How To Calculate GPA In Nepal For SEE And +2 Students? 2 Easy Formulas!

How To Calculate GPA In Nepal For SEE And +2 Students? 2 Easy Formulas!

“Pain is temporary, GPA is forever- my motto for the next two weeks of the exam”

This quote was found a while back as one of us was browsing the web. That being said, this quote highlights the importance of GPA for students of +2 and SEE. That being said, a lot of us don’t even know how it is calculated. Do you know how to calculate GPA?

Well if you don’t then don’t worry, we are here for you. Here we will discuss how to calculate GPA. But before we go there, What actually is GPA?

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What is GPA?

GPA stands for Grade Point Average which is generally calculated by adding all the number of grades that you have gotten and then diving them by the number of credits that you have taken. Or in simpler words, it is the grade of the marks you get divided by the credit hours you have invested in the said subject. 

How To Calculate GPA for SEE and +2 Result

That being said not all GPAs are the same or let’s say, not all GPAs have the same scale. The traditional GPA has a scale of 4.0 while the newer unweighted GPA has a scale of 5.0. Since Nepal uses the traditional 4.0 GPA, we will focus on that.

How To Calculate GPA?

So now that we know what a GPA is and the GPA scale that our Nepali education system follows we can now move on to the process of how they are calculated. 

The process of “How to calculate GPA” is actually a simple one as all you need to do is input some numbers into a formula and done. But what are the formulas? Well, there are two formulas for How to calculate the GPA of a subject.


The formula to calculate GPA for Subjects without practical Marks

For those who are still confused, these are the subjects that do not have a practical aspect attached to them. These include subjects like Nepali, English, Maths, Social Studies, and such – the ones that are purely based on theory. The formula to calculate GPA for these types of Subjects are rather simple as well. It is:

  • (Theory Marks x Theory Credit Hours) / Total Credit Hours

Here the theory Marks are the marks you obtained in the said subject while Credit hours are the number of classes you attend of that subject. The total credit hours are the total number of classes that were held that year. 

The formula to calculate the GPA of a subject with Practical Marks

Now as you may have guessed these are the subjects that have some form of practical aspect attached to them. This includes subjects such as Science, Environment and Health and Computer Science. The formula to calculate GPA for these types of Subjects is as follows:

  • [ (theory Marksx Theory Credit Hours) + (practical Marks x Practical Credit Hours)] / Total Credit Hours

From these formulas, we can derive the general formula for calculating the GPA as:

  •  Total Points Earned/ Total credits attempted 
Calculator and Calculation of GPA
On a side note, the credit hours for the Theory aspect of a subject is 4.69 and the credit hours for the Practical of any subject is 1.56.

Source: edurat

So this is the process and the formula of How to calculate the GPA of any subject in Nepal. That being said since the credit hours are not clarified before bachelor’s the school or high school usually fills them up as per their standard.

GPA and Grading 

If you are someone who wants to find out the GPA you naturally know what grading is but did you know the GPA is related to a number of GPAs? If you didn’t you would find the table below very helpful for you. 

Letter GradesMarks/Percentage Grades4.0 scale


Anticipating student of SEE for GPA

The process of calculating the GPA is rather a simple one if you have all the values. The only issue with this is that a lot of us don’t know the credit value before the bachelors. That being said, this method of “How to calculate GPA” is not only applicable for SEE and +2 students but for the ones in bachelors and above as well. As long as the system uses the traditional unweighted 4.0 grading system, you can use this method to know your GPA.

Hope that this was helpful for you. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us known them down in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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