5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

Being a Nepali, we have listened about Cheena at one time or another. There are some words that we hear a lot but do not know the meaning of or what it is for. Cheena is among those words. That aside, even if you know what it is, you may not know what it is meant for or how it works and you may have quite a lot of concerns about it. Today we will answer 5 of the most common and burning questions that Nepali people have about Cheena. 

What is a Cheena? 


Most of us do not know what it is and for those who do know what a cheena is, we do not know the full function of it. Cheena also is known as the Natal chart or Birth chart is a chart that the astrologers use to predict your future. It shows where the planets reside according to your birth date and time. The place where the planets reside is called a “house” and there are 12 houses in total.

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

These houses are the representation of the different aspects of your life and a house can represent one or more aspects of your life. The planets are called the lords and Each planet has a specific set of traits associated with them. The lords are the ones that affect the houses depending on the traits that they have. Along with this the different “Yog” and “Dosh” are also shown in the cheena and all of these combined helps the astrologer to predict your future as well as help him/her in determining what path you should take along with what kind of person you are.

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Why is it made?

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

As for why they are made, they are made to enable the astrologer to predict your future and guide them. If you have not seen it then you may think that with only these elements it is easy to read it but contrary to what a lot of us think it is very hard to read the cheena and only those with adequate knowledge can read it to predict the future. Along with this, it is also used to guide one towards spirituality and help one recognize their deepest fears, their strengths and weaknesses so that they can deal with their trauma or a bad event and strive towards a brighter future. 

To make a cheena you need to give the astrologer your exact date, time, and location of birth. Furthermore, you are also required to give them your birth name (nwaran ko naam) along with your current name as well. The reason for this is because of the lack of any of these can lead to the prediction going wrong. Similarly, because it is used to see destiny, any mistake in any of the components needed to make a cheena can result in the prediction of the guidance being faulty. 

What are some unknown information about Cheena?

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

Since we are talking about cheena, we have to talk about the things that normal people who are not into astrology don’t know about it. If you know what it is you already know that it is related to astrology and that it is used to predict the future but what else is there in Cheena?

1. Cheena helps you in knowing your strengths and weakness

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

We all want to know our strengths and weaknesses but the sad thing is most of us do not know them and although we may know a few of our strengths and weaknesses we do not know them all. This is where it comes in handy. As the main purpose of a cheena is to see your destiny and guide you towards it, then it also means it can see your strengths and weaknesses.

This not only allows the astrologer to see where you need to improve and where you need to slow down, but it also helps the astrologer in counseling you as through your weaknesses, it slows the astrologer will also be able to see your traumas as well because some of your weakness comes from your traumas and it can hinder your movement towards your destiny.

2. Cheena will show what career path is best for you

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

At some point in our life, we all become confused about what career path we should take. That is a natural human confusion as our dream career may be something but we may not be good at that or we may not be getting the chance to follow our dream career. That being said, what we want to do and what we should do is not always the same.

Our wish may be something but our destiny maybe something completely different. Cheena shows what career path we should follow to reach that place where we are meant to be. The reason is that a career is an important turning point in our lives and it is the source of the economy in our life. A specific amount of economic growth is needed for each destiny and to have the specific future that each of us is meant to have. 

3. Cheena shows that you have 3 signs 

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

So we all more or less believe that we have only one zodiac sign. But according to cheena, we have three signs. The first sign is called the Lagna Sign which is calculated based on your full set of birth date, location, and time. The thing is that the Lagna sign changes every 2 hours and a few minutes. Now while looking at the cheena this is what the astrologers use as this sign is believed to produce the highest degree of accuracy while predicting the future or looking into the strengths and weaknesses of a person.

After this comes the Moon sign which requires only your birth date and time and not location. This is what we normally see on the Nepali Newspapers when we look at our Zodiac sign and this is for a group of people rather than a specific person. The last sign is our Sun sign. The sun sign is what the western zodiac sign is as this is the sign that only needs your birth date and month. Astrologers do not use this much as this is not said to be accurate when it comes to astrology and is their last choice which they use when they have no other means. 

4. Cheena explains how your birth sign determines your personality

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

As astrology depends on your traits and your strengths and weaknesses to see your fate and all of this comes from your cheena, it would be a waste if it cannot explain this. Well good news for you, it can explain why you are the way you are. As mentioned before, it is a chart that shows the different “houses” and where the planets reside.

The positioning of the planets which are called the Lords more or less determines your traits. Along with this, it also explains why you need to behave a certain way to get something in a similar way which is by seeing how each lord/planet affects your destiny and your traits and your chance of success if you develop these traits. This also means it can explain the cause of the trauma and the cure for it as well.

5. Cheena reveals how much you will have to suffer and how much you will gain

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

Now following the previous point of the cheena being able to explain why you are the way you are and the cause of your trauma, it can also predict what trauma and mourning you will have to withstand and what boosts you will have the chance to enjoy. Given that it can predict your forthcoming suffering and gains it is given that it can also guide you on how to lessen these suffering as well as increase your gains.

In short, it can make your life a bit better than what it is supposed to be. Now with that being said it is inevitable that a person has to suffer to learn somethings and it enables the astrologer to see that as well. How much can one see this is all up to the knowledge and skill of the astrologer reading the cheena as it requires a lot of skill and knowledge to do so. 

Is it true that Cheena tells everything about us from our love life to our career?

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

The short answer to this question is yes. We have already explained how cheena works in our previous passages and prediction of our fate do indeed include everything from our love life to our career life. The reason for this is because to reach one’s destiny one has to follow our natural cycle of life and it includes love life, career life, health, relationships, education as well as our personal and private life.

Since it predicts destiny and our fate, it also predicts our love life and our career as well. Most of the people who use cheena don’t even look that far into their lives when asking for prediction and only seek answers to a certain part of their lives such as love life, education, or career life. What use is knowing the destiny if one cannot know what lies before the destiny right? 

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

Knowing where the planets lie and how they affect you at each time means knowing how each part of your life is going and how each part of your life will go in the future. This is indeed an absurd amount of power for an individual to have over someone’s life so the question is how valid are the cheena and its predictions?

How valid is Cheena and it’s predictions?

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

This may come as a surprise for those who believe in astrology but astrology is not science so it’s effect and efficiency have never been proven. At best it can be considered as a pseudo-science. Why it is even considered as a pseudo-science has a reason. The astrologers who give us predictions use pattern analysis and probability as well as placebo effect and confirmation biases to make the prediction. Since all of these are proven parts of the science, astrology is considered a pseudo-science. This all has to do with how valid it is. 

You should know that people who rely on astrology are either spiritual people who believe in the existence of a god or those who are disappointed with the world which follows logic and is random and needs something greater than yourself to guide them. Why is this relevant you may ask but it is relevant as it heightens the place to effect and confirmation biases of the person which affects the success rate and as a result rea liability of the prediction? 

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

The best-case scenario is the astrologer predicting an event up to 3 months in advance with a 40% accuracy. The only reason this is even possible is because of the skill of that astrologer. They require data and information about you to make a successful prediction and the more information they have the better they can use the pattern analysis and probability to make the prediction.

 Add the factor of confirmation biases and the placebo effect and they can make you achieve success through your belief in astrology and subtly manipulating your behaviors and actions. If you are not into destiny, astrology and cheena can also be used as a reliable means for counseling.

5 Intriguing Questions about Cheena (Natal Chart) answered!

Again you should be noted that the people who seek help from astrology and cheena are those who don’t trust human intervention in their lives and are seeking help from something supernatural. It is reliable but only as much as the information you are willing to give and your trust in astrology.  

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