How to Sustain Tourism Industry During COVID 19

How to Sustain Tourism Industry During COVID 19


The global pandemic has caused an unpredictable impact In the world. Tourism is the hardest hit economic sector. The UNWTO estimates that the decline of 78 % of international tourist arrivals and 100 to 120 million direct tourism jobs at risk. For many developed and developing countries, the tourism sector is the major source of employment. Without tourism, many countries may face problems because of unemployment and the contraction of GDP.

According to the IATA report, the number of passengers may not be recovered to 2019 levels until 2023–24. The domestic flight may recover much sooner but there is less chance to recover international flight soon.

So, it’s needed for the responsible recovery of the tourism sector from the COVID-19 to emerge stronger and more sustainable. A recovery to build back better, and therefore can support the resilience and sustain Tourism Industry during COVID 19.

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Promote Domestic Tourism

How to Sustain Tourism Industry During COVID 19

Domestic tourism will play an important role in leading the initial recovery phase to sustain Tourism Industry during COVID 19. Restoring traveler confidence and stimulating demand with new safe and clean labels for the sector for domestic tourism promotion campaigns. Domestic tourism could compensate for the decline of international tourism flows, particularly in destinations heavily dependent on international markets. Its time to promote the local unexplored destination which may increase the disclosure to many people. Travelers now may seek travel privacy, avoid crowded places and unexplored destinations will be an option for them.

New Tourism Strategies

How to Sustain Tourism Industry During COVID 19

The travel agencies should adopt new tourism trends to give new tastes for both national and international tourists. UNWTO had just declared the “Transformative Travel.” Transformative travel focuses on the self-reflection during the travel, and how you will be changed by day to day experience during your travel.

Focus on Naturally Social Distancing Places

How to Sustain Tourism Industry During COVID 19

While traveling we should focus on those destinations which are naturally social distancing. That place includes wildlife, wellness retreats, trekking to least visited destination among others. We should avoid the city tour, clubs and others where will be more crowds. We should focus on naturally social distancing places like wildlife, wellness retreats, and trekking among others.

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