How To Find Security Code In NTC In 2 Easy Steps!

How To Find Security Code In NTC In 2 Easy Steps!

Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it’s a necessity all the time.

How about the security of your mobile? Or how about a SIM card? 

SYour Network Sim Security is a concern that you can be carefree with security code in NTC if you are a Nepal Telecom User.

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We all know a few ways to protect data through our mobile. We can use Password protection, pattern protection, and heck, even biometrics is a valid option to protect the contents through your mobile. But how about a security code in your Sim Card?

Here, we will be talking about how to find the security code or to be more specific “How to find Security Code in NTC“. As you may have guessed security code is one of the methods to secure the data of your SIM card. Needless to say, you need to keep this security code safe or people can use the Security code of your SIM card to access the data of your SIM card. 

That being said, since we don’t need to worry about the security of our sim card, people don’t usually care about the Security but we still need to know it. 

The Function of Security Code in NTC

Security code in NTC

So by now, you know the Gist of what a security code is and what it does. But what function does it serve? Well, it has three main functions which are:

  • To provide the first line of defense for your SIM card Data
  • Enable SIM to access the mobile network card once you insert your SIM card
  • Used to transfer the Balance 

Now you know what a security code is as well as its function. But do you know “How to find the security Code in NTC?”

“How to find the security Code in NTC?”

Finding out a security code is not as hard as it looks. All you need to do is either have the original package of the sim card or an active sim card. There are two ways in which you can find out the Security Code in NTC.

On the Original Package

You can easily find out the security Code in NTC in the original package of the SIM card. The security code is on one side of the card on which the SIM card is attached. It is covered with a scratchable surface. You need to scratch that to gain access to the Security Code. while this may seem unnecessary, it does show if the SIM card has been tampered with or not. 

See the source image NTC Package

Through SMS

If you have misplaced or lost the original SIM Card Package, this is the method for you. To find out the Security code in NTC through SMS you need to:

  • Type  SCODE
  • Send it to 1415

After doing this you will receive a message saying 

“Dear customer your password is being reset. Contact our customer service staff.

Dear ______ the password reset has been completed according to your request. Your new password is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _. If you need further support please contact our customer service staff. [Date & Time]”

Side Note*  When you find the security code of NTC through SMS the servers will assume that your security code has been compromised and will send you a new one. The code you receive through the SMS will not be an original one but rather a new one. Access to the old security code will be denied once you find the security code of NTC through SMS service. 


security code in NTC

In order to find out the security code of NTC, the best option is to keep the original package of your SIM card safe. If you fail to do this, the next best option is to send an SMS to get your Security code. However, you need to remember that if you use SMS, the security code will be reset and you will get a new code. At the same time, access to the old code will be denied as the company will assume that the old code has been compromised.

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know them down in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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