Online Book Rental In Nepal

Online Book Rental In Nepal

Buying books could be expensive and purchasing textbooks could be even costlier. Luckily, we can rent books same like renting rooms, vehicles, clothes, and other things in life.

Renting books are useful for students and book lovers who want to spend their money on books on a tight budget. Here are some of the book rental platforms in Kathmandu where you could rent books at an affordable price.

1. Kitab Yatra

Kitab Yatra is an online bookstore that is formed to promote reading culture in Nepal. In the site, various categories of books such as Textbooks, Science fiction, Dictionaries, Encylopedia, History, Anthology, Novels, etc are sold.

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Online Book Rental In Nepal

Besides ordering books of your choice,you can also rent several books from the store or online.

2. Books Rental Service

It is a Facebook posted site, where you can rent several books such as nepali novels, self helps books, and many more.

Online Book Rental In Nepal

Books Rental Service focuses on providing books to its readers by charging little price.

3. Kitabalaya

Kitbalaya is Nepal’s first and only book rental platform. The book store provides an integrated platform for renting good books and you can rent a book for a minimum sum ranging of Rs 10 per day to Rs 100 for a book.

Online Book Rental In Nepal

The slogan of Kitabalaya isBook a Book” and the site is living up to the slogan. The site also sells books written by Nepalese and foreign writers and gives a good discount to its regular costumers.

4. PVN Books

This online website ensures that you will get quality service as it provides the best experience of reading and renting books at a lower budget. Also, this site has a buying and borrowing option with the facility of home delivery.

Online Book Rental In Nepal

PVN Books has a wide variety of books that you can select and buy as well as rent. The categories of books that this site provides range from Nepalese and English novels, self-help catalog, exam preparation guides, textbooks to general books.

For more information,you can refer to their site.


This online book store buys and sells a wide variety of books which include textbooks, novels, encyclopedia, dictionary, and many subject related books.

Online Book Rental In Nepal

Kitabchor also sells used books, also known for renting books for a small fee. Like many online sites of Nepal, the site has the facility of delivering its product to the door of its customers.

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