How to Get a Passport in Nepal?

How to Get a Passport in Nepal?

You might plan to leave the country for vacation, work or studies and don’t know the exact procedure. I understand getting a passport can become hassle without no information. So, this article will help you focus on other important stuff rather than stressing on the passport.

Passport/MRP (Machine Readable Passport) is a machine-readable travel document (MRTD) with the data on the identity page encoded in optical character recognition format. You can apply for Passport in all 77 districts in the District Administration Office (DAO).
Getting a Passport takes time, but you can speed up the process by paying a little extra cash. I will talk about both the process in this Article.

Normal Procedure

This procedure will take you 15 to 45 days and will cost you 5,000 rupees.

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  • Download the application form from the website or directly go to the link.
  • Open the application form using Adobe Acrobat or any pdf file editor. You can download Adobe Acrobat if you don’t have it on your computer.
  • Once the form is open, Fill in your form and print.
  • After filling up the form, see the print window.
  • Use only A4 size paper to print the form.
  • On Page Scaling Select None.
  • Click OK to print.
  • After printing it in A4 paper, now go to your DAO and then submit the form with the fee of Rs.5000 with you being present at the Office.
  • Now, you will get your Passport within 15 to 45 days at the DAO.

Fast-track Procedure

  • Filling the form online is the same as a normal procedure. Fill up the form and print.
  • Now, visit your DAO and receive a verification letter from the concerned official.
  • After getting the letter you now have to go to the Department Of Passport, Narayanhiti, Kathmandu with all the documents, photo and the verification letter.
  • If you want to get the passport on the same day you have to pay Rs.15,000. They charge you Rs.12,000 to issue it on the next day and Rs.10,000 in two days.
  • At the Department of Passport you yourself have to be present. In case of a minor, they have to be present with their guardian.

Required Documents

To get the passport in Nepal, be there with the following documents:

  • Original Citizenship
  • In case of minor, Minor Identity Card Issued By Their Respective DAO and the Citizenship of applicant’s Father’s or mother’s citizenship.
  • Xerox copy of the Citizenship attached to the documents.
  • Photo according to the guidelines
  • Verification Letter of DAO (only for Fast-Track Procedure)

Guideline for Photo

Photo Guideline for Passport
  • The photo should be clicked within the past 6 months without the photo being modified.
  • Both ears should be visible, with a face straight at the camera, and the face must be natural.
  • Eyes should be visible. If you wear spectacles, the frame should be thin and light coloured.
  • The head shouldn’t be covered and they don’t allow any jewellery, except for religious regions.
  • The photo must have a plain light background with no border.
  • No shadows are allowed on the face, and red-eye because the flash isn’t allowed.
  • The focus should be clear and printed on a high-quality paper.

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