How to start a Non-Profit Organization in Nepal?

How to start a Non-Profit Organization in Nepal?

If you want to make a difference in the community, starting an NGO can be one way of doing so. Here’s a guide on how to start a Non-Profit Organization in Nepal?

Do your research

There are over 70,000 NGO in Nepal, but only 20% are functionally active. That is due to the lack of long term planning and research. Before doing any further work, you should be able to answer these questions to start a Non-Profit Organization in Nepal. 

How to start a Non-Profit Organization in Nepal
  • What is your mission? 
  • What services will you deliver and for whom?
  • How you plan to collect funds for your NGO? 
  • Who will be on your team member? 
  • Where will you work from?
  • The total cost for registration will be about Rs 10,000. Make sure you have this fund before starting.

Make a team

First, form a board of members of at least 7 people- President, Vice- President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Members. Collect the Nepali citizenship, passport photos, and also the character report of each team member from Nepal Police before your first meeting. When you held the first team meeting, prepare the minute and draft the rent agreement along with the citizenship of your house owner. Make the rubber stamps and at least 5 copies of your document. 

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How to register a Non-Profit Organization in Nepal?

Registration is just a small yet very important part to start a Non-Profit Organization in Nepal. Every NGO in Nepal is registered at the District Administration Office in 77 districts of the country. You will need PAN Number provided by the Inland Revenue Department and also need to list your NGO under the Social Welfare Council (SWC). Registration under SWC, a government body, helps to obtain the tax exemption and also receive a donation. 

Registration process

How to start a Non-Profit Organization in Nepal
PAN registration of Non-Profit Organization in Nepal

First, get a “Recommendation Letter” from your ward office. You can write the letter in designed a letter pad or a plain A4 size paper. You can submit an application for the recommendation letter along with copies of all the above-mentioned documents. The president of the ward should sign and stamp your letter. 

Then, you get a “Certificate of Registration” by submitting an application to the District Coordination Committee. Attach the required document on the application form given by District Cooperate Committee. 

Now, you will need a registration number for your NGO. Fill in five copies of application forms in the district administration office to get the number. Make sure you have the soft copy of your Bidhan handy. 

Next, you need to Affiliation Certificate from Social Welfare Council (called Samajh Kalyan Parishad). Fill the application form of SWC and submit it along with copies of the recommendation letter, certificate of registration, and other mentioned documents.

As we all know, all Inland Revenue Department should have a Permanent Account Number (PAN) card. You need a PAN number to have a bank account under the NGO’s. Here, you will need a copy of the minute and the name of the Board of members who will sign the application form. If your document is correct and complete, you get a Temporary Account Number Registration Certificate that is valid for 3 months. After 3 months, you will need your Permanent Account Number Registration Certificate” and PAN Card. 

Funding Sources

You can make yourself accessible by making your own Websites to start a Non-Profit Organization in Nepal. You can quickly and very easily attract volunteers and donors and also provide information to your potential beneficiaries’ through the website. Continue building networks with persons in your regional and international communities. Try making connections with people, local government, funding organizations, religious organizations, and other places that can relate closely to your NGO’s work. They will be your funding source. 

After you get the PAN number, your registration is complete. Now, execute your previously made plans and run your NGO properly. 


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