How to Validate Your Idea in Simple Two Steps?

How to Validate Your Idea in Simple Two Steps?

The process of validation of the idea is something that we all have wondered about and thought about doing. Most of those who think don’t actually plan further ahead hence they fail or come up with an incorrect plan and then they fail or don’t try at all.

It is natural for all humans to have quite a few ideas but more often than not we are not able to validate our own ideas. There are times when we get some ideas which are logical but then doubt them again due to some reasons. The following steps can be taken to validate them and to be assured that those strong ideas are not just garbage.

Pass-Fail Evaluation

How to VHow_to_Validate_your_Idea_in_Two_Stepsalidate your Idea in Two Steps

This is one of the simple methods but also more time consuming and mentally exhausting methods as well. In this process, we run the ideas that we have through simulation whether it be arithmetic or mental. This process is proffered by creative people. The main reason is that not all people are good with numbers as some of them can lean more towards logistics and some can lean towards creativity. Regardless of this, mental stimulation is the preferred choice by those who use this method.

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In the mental simulation process, one has to collect all the data about the idea that they have, including where that idea stems from and where it is based on. Since validation is done to only those ideas which seem infallible to us, this is a rather easy step. The next step is to create a mental image of the place where the idea is to be implemented. Following that put the people with whom you are going to run this idea with or the people to whom this idea is to be presented. One has a basic image of the people they want to run the idea with.

 Along with this also runs the idea inside simulating the worst possible scenario. It can be a scenario where no one trusts the idea and see if you can convince them in that scenario then chances are your idea is good.

 SWOT analysis

How_to_Validate_your_Idea_in_Two_Stepsalidate your Idea in Two Steps

This is a more logical and calculative way of validating the idea. This is more practical as well but this method lacks real-life scenarios like in the previous method. The full form of SWOT is Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats. This is usually the follow up of the first method to ensure a lack of logic.

 In this method, as the name suggests, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats are analyzed.

 Strengths and opportunities are the plus points of that the idea has and it’s used. Along with this, this also includes the possible long term benefits as well and the goals. All the advantages including the immediate profit, long term benefits, etc. fall under the Strengths of the idea. You first list them down and then proceed to calculate the weakness.

How to Validate Your Idea in Simple Two Steps?

Weakness and losses include all the risks, losses, possible loss of trust, etc. Along with this part of the SWOT analysis also includes the obstacles that you might face. All the disadvantages of the ideas are in this category.

If the strengths outweigh the weakness by a minimum of 5 points then the idea is valid for short term

By combining both the Pass-fail and SWOT, one can verify the idea rather effectively.

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