5 Easy Steps to Check IPO Allotment In Nepal

5 Easy Steps to Check IPO Allotment In Nepal

“No amount of diversification can replace investment research. If you want to invest, you have to learn.”

― Naved Abdali

At the same time, no amount of happiness can replace the one you get when you get a chance to invest in something. This is what many people feel when they get their first allotment of IPO. 

With IPO being all the rage right now, many people are interested in and investing in IPO. But while you may invest in IPO, do you know how to check IPO allotment in Nepal?

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While this shouldn’t really be an issue, it strangely is. A lot of people invest in IPO but often forget to check whether they got the allotment or not or simply, they know how to invest but don’t know how to check IPO allotment.

How do you check IPO allotment in Nepal? 
The answer is simple. All you need to do is open mero share and click a few times

Things to know before you Check IPO Allotment in Nepal

5 Easy Steps to Check IPO Allotment In Nepal?

For those who are new to IPO’s, let’s revise a few things about Demat, Mero share, and IPO. We will only be going over them briefly as we have talked about these topics deeply in the articles linked below.

Demat and Mero Share Account

A Demat Account is an account that is specifically created for share trading. To make a Demat account you need to:

  • Fill the form for the Demat account
  • Submit the form 
  • Verify your Demat Account

After you the Demat account, the next thing that you should consider is making a Mero Share account. What Mero Share does is give investors a platform to use their Demat account and trade shares online. To make a Mero Share account you need to:

  • Apply a form from CRN number 
  • Go to the Mero Share website
  • Fill up the form for opening an account
  • Set up password and Pin

Now with these being, we come to the IPO. 

What is IPO?

5 Easy Steps to Check IPO Allotment In Nepal?

IPO is the first share issued by any company when it first goes public. A company needs to go public after they grow to a certain amount. When they go public they issue shares which are also known as Initial Public Offering. This first shares that the issue is what an IPO and it is considered to be the Primary market in the share market. 

Once the IPO is allotted, the rest of the shares allotted are considered as the secondary market.

One should know before buying an IPO that the share market is an unstable one. Without the right knowledge and skills, people can easily get ruined. But that being said, IPO is relatively safer because of its low-risk high-reward. 

To open an IPO you need to:

  • Log in to the Mero Share account
  • Go to ASBA on the sidebar
  • Pick the company that has issued an IPO
  • Fill up the forms

How do you Check IPO allotment in Nepal?

5 Easy Steps to Check IPO Allotment In Nepal?

The process of checking out the IPO allotment in Nepal is a rather simple one. Once you fill up the IPO it will take some time for the result dates to be announced. The result is usually announced a month from the final date of applying. 

This is done so because the longer the companies delay the result, the less they trust people. While this may not have an immediate result, it can leave a negative impact on the shareholders which can have a drastic effect on the goes into the secondary market. 

You have to remember that the secondary market is where the big players of the stock market play and if they see any weakness, they will exploit it. 

To check IPO allotment in Nepal you would need to:

  • Log in to the Mero Share Account
  • Enter your Depository Participants, Username, and Password
  • Go to My ASBA
  • Click on Application Report
  • Click on Report of the IPO you applied for

In this way, you check IPO allotment in Nepal. If the IPO that you applied for Is allotted to you, you will see “Allotted” on the status of that IPO, if not You will see “Not Allotted”.

Alternately you can also use the following sites to check IPO allotment in Nepal if you don’t have a Mero share but do have a BOID number. 

In the end,

5 Easy Steps to Check IPO Allotment In Nepal?

The process of applying and the process to check IPO allotment in Nepal is not that hard, it’s rather a simple one. What is hard however is waiting for the result and knowing how to play the Stock game.

Before you apply for an IPO and wait for allotment, make sure that you know how the history of a company is and the profit it generates on average.

Along with this, since the value of IPO rises and falls on a daily basis, learn how to read that graph and find patterns. This will help you decide whether or not to sell the IPO or in the best case, hold an IPO for longer durations. 

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know them down in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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