10 Best places in Nepal for Couples to Refresh Your Relationship

10 Best places in Nepal for Couples to Refresh Your Relationship

We want someone special to be with us and to be considered as a couple with that someone. That is not enough sometimes however and sometimes even if you are with that someone special. If you do the same things again and again your relationship is gonna get boring sooner or later. That is why couples need to go on a date every once in a while.


If you already are a couple then it would not be called a date if we go into technicality but let’s not go there. Anyway, what we want to say is that if you want to spice things up a bit with your significant other you should go out every now and then to have some private time with him/her and enjoy roaming a place or just having a coffee in a nice and peaceful place.

If you have been together with someone then you already have a place where both of you go to chill out but sometimes that place is not enough. So today we bring you 10 places where you can visit in Nepal to just refresh your mood.

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1. Pokhara


This is probably among the best and well-known places for honeymoon and sightseeing. If a place is well known for honeymoon then you bet that it is good for couples as well to refresh their mood. If you are wondering why then it is either because you don’t have enough money and are just denying or you are too young to date.

It has got peaceful hills, shopping malls, nice and quiet roads for night walks not too far from hotels, and most of all, this palace has got speed and quiet environment in the evenings that is just perfect for the couples to bond more and have their cute and private times at the same time. So if you ever plan on going somewhere to spend a few days with your significant other and have separated around 30,000 then you can refresh your relationship and even grow more here. 

2. Godawari


If you are someone from the Kathmandu valley then we don’t have to tell you where Godawari is or what type of place Godawari is. You know that it is a great place for couples to hang out and as a matter of fact, it has been a great place for couples to hang out for quite a while. This palace is secluded with a great view of the hills and beautiful scenarios all around. What’s more, there are ancient taps which are called “Hiti” in the local language that still runs.

The water from those “Hits” is cold and you can play with your significant other all you want. Just be sure to dry your clothes afterward. One more plus point of this place for couples is that you can easily find places to eat local foods and find a lot of private places. Just be sure to not be totally lost in each other to the point of losing the track of time as this palace can get pretty dangerous at night. 

3. Whoopee land


Around 1km away from Chovar, you will find a place called Whoopee land. This sounds like Disneyland and to some extent, it is a Disneyland, well at least our local version of “Disneyland”. Just like in Disneyland, you can find lots of rides here and you can go on them as much as you want. The food here is great as well. Being located near the hillside of Chovar gives this place a great aesthetic look as well.

Do you want to know what is the specialty of this park though? It is the water rides. Unlike other Parks in Kathmandu valley, this place is specialized in water rides which means that you can get wet with him/her and bond in the water. Nepali couples like to enjoy some classic couple troupes and getting wet together in water is among the most loved ones so this will be a great way to enjoy that without having to wait for monsoon. You do need to have some money though but just a few thousand will be enough so you don’t need to sweat much about that. 

4. Nagarkot


This is one of the most well-known places for couples. Located in the North-east direction of Kathmandu. What is so special about this palace? This place has a great combination of History and Nature. The fort here is a thing of marvel and it has been standing here since before the unification of Nepal.

Along with this amazing historical monument, there are also lots of trails for hiking. Nepal is known for its hills and this is a perfect place to showcase that. With its breathtaking views, this place is perfect for a night out. The hotels here are relatively cheap so you won’t even have to spend much. A perfect place for couples to take a break from their regular lives and bond over bonfires. 

5. Chandragiri Hills


What’s new about this place when compared to the last few places? Absolutely nothing but still this palace has its own charm. Besides the fact that Chandragiri hills are more than 2km above sea levels, there is nothing new here but despite that the view from this place is breathtaking. You would have to visit this place to know the charm of this palace. Well, there is one thing that is perfect for couples though besides the usual view and bonding time and that is cable cars.

Seeing the world grow smaller and then bigger while you are stationary and hugging with the one you love is a great and separate feeling in itself. 

6. Bhaktapur Durbar Square


Durbar Squares are naturally a great place to bond with your loved one. So why did we specifically include the Durbar Square of Bhaktapur? Our main reason is more or less privacy. Since the Durbar Square is somewhat larger than the other two. Not only that, the Durbar Square of this place has tons of temples as well so you can enjoy the views as well.

The nightlife has its own charm as well with the street vendors covering a lot of the open spaces with their own fast foods and the place is lively yet not crowded. You and your significant other can enjoy watching people while sitting in one of the temples and enjoying some local tea as a couple. 

7. Taudaha 


If you live in Kathmandu valley and you are already aware of this place. This place is located a few hundred meters away from Chovar. What’s special about this place is the serenity that this place offers. Daha in the local language means lake so this should be no surprise.

With that being said a calm day near a lake might just be what you need to bond as a couple. Sometimes idling around in a serene environment is what you need to bond as a couple. If you get bored you can also feed the fishes here and enjoy watching the not so small fishes eat the soybean and non-cheesed cheese balls. 

8. Sukute Beach


Despite what the name may say this place is nowhere near a sea. Beach is technically a sandy shore near the sea but in our case, we will have to make do with a large area of the sandy river bank. That is also the reason why this place is called a beach. Just like on a real beach you can enjoy the sand and can even try making sandcastles.

The river and the riverbank are great for that. Located 70km away from Kathmandu on the banks of Bhotekoshi River, you can find some peaceful time with your loved one in this place. Along with this if you want to spend some time in the river itself you can go on a boating ride as well. So all in all this is a good place to bond with your loved one as a couple.

9. Ghale Gaun


Do you want to experience some traditional lifestyle away from all the city noises with a person whom you feel romantic feelings for? If you say that you do then this is the place for you. Located in the Tanjung district, this village is 2100 meters above sea level. What this means is that you can experience the feeling of being near a mountain even though this place is nowhere near a mountain.

This place is a village so you have to be prepared accordingly and not expect any T.V or other modern things. Instead what you can expect are local stories, great views of the mountains and the sound of nature. If you go just before the start of winter you can even witness the first snowfall as well. Where there is cold, snow and couples, there is romance so this place is ideal for those who have been a couple for some time. 

10. Lumbini 


We don’t have to tell you what or where Lumbini is. Why is Lumbini good for couples to refresh their relationship and mood? The reason is the journey. Since this place is at a distance from almost every couple of hotspots in our country, there are not many people here. Along with that, the local people are kind and welcoming as well. The monasteries here provide a calm and zen-like environment as well.

What’s more is that since this is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the culture and history are rich as well. You and your significant one can enjoy all of these things without any disturbance. The only issue is the price as Lumbini is one of the most expensive places to get to on this list. The stay is not expensive but the travel cost is so prepared to spend around 20,000 to 40,000 if you want to visit this place for a significant amount of time. With that being said the experience and memories that you will have with your love will make this place worth the price.  

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