Domain Registration: How to register domain

Domain Registration: How to register domain

Before jumping to our topic ”how to register”, let us talk about the domain name in short.

The recognition of a company’s zonal territory within the internet about its authority or administrative control can simply be explained as a domain name.

While basically is the secondary personal domain identity that can be obtained for free after qualifying yourself through certain procedural follow-ups.

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How to register

Domain registration

As it is already mentioned that can be acquired without any cost. But we certainly need to ensure few administrative procedures for that. Here, we have included the most requested inquiries about the registration process.

Where to go for .NP registration?

  • If your profile meets the minimum requirements of applying for .np registration then you can go through the official site of Nepal’s official .np Domain Registration or you can simply copy on the address mentioned below and search.

Via, all registrations/modifications can process.

Who can register for in Nepal?

  • Anyone and everyone who is a Nepali national.
  • All the local entities inside Nepal. i.e company and organization
  • All the multinational companies which are in legal existence under Nepal’s constitution.

How much does it cost?

  • Registrations under .NP ccTLD is free of cost.
domain registration

Documents requirement for .np registration?
  • For local bodies:

Certificate of registration of company/firm/partnership/organization

  • Incase of international bodies registered in Nepal

Either Certificate of registration of branch or liaison office or Certificate of affiliation with Social Welfare Council.

  • In the case of non-incorporated entities doing business in Nepal such as Permanent Establishments or Non-incorporated Joint Venture Entities: PAN registration certificate.
  • In case of any entities (local or foreign)having business interests in Nepal:
  • Certificate of trademark registration in Nepal or Official filing receipt of trademark application issued by the Department of Industry (to be supported with actual trademark registration certificate within 3 years of domain registration)

.NP domain registration process

  • Go to in your browser and look out for your desired domain for the availability under type.
  • If you are convinced with the available name then click on the register button.
  • Now start registering your account by clicking on the create user button.
  • Provide all required details and create an account.

Account Verification Processes:

  • After receiving the account creation message go to your inbox to verify your account.
  • Then it will redirect you to the login page where you need to sing in with the same email and password you used while creating an account.
  • Now select your primary and secondary Name Server as suggested.

Submission of Administrative Details:

  • Now you will reach to the page where you need to provide your administrative details.
  • Copy administrative contact in Technical Contact. And then Click on the Save and Continue button

Upload your documents:

  • Now upload the requested copy of scanned documents like citizenship and cover letter and click on the request domain button. But, if you are applying for a company or some other organizations then provide the company registration document,PAN no. or the letter head etc. NOTE: Remember whatever your documents are, you need to submit them in image format only.
  • Finally, you will be autodirected to the page where you have to activate your domain but it usually takes 48 hours to process your domain.

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Domain registration under .NP is free of cost.
  2. The domain name registration process is delegated under first come first served basis except some exceptional cases where it disregards the policy and takes over the issues.
  3. All the informations you provide about your domain name remains public and can be accessed with the help of internet.( As there are no provisions regarding your privacy during the registration request )
  4. Domain registration is available only in standard structures. e.g,,,, etc.
  5. As a registrant, you must submit the scanned copy of original documents for verification process.
  6. Alphanumeric and hyphen are accepted for your domain but first and last characters shouldn’t be a hyphen.
  7. Your requested domain must be of at least 3 characters.
  8. Domains having offensive and generic words won’t be registered
  9. Incase of any dispute between the parties in claiming the lawful authority of a certain domain name, Such parties should settle the isuue by themselves as per the guidance of legal entities. MOS-NP is not held subjective for any kinds of compensation or such responsibilties.
  10. The rights registered under the act of Nepalese copyright, trademark or tradename office may only be liable for claiming of such rights or MOS-NP remains indifferent with the legitimacy of the name with the applicant as it does not assure him/her for any sort of constituional prerogative during the time of entry.
  11. MOS-NP is always notified as the registrant to be entitled for the claiming of the trademark right to the requested domain. In case of any conflicting subjects with the delegated authority’s list, that issue will be solved under the popular act of Nepal government’s constitution describerd by the clause (9) and (12). If the dispute still persists, then the concerned parties are suggested to resolve in a more congenial manner, and proceed it to the respective entity for any ammendents if required.
  12. In case of any dispute between the parties in claiming the lawful authority of a particular domain name, the violation of trade mark policy or the copy right patent issues, the final verdict under the popular act of Nepal government’s legal body or jurisdiction will be considered the final as the listing entries recorded during the registration of domain name do not confer of any legal rights to the client for the authorized claim.
  13. The registered domain can be removed from the existence with the written request by its original registrant.

Sample of domain request letter :

ABC Digital Production Pvt. ltd

Kathmandu, Nepal

Ref no:
Entry no:

Date: 19 August 2021


The Host Master
Mercantile Communication Pvt. Ltd
DurbarMarg, Kathmandu Nepal

Dear Sir/Madam,

With this letter, I am requesting the domain registration of for which I have already submitted the scanned copies of all the required documents through the online registration form.

I may never be much obliged than this with the successful delegation and acceptance of my domain registration.

Thank you.


Pratik KC

Sample of domain request letter :

ABCD Community- A Social Welfare Organization

Jawalakhel, Kathmandu Nepal

Ref no:

Date: 19 August, 2021


The Host Master
Mercantile Communication Pvr.Ltd
Durbarmarg, Kathmandu Nepal

Dear Sir/Madam

I am with my earnest anticipation would like to put my kind request before you for the domain registration under the name of my respective organization. Hereby, I would like to further state that all the mandatory credentials have been already submitted during the online registration process.

I will always be indebted for your earliest response in this regard.

Thank you.


Prithak Rai

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