6 Ways To Earn Money From TikTok- Tricky but Worth it!

6 Ways To Earn Money From TikTok- Tricky but Worth it!

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.

Thomas Edison

But what if it didn’t? What if Opportunity was all about showing off your skill and creativity? 

You can easily grab this opportunity if you become a content creator, especially on platforms like TikTok and Youtube. While it is still hard work, and you do have to put in tons of effort, there is a chance of good earning.

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The popularity of TikTok grows day by day.

How many followers do you need to make money on TikTok?
How does Tiktok make money?
How does TikTok help you make money?
How much money do you make on TikTok per view?
How much does TikTok pay? 

Almost everyone has a question like this in their head.

So, how do you actually make money?
There are tons of ways to make money on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, and the likes, and while the method for YouTube is quite simple – Ad revenue and sponsorship – we cannot say the same about TikTok.

There is a reason for this. Videos on TikTok are typically between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long. You should remember that most ads run on YouTube for the same length.
In other words, in the timeframe where youtube shows a short ad, in tiktok must be able to show your whole content.

6 Ways To Earn Money From TikTok- Tricky but Worth it!

Implying, if you follow the same earning pattern from Youtube, you won’t earn a single dime in TikTok. However, if you follow the suggestion given below, you may make a very good amount from it too. 

Interested in learning how? That’s what we are here to tell you. But let’s first get into the eligibility criteria and then we’ll talk about the How’s of earning money from TikTok. 

Eligibility criteria for earning money on TikTok

6 Ways to Earn money from TikTok- Tricky but Worth it!

In order to be able to earn money on this platform, you do have to meet certain criteria, and most of the criteria relate to popularity. After all, TikTok videos are short and if you are not popular enough, who would be eager to spend money on you?

Having said that, let’s look at the criteria now.

Age must be 18 or older
Must have at least 10k followers
Must have received 100K views over the past 30 days

Getting 10K followers is a challenge on Tiktok. After all, you have a limited time to impress the viewers, so it might be a little hard to earn right away. 

How to earn money from Tiktok

Next, let’s talk about The How! 

TikTok is somewhat similar to Instagram in terms of earning money – become famous, receive sponsorship or donations, or become popular and give advice. Obviously, this only explains the overall picture but you get the gist. Either you find people and companies willing to invest in you directly, or you acquire knowledge to help other smaller creators become popular while charging some amount. 

Let’s get into the details now.

Earn through Advertisements

6 Ways to Earn money from TikTok- Tricky but Worth it!

It’s the simplest way to earn money from TikTok. After you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for the “TikTok Creator fund” through the app and enable ad revenue. In this way, TikTok will play an ad before or after your clip and pay you a share of the revenue generated from the ad. 

With this model, your earnings directly depend on how many followers and views you have. Another important factor is whether or not your followers are willing to watch your video with an ad. In case you do not feel confident enough to do this, we recommend that you try another method. Because it is more likely that you will lose your followers rather than earn money from TikTok if your followers are not willing to sit through an advertisement.


6 Ways To Earn Money From TikTok- Tricky but Worth it!

This is the part of TikTok that is This part of TikTok is rather impressive. It combines Twitch and Youtube’s best features and optimizes them for you. For this method of monetizing TikTok, you must go live to impress the audience. Like Twitch, if you have good content and loyal followers you can receive donations from them.

It works by viewers purchasing virtual coins with their money, which go for around 100 coins per $1.39 USD. After you’ve gone life, they will be able to send you these coins in the form of diamonds and other virtual gifts  Then you can exchange them for cash.

The conversion rate of diamonds, coins, and cash are as follows

100 coins = 1.39 USD (A user can buy 100 coins in 1.39$)
1 Diamond = 2 Coins (When user gift a TikToker 1 diamond it equals to 2 coins)
1 Diamond = 5 Cents (When TikToker cashes out gifts, 1 diamond equals 5 cents)

Along with these, your viewers can also send other virtual gifts which are valued in TikTok coins. They are as follows

Panda: 5 Coins
Italian hand: 5 coins
Love Bang: 25 Coins
Sun Cream: 50 Coins
Rainbow Puke: 100 Coins
Concert: 200 Coins
I’m Very Rich: 1000 Coins
Drama Queen: 5000 Coins
6 Ways To Earn Money From TikTok- Tricky but Worth it!

While it may seem like these are quite expensive, remember that one viewer gets 100 coins for just 1.39 USD. To make one diamond, you need two coins. And each diamond pays you 5 cents.
Implying if you get a Drama queen, you will only be able to make 2500 diamonds which is equal to 125 USD.

There is one more catch. As per their policy, Tiktok will take 50% of your earnings. As a result, you will only get $62.5 out of the 125$ you earned from the Drama queen gift. People with a large fan base of loyal followers may find this helpful. However, a new TikToker may not benefit much. Still, I think it’s a good policy.

TikTok will verify your payment within 15 days and the maximum withdrawal limit within a day is $1000. TikTok works the same way as Twitch’s “Donations” in earning money

Get sponsored

6 Ways to Earn money from TikTok- Tricky but Worth it!

Those of you who have been on YouTube for a while are already familiar with how this works. A  brand approached a popular creator and pays them in exchange for creating exposure to them.

You’ll eventually get approached by a brand that will approach you as you become popular on TikTok. In this case, the type of brand you will approach will be determined by your TikTok content. As a TikTok gamer, “Raid Shadow Legends” is a likely sponsor. The TikTok of fashion has Vessie shoes and Ridge wallets, and if you are a TikToker who makes science videos, then Skillshare and Audible are the most likely ones to approach you. 

You can earn money on TikTok in a similar way to YouTube, with the minor difference being that you will have much less time to do so with TikTok short timeframe.

Become a Broker

6 Ways to Earn money from TikTok- Tricky but Worth it!

This is the best method for those Business Brainiacs out there. Using this method, you will become a middleman between famous TikTokers and sponsors. The top players in this game gain hundreds of viewers and followers each day, which helps them to gain sponsors. 

Rather than creating your own TikTok, you can become a broker and take a service charge if you are good at doing business with them. 

Side note you will still need to meet the eligibility requirements 

Become a Content Strategist/Adviser

6 Ways to Earn money from TikTok- Tricky but Worth it!

You can earn money with TikTok without being a creator, similar to the previous entry. Once you become a pro, you can become the brains behind a famous creator. All you need to do is approach them and gain their trust. 

Once that happens. you can guide them on what they should do and how they should do it to gain popularity. It is already obvious that you are popular at this stage. The idea of approaching new TikTokers to increase their income and gain more views and charging them for this is a win-win for everyone. While they gain popularity, you earn that sweet money.


In summary, earning money from TikTok is a bit tricky but at the same time, it combines the best of both the world: YouTube and. TikTok can be used to earn money from ads and sponsorships, like YouTube, or through donors like Twitch.
I hope you become a millionaire. 

Also, comment below if you found this helpful. Do let us know if you have any suggestions. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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