Reading Culture: Benefits and Styles

Reading Culture: Benefits and Styles

When you read, you set yourself into the shoes of the leading character. You take an opportunity from your life and enter the imaginary, yet real realm of the character, live his or her life for a change. This develops a valuable character through individual – empathy. Reading Culture also sharpens one’s ability to lose oneself completely in whatever one is doing. Dedicating 100 percent to any activity.

Reading in this 21st century has many blueprints for ensuring our future in attaining education standards. The more we read, the more we gain knowledge and way for solutions to common problems we face as a people. Reading a book is like a magical portal to another universe. You are never too old to pick up a book and study. Reading culture is not only for children or intelligent people but every people can gain knowledge from it. Once you have a reading culture then the power is on your hand to do whatever you want with the knowledge you gain.

Reading Culture: Benefits and Styles

Concept of Reading

According to Nyam, 2015-the use of reading as regularly and this the cultivation of an altitude and the possession of skills that make reading a pleasurable, a regular, and constant activity. In Unegbu and Ailakhy, the 2017-reading culture means having the habit of reading in every life and not just for school purposes. Reading culture discontinues the strenuous task of reading to pass an examination, rather it takes a fundamental value, reading for the sake of reading until an inclination to further reading is developed.

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Reading Styles

There are 3 different types to read. According to Online Writing and Learning Link (OWLL), they had identified 3 styles of reading. They are skimming, scanning, and in-depth reading. 


In skimming you go through main points like heading, headlines, or first sentences of the page in each section or paragraph. The skimming technique is basically used in a newspaper or magazine. You will read quickly to get the main points and skip over the details. Skimming to preview passage before you read it in detail. Skimming is also done to refresh you’re understanding of the passage after you have read it in detail. Skimming is done to decide a book in the library or bookshop.

Reading Culture: Benefits and Styles


Scanning style is for the purpose of referencing like finding the words in a dictionary or looking names in the phone book. In this style, you move your eye quickly over the page to find the particular words or phrase which is relevant to the task. Scanning is also done in the introduction or preface of a book, first or last paragraph of chapters or to conclude the chapter of a book.


In-depth reading is done for extracting the information accurately. While you are doing this careful reading, you may find it helpful to skim first for the general ideas and then go back to read for detailed information. Readers also use a dictionary to understand all the words used.

Benefits of Reading Culture

Reading Culture: Benefits and Styles

 Increase in Memory

Reading Culture helps to enhance the function of the brain, slow down the rate of memory deterioration and liver longer. Reading also enhances memory in the sense that it exercises the muscles of the brain and new memory is created as brain strength and sharpen. Ultimately, reading culture helps to improve the memory increase, improve the health of the brain, and makes you smarter and intelligent.


Reading culture benefits speaking skills and makes you a better speaker. Reading will upgrade your vocabulary too. When you have good reading culture, it helps to control one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions. 


It is another advantage we gain as reading culture improves speaking skills and make us a better speaker. When you have a habit of reading culture, it creates room for continuous learning. Reading fills the gap between what you don’t know. 

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Creativity and skills

Reading culture can make one think creatively. The reader will also have good creative thinking skill and leads to better performance in his or academics. It also enhances the critical skills of concentration and focus.  


The more we read, the more we store knowledge in our brains. The more knowledge you store the more powerful you become. 

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