5 Effective Ways to Prevent Gas Geyser Mishaps During Winter

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Gas Geyser Mishaps During Winter

With the rising cold, Geyser has now been a favourite friend for everyone. Being cost-effective and easy to use, the Gas geyser is used in most of our homes. A Gas geyser is a water heating system that runs with gas. Be it summer or winter, we can always soak ourselves with warm water if we have a geyser at our home.

It is essential to show some careful measures for using electronic or gas geysers. It is very important to handle it with care and requires proper maintenance periodically.

Gas geyser water

If not, it may be life-threatening. By and now, we hear the news related to misfortune caused by geyser leakage.  To prevent those incidents, we just need to follow some simple ways.

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Five Ways to Prevent Mishaps of Gas Geyser during Winter

It is very important to know the proper use and maintenance of gas geysers. The five ways to prevent gas geyser mishaps during winter are listed below:

1. Proper Ventilation

Gas geyser in a well ventilated bathroom

No Ventilation, no geyser. People should never install gas geysers in their bathroom, if their bathroom lacks ventilation or if the ventilation is narrow. Gas is combusted for heating water during which carbon monoxide (CO), gas is produced which is very harmful to us.

If there is no ventilation, carbon monoxide gas gets trapped in the bathroom and the person inhales it making them dizzy, breathless, hypoxia and gradually lifeless. Therefore, ventilation is most for the installation of the gas geyser. And, yes ventilation should be kept open during the use of geyser.

2. Proper Placement of Gas geyser

Gas geyser placement

For the installation of a gas geyser, a separate place is required for the placement of a gas cylinder. Do not put the cylinder in the bathroom itself for there is a change of gas leakage. It is best to put the gas cylinder in the open space outside the bathroom.

If there is no space for the placement of a gas cylinder, it is better to give up on the idea of buying a gas geyser.

3. Carbon monoxide self-awareness

Gas geyser harmful gases

Carbon monoxide and gas geysers are like the two sides of the coin. If you are about to install a gas geyser, then you must have knowledge about carbon monoxide and its poisoning. It is an odourless and colourless gas produced during the combustion of gas to produce hot water.

Inhaling it to a certain amount causes hypoxia, breathlessness, dizziness and gradually lifelessness. If people feel these symptoms, then they should not stay in the bathroom. By being self-aware we can save ourselves from health hazards and misfortune.

4. Periodic Plumbing Service

Plumbing methods for bathroom

A plumber is required for the successful installation of the geyser. We should never install by ourselves unless we want to bring bad omen to ourselves. Geyser should be placed at a good height from the floor. And after the successful installation of the geyser, time and again we should have our geyser checked by a professional plumber for prevention is better than cure. We should never take risks by trying to install it on our own.

5. Test temperature or Pressure relief valve

Valve for ventilation in a bathroom

A temperature or pressure relief valve is located near the top of your water heater. The temperature/ pressure relief valve is designed to keep the water heater from exploding if the temperature or pressure goes higher than a safe limit. The pressure relief valve is very prone to failure. So, should be checked temperature/ pressure relief valve at least once a month by pulling the handle. If there is no water flow then the valve needs replacement. The failure of the valve may result in catastrophic explosions as well.


We all know ‘Prevention is better than cure, so we should always take preventive measures for future safety. Before installing geyser-electronic or gas geyser, we should be well known about how to use it and all the precaution measures which should be taken. Besides all the five points mentioned above, we can also turn off the gas cylinders after the use of geysers. By having knowledge about all these things, we can install geysers and be safe from misfortune caused by geysers.

Therefore, it is always best to have information in our pockets about everything that we are owning not only in the case of Geyser. Keep your bath in winter warm with a gas geyser and also broaden your knowledge about it before welcoming it into your home.  

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