How to Obtain an Online Tax Clearance Certificate in Nepal?

How to Obtain an Online Tax Clearance Certificate in Nepal?

You might have paid your taxes and want to apply for the Tax Clearance Certificate. Although a Tax clearance certificate is not compulsory, still you can get it online. You can apply offline too with all the documents to get the official Tax Clearance certificate. But applying online at the comfort of your home is a better option if you don’t require a Tax clearance certificate compulsorily.

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Process of Obtaining Online Tax Clearance Certificate

  1. Visit the website of IRD and go into ‘Taxpayers Portal’ or directly click here.
  2. Go to the General tab where you will find ‘Taxpayers Login’
  3. Now for new users without a user name you have to visit the IRD Office to get it.
  4. After you get the username, go to ‘Change Password’ and change the password
  5. Now enter the Username password and Number and log in.
  6. After logging in, click on ‘Tax Clearance’ Out of all the options.
  7. After you click on ‘Tax Clearance’ a new screen will pop up.
  8. Then select the fiscal year and click on ‘Print’
  9. Now, the tax clearance certificate will appear.
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Required Documents

You don’t need a document for an online Tax clearance certificate but to get the Username for Taxpayers Login you need to visit the IRD office with a copy of citizenship and PAN card.

Time & Cost

This is a fully online system except if you are a new user with you have to visit the IRD office.

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