Top 9 Powerful Navaratri Names and Characters of Durga Mata

Top 9 Powerful Navaratri Names and Characters of Durga Mata

Before Long, Happy Holidays to all the Nepalese for this year’s Dashain, Tihar, and Chhath. We are almost there. Navaratri Names and the days of Durga Worship are about to start from this Ghatasthapana.

Navaratri is the time period where we, all the devotees of Durga Mata and almost all the Hindu people worship and devote our faith and belief in Durga. Why? To receive blessing from the destroyer of the evil. There are Nine Goddesses and Nine days and Nine names.

They might be names but Navaratri Names are not just simple names that specify the day. Each Day and each aspect of the name carries meaning and life associated with the form of the day’s Mata figure.

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Durga Navaratri Names


Navaratri Names Shailputri

The First form of Durga is Known as Shailputri. She is the direct descendant of the mountains and is known as the daughter of the mountains. Goddess Shailputri is worshipped on the first day of the Navaratri. The images depicting Shailputri show her riding a bull with a trident in one and a lotus in her other hand.


Navaratri Durga Names Bhramacharini

The goddess portrays simplicity with her name and appearance. She is the enlightenment that guides us with knowledge and divine power. The simplistic appearance is downed with her favorite bead of Rudraksha, and holding a water pot and She is considered to be the house of Knowledge and Wisdom with the grace of happiness, peace, and prosperity. The second day of Navaratri is devoted to worshipping Brahmacharini.


Navaratri Durga Names Chandraghanta

With her forehead showing half-moon in the shape of a bell, Goddess Chandraghanta rides the lion shining Golden with her 10 hands and 3 eyes. She is a figure of bravery and great strength. Her eight hands hold deadly weapons with the other two giving a blessing to her worshippers. The 3rd day of Navaratri is devoted to Chandraghanta.


Kushmanda Navaratri Durga Names

The fourth Goddes of Navaratri, Kushmanda is the creator of the universe, who created the universe with her light. She is depicted with eight arms holding weapons and a Rosary, on top of the tiger. The Fourth Day of Navaratri is worshipped as the day of the Kushmanda Mata.

Skanda Mata

Skanda Mata Navaratri Durga Names

The mother of Lord Skanda, who commanded the war against demons, is known as Skanda Mata, the fifth form of Goddess Durga. She rides the Lion and has four hands in which, two hold lotuses, and the other shows stances of power and blessings. Her blessing works a miracle. The Fifth day of Navaratri is devoted to the worship of Skanda Mata.


Katyayani Navaratri Durga Names

The sixth form of Goddes Durga is the Katyayani. She is known as the Daugther of Saint Kata as the Incarnation of Durga. The Penance achieved by Saint Kata brought the blessing of the goddess as his daughter. The Sixth day of Navaratri is devoted to the worship of Katyayani.


Kaalratri Navaratri Durga Nmes

The fearsome Goddes form of Durga who looks as her name suggests is Kaalratri. She is the seventh form of Goddess Durga.  Her dark complexion with three eyes of bright shine and flame erupting breath and four hands, with two holding torch and element of destruction and other two are blessing her worshippers, is seen riding a Donkey. The Seventh Day of Navaratri is devoted to worship Kaalratri.


MahaGauri Navaratri Durga Names

The Eighth form of Durga is Mother MahaGauri, the knowledgeable and calm goddess. Her weary form of strict austere had made her dark and blue. But upon being washed with the Ganga Water by Lord Shiva, she turned into the White and Fair goddess. That is the reason for her name. She is the fairest among all Durgas, who reflects Peace and Compassion, and is seen riding a Bull. Her four hands contain weapons, Drum, and blessings. The Eighth Day of Navaratri is devoted to worship Mahagauri.


SidhhiDatri Navaratri Durga Names

The ninth final goddess of Durga Incarnation is Siddhidatri. Worshipped on the ninth day of Navaratri, she has healing powers. With four arms and presenting in an enchanting pose, is seated on a lion. She is the provider of blessings with Happiness and prosperity. She is depicted in a lotus form and has a powerful blessing that has worked as a boon even for gods like Shiva. The Ninth Day of Navaratri is devoted to worship Siddhidatri.

Nine Days, Nine Durga Goddesses, and Nine Avatars of Durga. Now you know what they mean and why they mean so. This Navaratri may the Goddess bless you for understanding her Existence!

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