5 Facts To Be Considered Before Naming Your Baby After Celebrity

5 Facts To Be Considered Before Naming Your Baby After Celebrity

In every era there has been a boom with the number of babies who are named after celebrities. From the name of celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon to Nicholas Cage in the west to babies being named after celebrities like Rajesh Hamal, Dilip Rayamajhi, Niruta Singh in Nepal, there has been many parents who named their baby after their favorite celebrities. 

While this was all going on, no one asked this question but by the end of the 2010’s people began to think outside the box and with the rise of celebrities scandals over the past few years, people have really started to wonder if naming your baby after a celebrity is okay or not.


Well it depends on the circumstances surrounding the celebrity. The reason for this vague answer is that not all celebrities are known for the same reason and there are different types of celebrities, each of whom represent something different. For instance, from the west a few names like Eminem (Marshall Mathers), Bill Gates, Adelle and Sia furler all represent some form of stand point. 

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Along with these in our Nepal, celebrities like Narayan Gopal, Tara devi, Sugam Pokharel and Bipana Thapa all have a time frame in Nepal which revolves around them as well and they too stand for something in the Nepali entertainment history as well. Considering all of these things it is all good for the parents to name their babies after celebrities but along with the good thing comes bad things as well. 

5 Facts To Be Considered Before Naming Your Baby After Celebrity

The allegations against Bhuwan KC in Nepal are still fresh in our mind and along with this the whole word is rallied up by the case of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard is something that will affect the reputations of both these celebrities. So for these reasons before any parents name their baby after a celebrity they should consider the following 5 points. 

1. What is the celebrity known for?

As mentioned before each and every celebrity is known for something. Whether it be for humor like Jim Carrey, acting skills like Leonardo, standing out like Billie Eilis and Avril or just being humble regardless of how great they become like Keanu Reeves, every major celebrity is known for their own thing. 

5 Facts To Be Considered Before Naming Your Baby After Celebrity

But not all celebrities are known for good things as over the course of the years some celebrity names have gained a bad reputation and symbolism due to the controversies. Tekashi69 (Daniel Hernandex) for example is now known for his drug scandal and is generally known for snitching on former gang members and due to this no one would want their baby to be named after him. Similarly, there have been many cases of events where celebrities fell from grace and had their names stained. So before parents name their baby after any celebrity they should do a bit of a research and see what they are most known for. 

2. How famous was the celebrity during his/her peak time?

This goes without saying that nobody remembers a background artist. If people do remember a background artist they will no longer be a background artist and will be promoted to lead role sooner or later. We mention this for a reason as if a parent wants to name their baby after celebrities they have to be sure that the celebrity should be well known. 

5 Facts To Be Considered Before Naming Your Baby After Celebrity

If they do name their baby after someone who is not well known and famous, this whole process will be meaningless as it will have no significance. We understand that not all celebrities are popular all the time but if one wants to name their kid after celebrities they have to be well known at least at their peak. The purpose of this is after all making people remember the one whom your baby is named after to make the child stand out as well as to pay a tribute to the celebrity as well. 

3. What are the major controversies surrounding the celebrity

Needless to say there can be almost no celebrity without their own set of controversy. Apart from very rare and selected ones, almost all of the well known celebrities have their own pile of controversies. With that being said not all controversies end up in a bad way and some of them have been known to lift up both the image and prestige of the celebrity in question. But the general rule of the thumb is the less the controversies surrounding the celebrity, the better it is for the parents to name their baby after them. 

5 Facts To Be Considered Before Naming Your Baby After Celebrity

There are exceptions of course as with all. The likes of Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson along with Snoop Dogg are surrounded with controversies but in the end, regardless of what kind of scandal may they have caused or what kind of controversies may they have been in they all are well respected and loved and naming the babies after them will do no harm. 

4. What changes did the Celebrities bring in the world?

This is probably the most important thing when we talk about parents` naming their babies after celebrities. When we take the name of any celebrity we often tend to think about the changes that they brought forth in this world. Some obvious examples are Eminem changing the face of the rap industry, Marilyn Monroe setting a high standard for feminine beauty, Avril Lavigne and Billie Eilis breaking the stereotype of femininity and Robert Downey Junior changing the face of the Hollywood movie industry. 

5 Facts To Be Considered Before Naming Your Baby After Celebrity

When we think about these people and the names associated with them, we all know what they changed in the world but the world does not just mean a physical world but the internal world as well. Some celebrities changed the lives of people with their performance and may even be the driving factor being someone’s success or may just be the reason a person can sleep at night. So before naming their babies one should consider this factor as well. 

5. What changed around the world while the celebrity existed?

This is more of a general thing to consider before naming the baby after any celebrity and that is the age or era in which the celebrity existed. We all know the Beatles existed in the 60’s and 70’s which was the time when electronic technology was just starting, rappers such as Tupac, 50 cent and Snoop Dogg along with Bands such as Linkin park and System of Down emerged in the late 90’s with prominent faces like Chester Bennington and Serj Tankian which was the time when technology was progressing fast and internet appeared. The reason for this is each era has their own unique impact on the meaning that the name carries. 

5 Facts To Be Considered Before Naming Your Baby After Celebrity

When babies grow up and google their name, there is no doubt that they will find the events surrounding the peak time of the celebrity that they are named after. 

Ending Thoughts!

5 Facts To Be Considered Before Naming Your Baby After Celebrity

In the end, whether or not naming a baby after your favorite celebrity depends on various conditions and before you name anybody after anyone you should think about the long term effect that it will have on the baby as well as what the name represents as well. 

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