IELTS Band 8: Tips to get overall 8 in IELTS

IELTS Band 8: Tips to get overall 8 in IELTS

There are several mediums of checking your English proficiency level these days. Be it IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE, these all Examination systems are designed to define your command of this language. And while appearing for this, one has to pass through different parameters set by them, where all the fundamentals are thoroughly observed.

In this one, we will be briefly discussing all the major areas and the tips to achieve IELTS Band 8.

What is IELTS

Maybe needless to mention but IELTS is one of the most common mediums of examining your English language skill at the moment where people, especially the students are subjected to scan through some basic criteria and bound to meet certain requirements of the examiner.

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Meaning: International English Language Testing System

Though we have mentioned above as it is most common among the students but it is also applicable to others depending on their necessity.

Types of IELTS

Basically, there are two types of IELTS with us

  • General
  • Academic.

Talking concisely, General IELTS is preferable for those who are tending to go abroad for some work purpose or for migration. It is also recommended for those groups who may be applying for spouse visas.

Where on the other hand, Academic IELTS is specifically for people who are planning to go to some English-speaking countries to pursue their higher studies. The college and university approaching students and scholars of different faculties are required to take the IELTS examination.


As it is recognized in more than 140 countries and accepted well over by 11000 institutions, including government and private universities, colleges, training centers, and institutes globally, the scope of IELTS is enormous. As predefined above, one has to sit for a particular English language skill examination as per the nature of their visa and while the scope of IELTS is much broader, the choices will be more for its examinees.

How to achieve IELTS Band 8

Tips on how to an overall 
get 8 in IELTS

This is the most searched topic among the students worldwide who are planning to attend this test and there are already more than enough sites and portals available.
However, many a time all the information and instruction you find on the internet may not be correctly resourceful and could mislead you or put you in further confusion.

Don’t you need to worry though, we have come up with some very useful tips on how to achieve IELTS Band 8 for your convenience. But, before that let us talk about those 4 essential parts and the basic skills they belong to, based on which IELTS assesses your proficiency, in brief.

First thing first, don’t forget that IELTS examines its students under two basic skills

  • Receptive manners
    • Listening Test
    • Reading Test
  • Productive manners
    • Speaking Test
    • Writing Test

and all 4 parts come under them. This is to say that LISTENING and READING are receptive whereas SPEAKING and WRITING belong to productive skills. So, try to be more concerning about these skills and work on improving your particular weaknesses.

So, here are your tips that are certain to improve your band score under each category:


A happy student
  • Before anything and everything else, ensure the accessories provided to you by the examiner are in proper working order.
  • Be very specific about the timing and practice unless you are comfortable with the speed of the records.
  • Make yourself familiar with all the question types and record playing formats before you book the date.
  • Above 90% of the records in IELTS listening is in a British accent, so keep yourself acquainted with the British accent. To say that be familiar with Indian, Chinese, Arabian, American and Canadian accents as well.
  • As the records are played only once, maintain your concentration throughout the record for the whole 30 minutes.

For detailed information on how to improve the IELTS listening test click this link.


  • Before all, Increase your reading habit to improve your overall understanding of the text as IELTS needs your intense reading skill, especially if you are attempting for academic IELTS. Of course, you need to Increase your vocabulary but try to infer the overall concept of the text rather than the particular word meanings.
  • Follow all the instructions carefully. e.g one word, one word or a number, one word and a number etc.
  • Become familiar with all the question types.(Before exam)

For detailed information on how to improve the IELTS listening test click this link.



Writing is considered the toughest category among its 4 types and that holds quite true in many senses. In fact, the writing skill of a person actually relies on his/her overall command of language and years of practice but if you keep few things into your consideration then you can definitely increase your band scoring.

  • Learn about all the marking key areas of both the tasks of writing. (Before exam)

i.e Task 1 – Task achievement, coherence and cohesion, lexical resource, and grammatical accuracy.

Task 2- Task response, lexical resource, coherence and cohesion, and grammatical accuracy.

  • Learn about all the question types of Task 1. e.g Pie,Table,Line,Life Cycle,Process, Bar, Map etc.(Before exam)
  • Learn each types of essay and their writing formats. e.g Argumentative essay, Descriptive essay, Advantage- Disadvantage, Pros- Cons etc.(Before exam)
  • Allocate 20-22 mintues for Task 1 and 38-40 mintues for your Task 2.
  • Always paraphrase your question in Task 1 and do not forget to give overview selecting the major informations.
  • Try to include all the details in your body which are shown in Task 1 picture.

For detailed information on how to improve the IELTS listening test click this link.



There is one fascinating thing about your speaking test. i.e You don’t have to spend a long time to get a brilliant score. Your test will only last for 11-14 minutes in general and there will be few parts organized with some questions.

  • Have yourself an english speaking partner before your exam date to gather your confidence.
  • The major key to score in speaking test is your confidence level and the level of comfort you may pose with this language before your examiner.
  • Try to adjust quickly with your environment and always keep your cool.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask your examiner to repeat the question incase you don’t understand but make sure your tone to be polite.

For detailed information on how to improve the IELTS listening test click this link.

We hope these tips have come useful for you and will aid you in achieving IELTS Band 8.

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