How to Send Money from Canada to Nepal? 5 Steps How!

How to Send Money from Canada to Nepal? 5 Steps How!

If you are someone who lives in Nepal or has no plan of going to Canada then this article may not be much worth to you. But regardless of that piling up, random knowledge when you have free time is never useless. Take that from us who work on the basis of piling up random knowledge and spreading them because somewhere someone may need them.


Going back to the topic, if you are someone who is reading this from Canada or are planning to go there anytime in the future this article will be of great help to you. If you have lived in Canada for a while now and have been sending money to Nepal for a while then some points can be repeated and you may already know what to do though. Regardless of those who don’t have much idea on how to send money from Canada to Nepal, we present to you the process step by step.

Step 1: Know the currency Conversion Rate between the Canadian Dollar and Nepali Rupees


Just like in our previous tips, we first begin with common sense here. Knowing the currency conversion rate is the basics of the basics if you are trying to send money abroad. Even if you are not trying to send money abroad or anything, knowing the currency conversion rate is good if you want to do online payment for foreign services like Netflix or Youtube premium.

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So if you want to send money from Canada to Nepal then you should know the rate and along with that knowledge that the conversion rate is not constant as well. On average, the conversion rate is Rs 87.97 per one Canadian Dollar but the price has been known to reach as high as 91rupees per Canadian Dollar. This is not much of flux but while converting currency each paisa matters. 

Step 2: How do you want to transfer the money From Canada to Nepal


Not all modes of transfer are equal. This is a thing that you should know first before picking a service for transferring the money. Along with this not, all money transfer service offers money transfer from Canada to Nepal as well. Among those which do actually transfer money from Canada to Nepal, you have to compare the transfer speed, transfer charge, and security as well.

It is not unusual for fraudulent transfer companies to pop up on the internet so you either transfer through a well-known service or if this is your first time researching well into the company that you are using as a medium. After all, if you are thinking of doing all these then you won’t just transfer a few dollars and remember that even if you transfer 100 Canadian dollars it will be 8797 Nepali Rupees which is a lot for the average Nepali people. 

Step 3: How are you going to pay for the transfer?


First of all, you have to consider that multiple methods of sending money each with its own perks and drawbacks and the second is that the service that you are using to send the money may not accept your method of payment. First things first compare the perks and drawbacks between each mode of payment from Canada to Nepal or any international transactions. Commonly known methods are Bank Transfer, Credit card transfer, and debit card transfer. You do however have to consider that bank transfer is much less efficient from Canada to Nepal when compared to the transfer through a Credit card or debit card.

These are among the safest as well but apart from this, you can also send cash through other means like sending money with a person or through parcels. It is needless to say that both of these methods are not secure and used only when you have a trusted middleman in between and don’t want anybody to know that you have made a transfer. Regardless after you have chosen the means of payment you can then check to see if the transfer service provider that you have chosen will accept your means of payment or not. 

Step 4: Delivery method and reviewing the details


So you have not chosen a mode of payment and a transfer service. You know the currency exchange rate as well. Then you might think it is okay to send right? Well, you are not wrong but just missing a step. After doing all of these you have to pick where you want the money to be deposited as well. In the olden times, this used to be much simpler as the only options available were bank or hand cash delivery (through the parcel and middle man).

But now due to the invention of mobile banking and virtual wallets like e-Sewa and Khalti, this has become somewhat of a chore. of course, you can simply ask the person whom you are sending the cash in Nepal about their preferred medium but since you will be in Canada with almost 11hours of time difference being in touch can be a bit difficult. In those times you have to make a decision.


One easy way of doing this is knowing the person’s spending pattern and what method they usually use a lot. If that person relies on esewa or khalti a lot then sending the money in their virtual wallet is the best option. Then you have to review a few times so that the details are correct as a single mistake means free money to a random person and no money to the person you meant to send it. 

Step 5: Making the transfer from Canada to Nepal and verifying from receiver 


The final step is connecting your payment method with the server and inserting your details. Once this is done you insert the amount that you have to transfer, insert some verification details and security details, and then finish up the process. We know that this last step is a bit anticlimactic but it is what it is. The whole stress is in the process of choosing the best means of transfer for you.

The best means of transfer depends on your need and you may very well need some other means of transfer depending on the speed of the transfer required but after all that is done you just have to send the money. Do contact and verify that the money has been received by the receiver though as this can very well happen if you miswrote even a single digit while inserting their detail. As we said before, if you do this then it’s free money for a random stranger and no money for the person you intended to send it to.

Then there is the thing about you losing your money for nothing so be sure to verify the transfer after you do it. 

A few things to consider while sending the money from Canada to Nepal


The sum of your money

If you want to transfer a large sum of money then choose a secure service rather than a quick.

The Payment and Receiving Method

Be sure to insert your details only after verifying that the method is secure and compatible with each other and the service provider.

The service Provider

Since this is the center of you sending your money be sure to research thoroughly on the service provider and be sure that it is a secure and reliable one.

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