Places to Visit In Dhankuta

Places to Visit In Dhankuta

Dhankuta is the mid-hill district of an eastern hilly region of Nepal. The total area of Dhankuta district id 888.7 sq. kilometers. Many years back, Dhankuta was a part of Limbuwan and Kirata Kingdom before the unification of these parts into the Kingdom of Nepal. In 1962, Nepal is divided into 75 districts of eastern Nepal grouped to form Eastern Development Region and Shankuta became headquarter of it. 

There are diverse vegetation zones in the Dhankuta district so you can experience amazing places to visit in Dhankuta. Dhankuta ranges from sub-tropical, Sal forest along the Tamor and Arun rivers, and cooler temperature forest. The landscape of Dhankuta has altitude ranges from around 300 meters to 2500 meters.

Here are some best places to visit in Dhankuta which will be worthy of your trip.

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Places to Visit In Dhankuta

Bhedetar is located 26 kilometers far from the Dhankuta district (Dhankuta Bazar). We will cross this place when we travel to Dhankuta from Kathmandu. It is situated at a height of 1,420 meters from sea level and is the best destination to visit from the nearby plain area of Terai. We can enjoy the view of the Plain field of  Terai, snow-capped mountains such as Kanchanjunga, Makalu, Kumbhakarna from this place. We can enjoy the chilling weather. It also has two religious shrines named ‘Pathibhara’ and ‘Bishranti’ temples. 20-minute-long walk from Bhedetar Bazar is enough to reach the Pathibhara temple worship both by Hindu and Kirati followers.

Hile and Pakhribaas

Places to Visit In Dhankuta

Spirited less settlement and amazing Tamang and Sherpa tradition are important staging areas in eastern Nepal. These places are cool temperatures in the entire season and famous for Tongba (traditional drink of Limbu community).  One of the exotic things you can do in Nepal is sitting in a Bhotiya kitchen and shipping hot millet from authentic tongba. Tongba is a wooden stein with brass straw and fixes tops unique to eastern hills. Situated over the vast Arun valley, hile bazaar strip straggles up the often fog-bound ridge. You can also roam to Hile’s haat bazaar which will be in every Thursday. If you hike half an hour from Hile early morning you will witness Mt. Makalu floating above the canyon of Arun and Kanchenjunga massif pokes up in the northeast. You can also see a mini tea garden which is worth watching.

Jalpadevi Temple

Places to Visit In Dhankuta

This temple is situated in Chintang VDC, about 8 kilometers far from Hile Bazar. This temple is named as Jalpadevi because the goddess is situated or formed in water. The temple is also called as Chintang Devi because it is situated at Chintang. According to locals, there is an interesting story about the formation of this temple.

In a dream of the priest of the temple, Devi ordered him to put some mud in Ankhibhuin (Humbung village) on a leaf of Mane and bring in Chintang and then to trust. When the priest came to see after some time he saw the source of water at the place where the place was barren or without any drop of water. In the meantime. he put Sculpture (Murti) of the goddess in water and started to worship and give sacrifice daily as a priest. Then the children of the priest are performing as a worshiper from generation to generation. At present priest, Dagendra Rai is the 12 the priest.

Dhaje Hill

Places to Visit In Dhankuta

This hill is thirteen kilometers away from Bhedetar and is at a height of 2,047 meters from sea level. The amazing thing about this place is, you can see all 16 district of the Eastern region. We can also enjoy the view of the Tamar River from this place.

Namaste Waterfall

Places to Visit In Dhankuta

Namaste waterfall is also called as “Simsuwa Jharna” is an amazing place to visit near Bhedetar. It’s only an eight-kilometer far from the Bhedetar bazaar. This waterfall is more than 50 meters tall and frequent travelers mainly are domestic and bordering states of Nihar and west Bengal. Namaste waterfalls were brought into the attention by the Hotel Association of Bhedetar in 2069 BS. 

Rajarani Lake

Places to Visit In Dhankuta

Rajarani Taal is a Nepali word which means “king queen lake”. This natural lake lies at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level.  We can see beautiful lotus in the middle of this lake. Locally known as ‘Mayawarak’ and ‘Pawarak’ in the original Limbu language. This lake contains two little ponds called ‘Sude daha’ and ‘Kali daha’.  5-hour-long walk or the 1-hour-long vehicle ride takes you to this probably the biggest lake of mid-hills of state 1.

Local Shopping

Places to Visit In Dhankuta

If you are affectionate of local products then it is the Best Places to Visit In Dhankuta. Dhankuta is famous for Avocado, Churpi (Hard cheese), and famed coconut biscuit. Mainly, Bhedetar is famous for its local avocado and green vegetables. Mainly. Peoples from neighboring India states of Bihar and West Bengal are customers. They also declared Dhankuta as Avocado capital and organize the festival.

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