How to delete Google Search History?

How to delete Google Search History?

“Some create history and some track history
We erase history”

Some of us delete the history. It is not the history of famous people that we delete, but instead the history of our own searches. Be it some creepy, kinky, or top-secret research, let’s be honest, you probably don’t want your nocturnal searches made public. Do you?

The browser history records everything that you search and see on the internet. For those who are just beginning to use the internet, FYI everything is recorded. While this can be helpful for tracking our internet browsing activity and for caching, sometimes we don’t want other people to see our search history. We must, therefore, delete some.

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In order to understand the “How,” let’s first see the “Why” of deleting the Google Search History.

Google Search History Why We Delete It

How to delete Google Search History?

We delete our Search History mainly for privacy reasons. When we know nobody would be there to judge, that is when an individual does all kinds of misfits. The topic we search for in our private times, we do not want others to see.  The problem with this explanation is the new question that arises when we say this, “Why wouldn’t you want others to be able to see your search history?”

Herein lies the answer

Well for one reason, those searches can reveal how strange, twisted and dark you can get. There is no way you can let anyone else see that.

Another reason can be, you just want to keep your privacy. The things you think and the searches you make are your own. So, you prefer your personal thoughts to be private.

In related terms, people searches fall under three different categories.

Weird Searches

How to delete Google Search History?

Have you ever had a random thought and immediately typed it into the google search bar which you immediately regretted? Your thoughts like “who was that girl in the car beside me on the road?” or “Did all Spartans had 6 pack abs?”. You probably were just really curious and searched it but now it’s in your history. Next time someone types “did all Spartans…” as per the Google algorithm, it will likely show “… had 6 packs abs”. 

Weird searches are not limited to Spartans and their abs. They can be anything like:

  • Why do dogs sniff each other Butts?
  • Do cats Fart?
  • What is “if I fit, I sit?”
  • Can we eat Smoke?
  • Why does Dad sneeze so loud?

Yea if someone accidentally finds this while you let them use your computer or mobile for some reason, you don’t want them to see these do you? So what do you do? You delete your Google Search History to Prevent this from happening.

Dark Searches

How to delete Google Search History?

These are the types of searches like “How much does an eyeball cost?”  or “Best means to Die?”.Searches that are related to deaths, killings, and deep dark emotions can be called dark searches. 

People often have morbid thoughts and sometimes curiosity gets the best of us. When our curiosity overcomes our fear, we google them. Now They can range anything from thoughts related to deaths to thoughts related to killings.

  • How much sedative do you need to kidnap someone?
  • Can human Bones be used as Weapons?
  • Can you live without your lower Half?
  • Cruelest Torture method in Ancient History?
  • What is Viking Blood Eagle?

These are the searches triggered by either your dark emotions or your morbid curiosity – which exists in every human. The only difference is that people don’t immediately search for them. Well, some don’t really care but for most of us, these searches reveal our sinister side which we don’t want others to see. 

Lewd Searches

How to delete Google Search History?

Now we jump from Dark searches to the embarrassing ones. You know what we are talking about, it’s porn. Let’s be honest here, the majority of youths do watch porn regardless of gender or age. As soon as you hit puberty, you start to get interested in them and with access to the internet, it’s free to search. 

Naturally, we don’t want to admit it because it’s embarrassing but still just because we don’t admit it doesn’t mean we don’t do it. On top of that, although we have progressed a lot, the topic of Sex is still somewhat of a taboo in our society that can only be discussed with our close ones. Naturally, we don’t want any random person we know to see them. What do you do in this case? That’s right delete the search history.

Now some of you may be sweet summer children who have no idea what we are talking about – or are choosing to ignore them. Let’s clarify these searches with some examples:

  • Desi Girl Porn
  • Lesbian Sex
  • Anime titties
  • High School DxD hentai
  • Teen Nudes

Lewd searches like these are some of the most common types of searches along with the weird ones.

But besides these basic types of search history people delete, there are one special types of search history that people delete

Super Secret Searches

Now normal people are satisfied by deleting porn and random nonsense questions from their search history. But what if you are a snitch or a double agent sent by a major corporation to its rival? We are not saying that you are but what if…

Let me give you some more examples

  • “Proof of Moon Landing?”
  • “Can I Predict My own Future?”
  • “The proof of aliens”
  • “Kawaii Putin”
  • “Super secret location of Super Soldier Serum”

These are the super-secret searches you probably don’t want anyone to see. But regardless of which types of searches you want to hide or remove from your browser’s history, you first need to know how to do.

How to delete Search History?

How to delete Google Search History?

Our discussion has now come to its climax. This is the “how” of deleting the search history. In general, this process is fairly straightforward regardless of the browser used. Additionally, I would like to focus on deleting your search history from your mobile devices first since most of you may be reading this article on mobile devices.

Deleting Search History from Mobile Devices

Smartphones are estimated to be responsible for more than half of the total searches on google since the invention of the device. If you’re looking to delete the Search History on your mobile device, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the browser
  • Tap on the menu
  • Tap on the History
  • Select the history you want to delete
  • Tap on delete

Besides deleting your entire browsing history, you can also delete it within a certain time period. In most cases, this option will be under “clear all history”, but its location will depend on the OS you’re using as well as the browser you’re using. 

Deleting Search History on your Laptop or PC

How to delete Google Search History?

This is where the rest of the searches in Google originates. The majority of you probably own a PC or laptop and you use one a lot. Naturally, there are some searches that you won’t want others to see. On your laptop/PC you have to do the following:

  • Open the browser
  • Click on the options menu (usually on the upper right corner)
  • Click on History
  • Select the history you want to delete
  • Click on Delete

In addition, you can delete all search histories shown on the page or within a specified time period. To do this, you must:

  • Open the browser
  • Click on the options menu (usually on the upper right corner)
  • Click on History
  • Click on Options in this window
  • Click on delete all History

Alternatively, you can also use shortcut keys for this process as well. They are:

Ctrl + HOpen Browser History
Ctrl + ASelect All

Here’s how to remove searches from your browser’s history you don’t want others to see or if you want to clear the history.

Let me remind you before we go.

Every person has questions – constantly seeking answers. With the advent of the internet, finding information has become easier and easier. However, while most of our searches are normal, some of them will be either too spooky, dark, or lewd for others to see. Our normal practice in such cases is to delete the search history and be glad that your secret is safe.  

How to delete Google Search History?

Nobody has seen, no harm is done. You shouldn’t be afraid to look for things. Regardless of how dark, weird or lewd they may be, knowledge is power.

This article was hoped to be of interest to you. We’d love to hear any suggestions you may have down below in the comments. I appreciate you reading until the end, as always

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