How to buy/sell shares online?

How to buy/sell shares online?

So, we have got all the basics in check with already published articles. We have covered basic requirements, things to know about share market and Difference between Primary and secondary market. You might have got all the knowledge to invest in the primary market. But many of you have been wondering, “how do I really sell my shares or buy one on the secondary market?”. Don’t worry, I have got you covered on the topic.

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Selling and buying shares can be a little tricky, but once you have decided about selling a share, it’s just about how do you do it. This article is basically that, a guide to buy and shares online.

I will just list some necessary things to get started, which had been explained in the previous articles. You will need:

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  • Bank Account
  • DEMAT Account
  • C-ASBA number
  • Meroshare Account

But to buy/sell shares online you will have to follow some procedures:

KYC Details

If you want to trade shares online, go to the brokerage firm and get your KYC updated. You have to fill-up the form of the KYC. This is compulsory for anyone that wants to trade online. Or else you have to go to the broker to trade every single time.

Investor’s Account

Once your KYC gets verified, the broker will then open a Trading Management System (TMS). You will receive your username and password in the email. The brokerage firm will provide you with the TMS login URL. This URL will get you through the NEPSE Online Trading System (NOTS). Each broker has a unique URL.

Reset Password

Reset Password

Reset the password before use, for this open the URL and click on the forget password and then enter your username given by the Broker and your email address. You will get a link in your email to reset your password. Make sure your password is of length 7-14 with at least 1 caps, 1 digit and 1 special character to make it secured.

Login into your TMS account

Now you have changed your password, log in to the account by entering a username password and the captcha. After you log in, you can see the NEPSE TMS Dashboard.

Screen shot of Trade Management System Share

Buying Shares.

Go to ‘Order Management’ and click on Buy/Sell. There you can see a button on the top right side of the screen. Select buy and the screen layout will turn blue. Now click ‘Equity’ in the share type and enter the symbol of the company you want to buy shares. Enter the quantity and desired price on the same page and click on ‘BUY’.

Selling Shares

Go to ‘Order Management’ and click on Buy/Sell. There you can see a button on the top right side of the screen. Select sell and the screen layout will turn red. Follow the same process now by entering symbol of the company, quantity and the desired price of the share. Then click on ‘SELL’ then you are good to go.

Once you nail down the basics, the process of trading shares online isn’t tricky. Hopefully, this will help you buy and sell shares online and enjoy the profit.

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