2 Legal Ways To Watch Netflix Shows for free

2 Legal Ways To Watch Netflix Shows for free

We do agree that this is more of a first-world problem. Regardless, this is a problem for us. If you are in this article we assume that you are old enough to know what Netflix is. Along with this we also assume that you know the terms that are connected with Netflix. What we are getting at is that you should know what is legal and illegal if you are on this article and know that the 3 ways provided here are technically legal. The word technical here is important as regardless of the way you are using it mentioned here, it is theoretically a scam but they are not considered scam legally.

This means that although you being unethical, you can legally do it as much as you want. Now with this build-up done, let’s go into the ways to watch Netflix legally for real. Along with this, we will also be telling a method to use Netflix rather cheaply even though it is not free if you fail to use the two methods

1: Signup for a free trial on Netflix


You don’t have to be an expert on Netflix to know that Netflix like a lot of other streaming services offers a free trial. In Netflix, you have to sign up first and then enter your debit/credit card information. After this, you are free to watch any show. You can watch as much as you want for a 30 day trial period. After that, you can cancel your services, and then your details will be deleted from their data service.

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How do we know this? Well, this is because no streaming service is legally allowed to keep the data of a customer after they have canceled their subscription. The good thing about Netflix is that as long as you clear your subscription 3-4 days before the period ends, your card data will be successfully removed before the 30 day trial period ends and you won’t be charged even a single dime. 

The loophole


Now what this does is create a loophole. If you use this loophole right you can have Netflix for free as much as you want. The drawback is that you will have to lay low and not use Netflix for a while each time you cancel your subscription. So the idea is you sign up for a free trial and unsubscribe a few days before the trial period ends. Then you lay low for a few weeks and then do that again. This would work best if you have multiple credit/debit cards on your hands.

You do have to use your brain a lot though. We never said that this would be an easy nor smooth way. Besides, the basic Netflix subscription costs $12.99 a month which is the same as 1300 Rs. This is a hefty price but if you really want a smooth service, then this is the best way.

2: Sharing a Netflix account


This is one of those used methods. This is as simple as it sounds as well. You just have to know a person who is willing to share their Netflix subscription with you. That’s all there is to it. However, we are obliged to tell you the drawbacks as well as we have done with the previous way. This is good and all but then you will owe that person something. As the person whose Netflix you are using is basically paying your bill as well, that can later be a hazard. 

With that being said if the said person owes you something or is a family member then it is all great as you will get a free Netflix till that person is around. If your significant other has an account, then we don’t need to tell you as both of you probably already share an account together. If you do not, however, there might be a good reason why. The reason can be that your +1 is either watching some embarrassing shows that s/he doesn’t want you to know about or you get addicted way too much.

The loophole here


Is this illegal? No! Is this legal? Nope. This way falls somewhere in the grey area as technically you are scamming the Netflix through someone else’s account but since the person whose account you are using has no issue with this, the Netflix can’t do anything either as the account holder can claim that the usage is all his/her. 

Cheap but not a free method. 


Now here we will talk about ways that are legal but have their own dangers. There are many people on the internet who let you rent their Netflix accounts at a much cheaper price. The general cost of Netflix for a month is 1300 NRs but these people will let you rent their Netflix account for as cheap as 300Nrs per month. This is a 1000 Rs less than what you would normally pay for.. This is basically the same as using someone else’s account but just the account of someone whom you don’t know. 

Why is this a grey area?

This method is used more commonly than you might think though. The reason is that renting a Netflix account is quite profitable for a person. As one account can be shared by 5 devices if it is a premium account, the person can be earning Rs. 500 per one account. If you think of this, do you really think that a person who does this to make money will just have one account?

So this really is the definition of grey area here. The reason being that the person renting you the account is still paying the full price and the company has no issue with that. The grey part comes from the earning that person makes which is not illegal but still unethical. 

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