8 Exotic Must-Have Features for Building Your New Home of Comfort!

8 Exotic Must-Have Features for Building Your New Home of Comfort!

When you are building a home, but not meeting satisfaction and expectations, you will find yourself thinking,” I need to have a plan and make it better.” So, before it is too late, you need some perfect ideas that will make you stop and visualize it as your featured future home with these “Must-Have Features for building your new home.”

Nepali traditional home consists of basic requirements that a normal day-to-day life needs. But, modern times and situations have upgraded these needs to the extent of more, which suits minimalism too. The daily life of a regular office worker is pretty scheduled to begin with. If you are in the same category, then you understand what we are talking about. But this need is not limited just to this category.

“Let’s make your house into a home. Just as the shell of the Turtle: Reliable and supportive for life.”

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A home isn’t just a place that you go to after a long day. It is the place where you grow and adapt to feel that you belong in it. It has to be your extension that you can live in. For that, it needs some features that you can design and incorporate as you build it.

Must-Have Features for Building your New Home

Let’s get into the details of these features one by one.

Open Floor

Must-Have Features for Building Your New Home

The first thing that you want in your home is the living space. Whether you have a small or big house, the need is the same. And the open floor plan will give you just that. Building your house with an open floor plan will pull your family members closer within the living space. Conjusted with the layer of walls around your living space will just divide the family presence. And most of all, the function of the house system will be heavily impacted. The modern living house is the plan of being together and feeling it too.

Comfort of Kitchen Space

Must-Have Features for Building Your New Home

The kitchen is the go-to space of a home. You love to stay there, whether cooking or eating. The kitchen and dining space should flow together. But you can always add that simple Island in the middle to gain that extra space. You can have a light breakfast and even work there. You can have your children do their homework while you do the kitchen stuff. This open and accessible form also helps to communicate better and the chef wouldn’t be left alone there.

There are options to save space by adding some extra storage cabinets to store utensils and tools. A small walk-in pantry also helps you to have a clear vision of your goods and vegetables. And you can always add both induction and gas stoves for comfort. Any other features you want to add can be done with your creativity, to make it easier for your own work.

Luxurious Bathrooms

Must-Have Features for Building Your New Home

Luxury does not have to be associated with all high-class products. It can simply be obtained by adding a few spacious and comfortable features to your bathroom. You can add a walk-in shower with tile floorings to feel comfortable inside. A fitting tub increases the more of it, with a built-in feature that you can build. Keeping the Bathroom ventilated with big-sized windows and decorative lightings will create an exotic vibe to your bathroom.

Walk-In Closet Rooms

Must-Have Features for Building Your New Home

Having a big wardrobe is quite luxurious in itself. But a walk-in closet would double the impact of storing your clothes and overall the look of the room. You will feel it much manageable and will have the situation under control. It even helps you feel peaceful with the managed clothes. Even if you are lazy to do it regularly, it will be a pleasure once in a while.


Must-Have Features for Building Your New Home

Enough storage is a myth. It will never be enough. So, while building your house, you should design with a storage idea from the beginning. It makes your life much easier, once you start to live there. While allocating storage space, you can go with a built-in wardrobe and cabinets all over the nooks and corners. The concept is to be ready for any storage that you might need later. You cannot be building a storage cabinet after completing the house, so the best option is to fill the spaces with some storage compartments at every possible interval.

You will need electronic storage, needed- but not quite always space, shoe storage, tools storage, and many more that can be built from your interests.

Outdoor Spaces

Must-Have Features for Building Your New Home

The space outside your living area highlights the area of your house. The open floor plan will be working to give some open vibe to your living, but having that extra outdoor space with some chairs on the porch, you can really relax and spend the morning and the evening shades with a cool mind. Nothing is better than that sip of tea after a long day, and that too looking out at the dusk sky from your outdoor living.

Smart Features

Must-Have Features for Building Your New Home

The smart way of living has been a common thing for modern buildings in these technological times. So, for that extra security and convenience, you have to choose the smart features. You can control the lightings with your smartphone, have a surveillance camera notify you about the happenings at your house, even a sensor that notifies about visitors at your gate.

Smart features consist of something for every expect of your homely experience. From Energy power sources to security features, it can cover it all.

Laundry Room Space

Must-Have Features for Building Your New Home

Doing laundry can be a chore, but you need a perfect and managed space to make it convenient. So, plan the feature, so when you are done with the building, you can have a completely functional laundry space that anybody can easily work with.

The thing to keep in mind is that you need to keep it connected to your drying area so that you can access it easily. Most Nepali homes have that Terrace for that very purpose. If you are planning likewise, then keep the laundry room connected to the terrace. You will be saving so much time and energy, that it would never be a waste.

Before You Approve These Features

Must-Have Features for Building Your New Home

These are the must-have features for building your new home, and it doesn’t stop here. You have had the experience of living in her old home, and what did you find that you could have improved? That’s the question that you need to answer while making this new one. This list of options is how you can have the best comfortable experience of living and what you have to do, for yourself and your family.

The only saying that we have is don’t leave out anything that you will have to regret later. Happy Home for you will build your happy life.

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