Promoting Domestic Tourism after COVID-19

Promoting Domestic Tourism after COVID-19

Being the extremely stroked sector by COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism industry has to wait a long to bring international tourists. In the context of Nepal, the tourism industry is the highest contributor to the national GDP and backbone of the whole economy. But this unforeseen outbreak brought down to the lowest supplier to the national economy. Coming out from this is not so easy however we should focus on the things that we can so to revive tourism. In this pandemic, the only solution to save the national tourism industry is Promoting Domestic Tourism after COVID-19.

The promotional idea of domestic tourism is not new in Nepal but only limited to Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini. Every corner of Nepal is formed with unique natural, cultural and social magnificence. We can find different culture, landscape, peoples, and lifestyle in every 50 K.M. Nepal have unlimited offering for our own people who love to experience unique nature, culture, landscape, and peoples.

Here are some points to promote domestic tourism which will help us to revive the tourism industry.

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Develop a collaborative approach to domestic tourism marketing 

Promoting Domestic Tourism after COVID-19

There is a need for a proper collaborative and participatory approach to domestic tourism marketing. The tourism industry needs to come together and formulate marketing strategies that can attract local inhabitants. The marketing strategies can only be achieved if the operators develop customized products that can appeal to Nepalese.

Identify Regional attraction

Promoting Domestic Tourism after COVID-19

In order to keep the domestic tourism moving, we should promote inter-provincial travel by encouraging touring and publicizing the hidden gems from different regions of Nepal. Till now, Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, and Lumbini is the only major source for domestic tourists. But now the government and local tour operators have to encourage people from different regions to travel within the country. It helps to experience the lifestyle and the beauty of the country Nepal.

Educate the tourism operator and local people about health and safety guidelines of COVID-19 

Promoting Domestic Tourism after COVID-19

The government needs to educate and re-orient the tourism operators and local people about the safety measure of COVID-19. There will be more flow of domestic tourists if the safety guidelines are used properly. For more information about Health and safety guidelines please visit ATTA health and safety guidelines for COVID-19.

Change the perspective of a service provider towards a domestic tourist

Promoting Domestic Tourism after COVID-19

Domestic tourists are facing many problems through service providers mainly when there is a large flow of tourists. Mainly, these service provider includes local hotels owners and shopkeepers from Thamel. These service providers always prefer to serve international tourists rather than domestic tourists. Mainly in the high altitude trekking the hotel owner gove more priority to international tourist. So, if we want to promote the domestic tourist for the long term then we must treat equally to both local and international tourists.


Promoting Domestic Tourism after COVID-19

Affordability is also the main factor to promote domestic tourism. The price of the hotel and other tourism attractions should be affordable for all class of tourists. If the destination’s hotel, transportation, or anything is of high price then the low and middle-class people may have less flow in those tourism destinations. When it comes to hotels there should be a wide variety to choose from one star, backpacker hostels, guest house, or five stars. If there is some offer like group package discount then traveling makes it more affordable to all classes of peoples.

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