Tips!

Smoking is bad regardless of whether or not one snores or not. So it is generally a good idea to quit smoking.

Smoking can affect snoring in two ways – firstly it sedates you. While the sedation effect of cigarette smoking is not as obvious, it still does sedate us. This is why smokers feel relaxed after a session of smoking. So this small bit of sedation can relax the muscles which may lead to snoring.

The second way is by making our breathing difficult. When we feel difficulty in breathing through our nose, we naturally breathe through our mouth – the part where our vocal is located – and this can lead to us snoring loudly as well. So it is better not to smoke before you sleep to stop snoring.

6) Replace or clean the pillows

Stop Snoring - 7 Easy Tips!

So as you may have guessed by now the main reason why people snore is either due to a blocked air passage or when they breathe through their mouth. Well when one has dirty pillows, they can get breathing issues which can lead to snoring.

Besides this, there may also be allergens on the pillow which can cause one to snore. So if you or someone you sleep with keeps on having the issue of snoring badly, changing or cleaning the pillows may help you and the people you sleep with to stop snoring.

7) Stay well hydrated

Stop Snoring - 7 Easy Tips!

Secretions on your nose and soft palate become stickier when you are dehydrated. This is basically a fancy way of saying your nose goop becomes stickier when you drink less water. When this happens, people naturally either start to snore or snore loudly. So staying well hydrated is a good way to stop snoring. 

Remember that it is a good idea to have around 11 cups of water for females and 16 for males per day on average. But that being said, the amount of water that you need to drink per day to stay hydrated changes depending on temperature, the amount you sweat, and the types of food you eat. For example, if you eat too much salty or consume a lot of meat, you will need to drink more water. 

Similarly, if the weather is hot and you are sweating a lot, you will need to drink more water to keep yourself hydrated as well. 


Stop Snoring - 7 Easy Tips!

The gist of all the methods to stop snoring is – keep your nose clean and don’t breathe through your mouth. While this may be trivial for a lot of you, this might just be a boon for those who are recently married or for those who have a partner/roommate who is a loud snorer.

Hope you found this entertaining and helpful. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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