I lost my PAN card. How to Get a New One?

I lost my PAN card. How to Get a New One?

Here is the article on “How To Get Personal PAN Number in Nepal?” And if you have already issued your PAN but lost it then here is the steps that you have to follow to reissue the new one.

Step 1: Issue a complaint to the police ASAP to report the missing PAN card


All of you must be wondering why this is the first step right? The thing is, a PAN card holds a lot of crucial information about a person. If you lose your PAN card, it can be very well said that you can risk a chance for being robbed without even knowing it. If someone with a bit of knowledge finds your PAN card and has evil intentions. He/she can just be you and withdraw all of your money without you even knowing it. That person can also do an identity fraud with your name and can very much ruin you. So to ensure that this does not happen you complain to the police first. Doing this will block your every action that requires a PAN card till a new one is issued. 

Step 2: Contact your local Revenue office immediately

This the first thing to do after you have filed a complaint. Not just in the case of a lost PAN card but in the case of every lost card. You contact the respective local office and tell them that you have lost your card. You will then have to fill up a form and register for a new one there.

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Step 3: Gather the necessary documents related to PAN card


After you fill up the form the office will ask you to gather the documents that you will need to re-issue the PAN card. 

The documents that you will need are the usuals. Your citizenship card, some auto sized photos and some passport size photos. Along with that, if you have a photocopy of your precious PAN card or any thing regarding that, it is a plus point as well. This information can be fished out from your bank account as well because in most banks, you need to insert your PAN number in the personal information sector while filling out the form. Since most of your transactions will 

Be blocked after you file the complaint, it is better to do it as quickly as you can. 

To get the information from the bank, fill out a form and show them the receipt of the complaint that you filed and it will be done within an hour or two. 

Step 4: Visit NSDL TIN center which is closest to your place.


Here most of you might now know what NSDL TIN center is. Let me give you a brief information on that. They are basically Tax Information Network which is a branch of the finance department of the government made specifically for overseeing the tax paid and received along with managing the PAN card. This is where you made your PAN card in the first place so you should know where this is. After visiting this center you have to request the officer for a new one. Don’t forget to show them your documents and the form filled in the local revenue office as well as the complaint receipt. 

Step 5: Fill the form again

Yes you have to fill the form again. After filling up the form, and pay a sum of around Rs100. Then you have to put it in an envelope and write “Application for pan change request” and give it. After verifying all your documents you will be given a chit with a number and will be called on a specific date when you will have to go and get the reissued PAN card.

Generally the time is around 15-20 days but in busy months it can take around 25 to a month. They will try to do it quickly and the cases of this reaching a month are rare. 

Apply online for the lost PAN Card


Alternatively, you can also apply for the PAN card online as well. This will not only save your time but also enable you to remain calmer and fill incorrect information after you find all the documents. To apply for the lost PAN card online, follow these steps

  • Go to the official site of TIN-NDSl and search for the online application section
  • There will be many options there so search for the one named “Reprint of the PAN card” and follow the link.
  • Fill up the form and re-check all the details
  • After this, you can either send the soft copy of your documents here.
  • Pay the required amount

After you pay, you will get a serial number and a time. You can go and receive your PAN card by showing the serial number you are provided in the given time.

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