How to make a National Identity Card in Nepal In 2022

How to make a National Identity Card in Nepal In 2022

National Identity Card (राष्ट्रिय परिचय पत्र ) is a smart card that contains biometric information and personal information of people. It is a federal-level Identity card with a unique identification number for each person that can be obtained by citizens of Nepal, based on their biometric and demographic data. National Identity cards started to be printed in 2018 November.

National Identity Card

When was the national identity card introduced in nepal?

The idea of a national identity card was introduced in Nepal in July 2009 in the government’s ‘Policies and Programmes’ to make voters’ lists more systematic. The budget speech presented in the same year mentioned a “biometric smart card” would be used in elections and also in the distribution of social security allowances. In April 2010, a pilot project was launched to distribute voter identity cards with photos and fingerprints. It was believed that the pilot project would lead to the distribution of national ID in the country. But that materialized only in 2018. In the first phase, the government distributed national ID cards to citizens in the Panchthar district and employees working at the Singha Durbar.

Required details

In the national identity card there are required 10 details i.e personal details of an individual, father, and mother full name, address, citizenship type, grandfather name, and if they are married then their husband/ wife details are included. National Identity card contains demographic data, biometric data, and a microchip with a unique identification number for each citizen.  It also includes names, birth dates, sex, photos, prints of all fingers, iris, and digital signatures.

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As of February 2021, 1.9 million cards have been distributed to citizens in different districts. The continuous rolling out of this document shows that we have to pay attention to different issues raised by the state, citizens, and civil society.

Benefits / Importance of National identity Card

Nowadays people are carrying different documents such as citizenship cards, driving licenses, voting cards, and PAN (Personal Account Number). The proponents claimed that when national ID cards are in use, people don’t need to carry all these cards. This seems to be possible as this digital card can be linked with other databases the state has. Since these cards can be used to access many public services provided by the state, they argue that these cards are very easy to use. 

  • National Identity card keeps track of people’s biometric data which helps to find the data easily.
  • Soon National identity cards will replace citizenship. Instead of citizenship national identity card will be required in every place i.e government offices, banks e.t.c.
  • All data of individuals are stored in chips so that it will be easy to find with the help of a special identification number.It will play major role in digitization process of government .

Points to be noted before applying National Identity Card

  • Age must be 16 .
  • Must have Nepali citizenship.
  • Marriage certificate (in case of married).
  • If you have moved new address permanently then address changed certificate is required.
  • You can get your national identity card from your district administrative office once it get printed and arrived.
How to make a National Identity Card in Nepal In 2022
Notice Regarding National Identity Card

In the End

National Identity Card
Fingerprint Scan

National identity card plays a major role in the digitization process. Citizenship will be replaced and national identity cards will be required in every sector like in government offices, banks e.t.c.There will be unique identity numbers on the card, the record of the person can be found easily with the help of numbers. The government is taking biometric details of their citizen to keep records of their citizen which helps to provide different facilities and government services without having any disturbance. It will also help to trace the people who have done crimes and run away.

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